Season Three, Event 7: Descent

Completed 3 Challengesindczn wrote:
I don't understand GGG's choice or lack there of for gems for the races. Why do they insist on forcing 1 or maybe 2 builds on the players for each class? The races would be a whole lot more interesting if there was a wide variety of choices, instead of what we current have. If something is out of line and clearly dominant, fix it, as groundslam once was. How many races is running FP witch/shadow going to really last as novel? Counting on the RNG to even make those builds functional is bad enough so far. Expecting enough to get some drop only build is not practical.

Got the same feeling playing as ranger in Descent Races. I always play ranger as a melee character and that option is ceased right away which hurts my soul plenty. :(
Wish I had time for this whole race.

Can you guys at GGG PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix weapon swap? I would love to have one set with a move only with wands, then be able to swap with a main attack mace on my left mouse move click.

Just like the weapons I and II, we should be able to swap I and II with our skill keybinds at the same time.

a true fan

That would be awesome.
There can only be one Oatmeal.

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