Season Three, Event 23: Descent

Is there any requirements i need to have to be able to join events? e.g. have any certain level character?
enoryt56 wrote:
Is there any requirements i need to have to be able to join events? e.g. have any certain level character?

No, just log into the game and look at the bottom right where events are listed. Click the join button and you're ready to go. Once you've spawned you must wait until the race starts (will notify in-game)
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enoryt56 wrote:
Thanks but the problem is the button is locked or something.

I think you can only join the race 30 minutes before it starts. At that point you can join, create a character and wait for the start. You can log out and play on another character while you wait if you like.
I LOVE these races, but there is ZERO point in doing them during prime time. I almost never lag/desynch on my game playing group or solo unless I'm doing something stupid like 100% move speed run through corridors flooded with mobs, but this is insane.

Warping all over the map, and none of my hits connect. I was so happy to finally be enjoying racing this season, only to find it's complete shit if you don't play at 3-10AM only. I placed in the top 50 in other events, and can't make it past level 4 on the past 3 night ones. Sad.

GGG please upgrade your servers, you have so many people playing these that it just doesn't work out.
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Got greedy. RIP at #55
say you die early before you earn any points. Can you make a second character and earn points if you make it farther then you dead character?
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"i died with all the maps" :D
died 10 minutes before the race ends at place 27 :(
Hmmm... did anybody else experience mini "roll-backs" of your character? After running through the Frozen Abyss, I swear I grabbed the items from the chest, but they weren't in my inventory when I checked in the Simian Cave. I also felt as though my experience was lower, but really couldn't make sense of it.

The same thing happened again in the middle of the Simian caves... I decided that maybe I should try to log out and log back into my character, and he was a way lower level.

I still somehow made it to the Forbidden Ruins, but at that point was a bit too under-leveled (15) to clear out discharge mobs without dying.

It's all very unfortunate because I started out doing well and was only a level or two behind the leader up until that point. I had quite good items and quite a good plan. *sigh*
Thought I was doing ok, until I ran into this nigh-unescapable fiend.

6th witch, lvl 16, caught a nice run, of gear, despite dying lvl 3, and instagibbing in the stupid flicker discharger zone. And I thoguht statues were bad...

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