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[not updated for 1.0] HP Physical and Elemental Wander Guide (Power Siphon/Frenzy) | Oos

HP Physical and Elemental Wander Guide

edit: With the 1.0 changes to Auras this build may not work. If you plan to create a Wander in 1.0 then feel free to use the information in this guide, but the skilltree and the gem setup is probably outdated and you'll have to work that out yourself.

A few week after release I plan to come back to this guide and see if it;s possible to make a wander. The aura change really hurts, wanders got a lot of their power from auras :)

Hi, my name is Oos. I've had a lot of fun playing this build and have decided to write a guide. The build uses Power Siphon as an AOE attack, and Frenzy as single target. Power Siphon is an interesting attack, it will Culling Strike the enemy (if they're less than 10% hp, they will die) and you gain a Power Charge on kill, each Power Charge grants 50% critical strike chance. This build uses all 3 charge types with insane damage scaling through attack speed and crit. It's also a great team support build using conduit, lots of auras and you can even go into dual curse and magic find.

Lots of Physical Wanders chose to go CI, I prefer playing life based builds so here's my take on the wander style builds. Later on I'll compare the pros and cons of CI and HP.

This build is quite gear dependent, but I started this as my first character in the Anarchy league, and on a fresh economy managed to get well geared and progress well. However, the build is probably a lot easier to start mapping with if you already have a set of gear ready before you start.


My Gear:

My Stats:

AOE with no charges:

AOE with max charges:

Single Target with Power Charge on Crit:
(this is the setup I use)

Single Target with Crit Multiplier:
(I don't use this setup, explained later)

Dual Wield Single Target:

Dual Wield AOE:

Defensive Stats:
(8K armour with Granite Flask)

Gameplay Video:
level 69 shore map.


Amazing group utility, 6-8 auras, conduit (and dual curse if you want)
Insane damage and triggering of status effects on crit; freeze, shock and burn all enemies.
Can tackle any map mod.
Makes use of all 3 charge types and most gear mods.

Gear dependent.
Solo play is hard with weak gear level.
Have to level with spells.
Sucks PvP.

The build can be played in Hardcore, it's a little hard with weak gear but if you play smart and with a group you should be fine. I play Anarchy and play pretty reckless, but have only died twice in the past 10 levels, both to not paying attention to reflect in a -max map.

For HardCore I'd probably recommend having all your gear together beforehand. I'd also grab the 3 life nodes between the Witch/Shadow tree and use rare gloves with HP, you could reach 4K life with that setup. For your 6L use Accuracy or Life Gain on Hit instead of Crit Multi.
edit: I've now added two alternate builds that are more viable for HC.


The Build


Power Siphon is hard to level with, I'd reccomend leveling with a spell you're comfortable with using then later transitioning into Power Siphon around level 60-70, I leveled up with LMP Freeze Pulse. Any skill/spell can be used with the above build, it's just branching out to grab HP nodes and later some crit.
If you have some currency lying around, grab a cheap Searing Touch staff and level with LMP Fireball, you can rush through the content and get to maps quickly.

Starting Maps Build:
Ok so, this is the barebones skill tree to the build, you have all of the important defensive nodes and can start to add in more dps nodes as you level. Depending on your gear, the build might feel a little weak at this point, and it might be better for you to use an elemental damage Imbued wand until you get some of the physical wand nodes.

From here you should get Fusillade, this is the biggest dps increase at the start. Then grab Elder Power and a solid physical damage wand.
Then you can either grab the top nodes (accuracy and physical to elemental damage conversion); or you can get Conduit first, then the top nodes. Dual Curse is also easily accessible if you want to play a more support role.

Current Build (level 88):
That's my current build at level 88, I'd consider the build complete at this point. But you can get a few nodes like Wandslinger's Prowess (more attack speed), and Static Blows. I don't have static blows currently because with high crit (50-70%) and also my gloves everything is shock stacked (or dead) anyway. Feel free to test these node clusters out for yourself though, my friend loves Wandslinger's Prowess.

"Complete" build (level 93):

Alternate More Tanky Version:

Alternate CI Tanky Version:


Bandit Rewards:
Normal = HP (Oak)
Cruel = Physical Damage (Oak) or Attack Speed (Kraityn) - I picked attack speed, either is good though.
Merciless = Power Charge (Alira)


Gem Setup:

Power Siphon - Weapon Elemental Damage - Life Leech - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Chain - (Critical Multiplier (6L))
5L is fine for the build, and 6L is ideal but not needed. For your 6L gem you can use (quality) Additional Accuracy or Added Fire Damage, but I find that Critical Multiplier works the best. Pretty much everything is 1 shot on crit.

Single Target:
Frenzy - Weapon Elemental Damage - Faster Attacks - Power Charge on Crit
Most wanders use Critical Multiplier on their single target, the sheet dps is bigger but in combat you lose your power charges and do less damage overall. Play around with both but personally I prefer using a quality PCoC to have constant power charge uptime.
You can use Power Siphon single target instead of Frenzy, it scales better with physical damage but I prefer the Frenzy charges for myself and the group.
Elemental Hit is also a solid choice.

Crowd Control / Skrotem / Skelly Brotem:
Spell Totem - Summon Skeletons - Faster Casting
Your trusty brotem, always there to tank for you, useful for solo play especially. Faster casting helps you place the totem fast and run off, but that gem slot can be replaced with an extra aura or curse if you so wish.

Wrath, Anger, Hatred = dps.
Purity = defense, mainly for the higher maximum resists that help you against hard monsters and reflect damage.
Discipline, Clarity = Mana and mana regen.
You can swap out Purity for Haste or Determination if you wish. You can also add Grace, replacing one of your defensive buff gem slots.
I use 1 Reduced Mana gem and swap it between two 4L items, then use Anger without Reduced Mana, this frees up a gem slot.

Defensive Buffs:
Enduring Cry
Arctic Armour
Both of these skills are insanely strong and fit very well with this build (high mana regen & conduit). I have my Arctic Armour at level 11, don't level it too high if you don't have enough mana regen/leech.



Enfeeble = Less monster damage, accuracy and crit.
Temporal Chains = Slower monsters, more managable fights.
Warlords Mark = Life leech, mana leech, endurance charges.

Critical Weakness = INSANE damage from crits, especially with quality gem.
Elemental Weakness = more elemental damage.
Projectile Weakness = More projectile damage, not that great because the pierce mechanic conflicts with Chain. Good for single target though.

Level up one defensive and one offensive Curse, I picked Enfeeble and Critical Weakness.



Before I start on the gear, just some notes about Frenzy and Power Siphon. Both are ATTACKS, not SPELLS. So even though we are using a wand, we're attacking. So cast speed does nothing, attack speed will scale our attacks. Also the crit is based off of your weapon, not from the skills base crit (like spells); this means that getting a wand with a high base crit is actually very important for the build, all the crit from the tree and power charges scales from the crit on the wand. My current wand doesn't have crit unfortunatly, but no other wand in Anarchy comes close dps-wise. It's a shame that nobody else is crafting wands on the server.

Although this is a "physical" build, the damage is a good mix of Physical, Elemental and also Physical to Elemental damage conversion. You want to focus on getting a high physical wand, preferably also with an elemental roll. Then on your jewelry stack elemental damage mods. You'll scale the physical damage on the skill tree, and the elemental damage mostly from Weapon Elemental Damage gems and mods on gear (belt/jewelry).

Defensively, like all builds, you'll want to stack as much HP as possible, also max your resistances and get as much armour as you can.

Here's my current gear:

I'm extremely pleased with my gear level, of course it can be improved, but this is a work in progress on a fresh economy server :)
The shield, both rings, helmet, belt and boots were self found/crafted. The wand was crafted by a friend of mine. The Thunderfists were traded for a Bringer of Rain that dropped for me, and the rest was traded. So more than half is self found/crafted, and I don't ever watch trade chat, just use a forum shop and let stuff passively sell. Any player can do this with minimal effort.

I'll now go over what item mods you should be looking for on your gear.
If you can get over 30 dex on a piece of equipment it can save you a skill point and allow you to level you green gems to 20.
Accuracy is also very important, try to prioritise it on jewelry and helmet.

x-x physical damage, % physical damage, x-x elemental damage, critical strike chance, accuracy, critical strike multiplier.

Chest Armour:
Life, all resistance, chaos resistance, armour and es.

You pretty much need a 5 link chest to make this build work, a 6L is nice but not required. Your gems slots require BGGRR, I'd personally recommend a mid range ES base chest, but it's hard to get the required colours on that base, so pick up a cheap EV/AR chest until you can afford something better.
Because of Eldritch Battery, all ES is converted to mana, so to have a high mana pool and high regen, it's best to be an ES base. I use a 400 ES chest and overall have 3k mana with 170 mana regen. Ideally you want a 6L 600/600 ES/Armour chest, but good luck finding that ;)

Life, all resistance, chaos resistance, armour and es.

%weapon elemental damage, life, resistance, armour, strength.

%weapon elemental damage, x-x elemental damage, life, accuracy, mana leech, elemental resistances, attack speed, dex, %mana regen.

%weapon elemental damage, x-x elemental damage, critical strike chance, critical strike multiplier, life, accuracy, mana leech, elemental resistances, dex, %mana regen.

Accuracy, life, elemental resistance, armour, dex.

Movement speed, life, elemental resistance, armour, dex.

For gloves you want to get a cheap pair of life, attack speed, elemental damage gloves.
Then save up for some Maligaro's Virtuosity Deerskin Gloves, then some Thunderfist Murder Mitts (both are unique gloves). Both of these gloves offer you insane damage, you should try and get them as soon as possible.

Maligaros give you mad crit damage and chance. Thunderfists turn your single target into a 5L (lvl 18 added lightning damage gem) and also allow you to easily shock stack high HP targets such as bosses. Maligaros have higher sheet DPS than Thunderfists, but in game you can feel the difference, everything takes noticeably more damage because of shocks with Thunderfists, and your damage is more solid and predictable. Maligaros are insane on crit (also scary vs reflect) and Thunderfists are insane all the time. When you crit everything dies anyway, so I'd rather have more base damage on a non-crit.


CI vs HP:

Both CI and HP have pros and cons. Most physical wander builds I've seen are CI, I personally really don't enjoy CI builds and most of my builds are HP based.

CI can use Blood Rage gem for free, no chaos degen. This proves a lot of free life leech and mana leech. So this will free up a gem slot in your Power Siphon link. However, every CI build I've seen fills that slot with Reduced Mana or Mana Leech to combat the insane mana costs of the skill. The CI players I've talked to all use LMP instead of GMP which isn't as strong AOE. CI is also very gear dependent, you need high ES base items (currently very expensive in Anarchy) and uniques to avoid status/stun effects. CI can get Vaal Pact for instant Life Leech and not having to worry about reflect damage. Overall, Blood Rage and Vaal Pact make CI builds extremely strong; as long as you play defensive and don't get yourself into stupid situations (surrounded by gg monsters). You also don't need to use Frenzy for single target, Power Siphon scales slightly better.

The HP based build makes use of Eldritch Battery, it's easy to reach 150-250 mana regen per second, allowing you to stack more auras and also use Arctic Armour. You can also use a panic pot (Seething HP pot) for scary situations.

Overall, with insane gear levels CI is more offensive, possibly slightly better dps (if you can make use of all 5 support gems with no reduced mana). HP is more defensive and has more mana to spend. If you plan to push into the higher levels (85+) then HP is safer, cheaper and more flexible in my opinion.

I've listed a CI build above if you want to try that instead.


When I first wrote this guide I was a strong believer that GMP was superior to LMP. Now that I've played a few more wander build and have tested other gem setups, I'd say that sometimes GMP is overkill. LMP is obviously less mana, so you should use that if you have mana problems or want to level up Arctic Armour higher. If you get enough damage to 1-2 shot everything then GMP is probably better, you'll clear larger packs faster. Just level both gems and swap them out, use what feels right for you.


Imbued Wand vs Prophecy Wand (or other higher wands):

Imbued is the highest level 1.5 attack speed base. Prophecy is a 1.1 attack speed base but higher crit and physical damage. Lots of physical wanders prefer high phys/crit Prophecy wands. I've tried a couple of high end Prohpecy wands and they don't come close to my current Imbued. If you rolled a "perfect" wand of each base, they would be basically the same sheet dps, you're just trading crit for attack speed, so it's whatever you prefer. For me, attacking faster is more fun and also more defensive (can kite easier, you're not locked in an attacking animation for as long).


Map mods and game mechanics:

This build can tackle any map mod if you plan well. As well as the listed gems, you should also level these gems on your weapon swap:
Mana Leech
Life Gain on Hit
Added Chaos Damage
Blood Magic

Reflect damage is nasty for this build, especially when you reach high gear levels and output insane damage on crit. Your Life Leech gem is probably the gem you want to have as 20% quality first, having faster leech can prevent you from losing that 10% exp (or HC character) to a nasty crit reflect spike.

The crit damage gem in your 6L is the main problem with the spiky reflect, so for both Ele Reflect and Physical Reflect maps I replace that gem with a leveled Added Chaos Damage gem. Chaos damage isnt reflected and adds good damage to your main attack (Power Siphon's damage effectiveness is 125%).

I also replace Weapon Elemental Damage gem with a Life Gain on Hit gem, so using both Life Leech and LGoH you don't have to worry about reflect at all.

If you meet a reflect mob in a normal map, just burst fire with your AOE. The only way you can 1 shot yourself is on a -max map and critting into a big pack on monsters.

No Regen:
Swap out Weapon Elemental Damage for a Blood Magic gem and use your HP pool to cast Power Siphon (and regen is back with life Leech gem)

50% Regen:
I usually just swap out Chain for Mana Leech on 50% regen maps. You can instead use Blood Magic gem like in no regen maps.

Blood Magic:
The rare Blood Magic mod is doable, but kinda annoying because you lose your auras (could always run Wrath/Anger from HP).

Pretty much any other map mod should be no problem, just play smart on the map damage mods.



Ok I guess that's all for now, I'll probably make small edits and updates here and there. If you have any questions then just post a reply, I'll do my best to answer and update the main post if required.

~ Oos
IGN: @Oos
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Crit Dagger Capped Block Guide:
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Can't wait to try this out!!!!
Indeed mana is quite hard to manage with this as CI and I can't imagine switch to GMP because of that.

Also it looks pretty hard to get a wand like that... Currently 71 on_slaught and still waiting.
Last edited by Puckz on July 3, 2013 10:42 AM
I'm playing a similar build on Anarchy, just using 2 Wands and Dual-Wielding talents to maximize DPS, but I am way more squishy than you.

Although I'm using Iron Reflexes and Arctic Armour while standing still(yes I can support the manadrain as long as I hit at least 1 target with my GMP)

Also: I would kill for your wand

Dual Wield Wander Swagger Reflexes

Overall I really like your build!
Last edited by Vallelol on July 3, 2013 10:52 AM
Puckz wrote:
Indeed mana is quite hard to manage with this as CI and I can't imagine switch to GMP because of that.

Also it looks pretty hard to get a wand like that... Currently 71 on_slaught and still waiting.

Yeah my friend got lucky with rolling that wand. There was 3 of us in a group crafting Imbued wands, we must have alched over 500 all together, had about 10 godlike wands, and lots of sellable ones too. Overall we were making profit selling some alched wands, if you cant find any good wands on the forums then try aclhing them yourself if you do higher maps.

Vallelol wrote:
I'm playing a similar build on Anarchy, just using 2 Wands and Dual-Wielding talents to maximize DPS, but I am way more squishy than you.

Although I'm using Iron Reflexes and Arctic Armour while standing still(yes I can support the manadrain as long as I hit at least 1 target with my GMP)

Also: I would kill for your wand

Dual Wield Wander Swagger Reflexes

Overall I really like your build!

Ah nice build, you seem very low health though. I'd kill for Iron Reflexes but I have fairly low evasion so it's not worth the point investment.
IGN: @Oos
Kinetic Blast HC Wander Guide:
Crit Dagger Capped Block Guide:
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Yes I am quiet low health, but running with a Discharge Templar Friend who is using Enduring Cry the whole time, so I get barely hit anyway. Still I'm dying to Rare/Big Blue Pack Flickrstriker etc. , so I wouldn't recommend it for Hardcore ever :D
Your wand is the only thing making this build viable.
I don't see the point of this guide.
IGN:Selective_memories/StrongerThan[==Honeyface's Pwn Shop==]
Everything with BIN!!
honeyface wrote:
Your wand is the only thing making this build viable.
I don't see the point of this guide.

What do you mean by "viable"? I was doing 72 maps with a bad wand and half the dps, with no problems.
IGN: @Oos
Kinetic Blast HC Wander Guide:
Crit Dagger Capped Block Guide:
This guide is ONLY good if you have a good wand like yours.
I can spell it for you if you don't understand.
IGN:Selective_memories/StrongerThan[==Honeyface's Pwn Shop==]
Everything with BIN!!
honeyface wrote:
This guide is ONLY good if you have a good wand like yours.
I can spell it for you if you don't understand.

I disagree. I started this build on a fresh economy, started from total scratch and crafted/found half of my gear. The build was working fine with bad gear, at one point I had 3k life and 2k aoe dps. The build still works at lower gear levels, I've played it from level 1 with no currency, all the way up to the point I'm at now at level 88.

Don't need to be rude about it x) I dunno why you claim it's not viable.
IGN: @Oos
Kinetic Blast HC Wander Guide:
Crit Dagger Capped Block Guide:
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