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Winenose wrote:
Hi, wondering about the race times. Can we hope for some euro-friendly races come open beta? The races so far have begun between midnight and 3am for eastern europe.
midnight to 3am is when I play the most!
Completed 7 Challengesdailin877 wrote:
I have done a few events now have a question

I have only gotten points for the level i am achieving not the points for side mission completes or field clears for last 2 events i have done 9(90 min party and 3hr party today).

Do they only go to the first to clear or am I just getting screwed?

The field clear reward is just for the first person to do it.
Sounds like fun. I'm in. I hope I can get up at three am to play-lol. Thats probably not going to happen although I want to
To enter, just make a new character in the league described in its appropriate thread.

How do you make a new character in a thread???

Chris wrote:
... After the end of the league, characters that are still alive will be moved back into the normal Hardcore league. This process may take up to an hour. ...

I participated in an event last night and the character still says "Void League". Will it ever be available for play again or should I just delete it?
These cant played or even accessed (ingame) anymore. Characters from 'special' events (Descent & variants, Endless Ledge) went to void after they died or the race is over. This does not affect other, regular events. The general rule is, that this occur in all kind of events that dont let you go back to town. And, you can check the exact rules in each announcement of a given event.
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My question is the following:
Regarding the tentative stash tab that holds items until we decide what league to transfer them too, will the stash tab maintain its contents indefinitely or is there a length or point in time after which its contents will be deleted?

Furthermore, if the items are indeed permanently preserved, then is it possible to keep them there until the start of the new leagues and transfer them to one of the new leagues?
I just died in the middle of a race (S6E18), and as some time was left i created a new character and i kept playing, i reached the minimum level to get rewarded by a point (lvl 7) but i didn't recieved any point for mi second try. So my question is, that was "ilegall" or you can only earn reward points in your first playthrough?

edit: Because i cannot get points for 2 characters on the same level?

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I wish they would shorten the leagues to 2 or 3 months. After I played a lot in the beginning of domination, I lost interest and stopped in december. Now I want to play again but I can't find any motivation with the leagues ending in a few weeks. Meh.
Hello, have a question. in the 1 Hr Lethal Rogue Solo (S06F074) had a char reached level 5 (rank 273) but then i logged out, and i did not receive any points for the race. do i need to be logged in to receive the points? or is there a long delay (race ended 3h ago) before they award points?

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