Season Three, Event 23: Descent

Figure out a mechanic so races aren't pure bullshit. These are simply not fun at this point and that's sad. The idea is great. The execution is poor. Still 100% about luck instead of skill. I don't expect to finish anywhere near the top. But I do expect to find a reasonable amount of gear so that I'm not instantly fucking frozen and killed when I go into mervs area. I actually had NO currency drop other than 2 alcs from a chest and only had ONE weapon drop. This has been my experience through the 4 descents I have done. I know some of you have 0 problems with even decent luck and I'm happy for you. But for someone like me these simply are not fun since I don't even have the option of going back and farming.
Gotta love all those alch/chaos drop!

Made it top 10 ranger. Sad I died to those fucking fireball caster. Gratz to Goratha once again!
These are the strangest of times:
Sanctuary is no longer a sanctuary and being Exiled is like coming home.
Wish I got this bow sooner.

<Tyrfalger> Exactly, the next act is going outside Sarn and into those wheat fields (see the map) to become a farmer. Then we can spend our days endlessly farming. Wait a minute...

best descent race so far.

Although I died 10 minutes and still ended up top 10 duelist :D

IGN: Phasebladian Standard
Swagarova or TwentyWahn - Rampage
PhaseReavian or FioniVortex- Standard Talisman

was stuck using SMALL LIFE flask till after monkey cave FML
Yeah, after a terrible RNG start I somehow ended up with

Oh, and I somehow came up with
which I never needed because the drops and first alchs just went well.

In since 0.8.0

lol at bone bow, alched it after league was over
Current IGN: twitchtvTheuberelite - I stream sometimes.
I was #21 marauder lol, one spot out of the points. By under 1000 xp.

Got absolute crap for items as usual. Was using a level 9 weapon the entire way.

However, I did have a 17% fireball drop for my melee marauder. -_-
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First descent race - had a blast. Can't wait for Ironman mode to be implemented!!!
I was 5-10 mins late and still I made it the furthest I've ever been, to the curtain bosses.
Also found this at 3 mins to the end, too bad i didn't have RR link on gear to use Leap slam+added fire.

Also died in the last 10 sec :P
IGN: GojoMojo
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