0.11.1c Patch Notes

its pretty inexcusable for a bug like this to occur and cause deaths without compensation to players

There's no way anyone could possibly show that their death was the direct result of this change and completely out of their control. Tons of people simply played through it for no extra reward, so why would they owe compensation to anyone?

Don't get me wrong, I agree it sucks that this happened and was simply written off as a "bug", but realistically you can't expect more than a notification and quick fix unless it outright broke the game.

I mean, all it takes is a little bit of lag (your end or GGG's end), a disconnect, a power outage, or a client crash during combat to virtually guarantee that your HC char is dead. All we can really do is enjoy the ride while its fun and be reasonable about our level of attachment and investment to our characters.
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Completed 25 Challengesflyyy wrote:
It would be awesome if we could get a button in the micro-transaction menu that grabbed all of our purchased cosmetics and placed them back in the menu therefore eliminating the need to search countless items to try and find what you did with one lol. WOULD BE AMAZING!!

+1 for the suggestion!

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