Rules for league events

I gotta thank you all. For a new game this event schedule is loads of fun. I'm a pretty bad player and still find it enjoyable.
whats the least played class in HC races?
im too bad i need 3 hours to get lvl 16
Completed 1 Challengelimzor wrote:
im too bad i need 3 hours to get lvl 16

That's where I've started too... many month ago. Get some practice! (I'll never reach a level comparable with the top, but it is possible to become faster) ^^
invited by timer @ 10.12.2011
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If i miss the start of a race can i still join it that same day? (for the one week race that coming up?)
Is it possible to join the race after it has begun? Log in screen only shows me Normal/Hardcore ladder, nothing in regards to the actual race going on.

It's my first one, I read the thread, and it says to register your new character somewhere, but I can't figure out where. There doesn't seem to be a clear direction on how to do it.

Any help will be appreciated :)

What happens if you win an event but have the maximum number of allowable characters? How do you get the prize?
jak sie zapisać na Event ??
hi chris, i got a question here. where would the stuff in the stash go after the race end? like the on going one week race, i will have significant amount of orbs if i participate the race. what happen to those orbs if i keep them in my stash instead of my character's inventory? will i lose them all or what?
Onslaught dual sporker down, selling standard 5L shavronne for hc currency
shop, selling some starters' gear, etc
hardcore : view-thread/350233
onslaught: view-thread/409769
I cannot speak for chris or the 1 week event, but after the last 2h solo race, i found an extra stash tab marked "remove only" in addition to the 10 I have on that account. (I used only 1 tab in the race, everything was there - in hardcore; I survived.)

Open questions:
I guess, I'll get 10 additional "remove only" tabs when I use that many in a race?
For how long do they stay? (I emptied mine and it was gone next time I logged on)
What if I do another race? Will I end up with more and more "remove only" tabs?
Or is there a limit (time for how long you have to empty the tabs and/or max number)?

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