Multiplayer / Party Play?

I really enjoy the game, what sold me on the game was the customization (which will ultimately still have best builds in the long run) and the videos I saw of the end game, the auras, the skills, and how the end game maps will be found/laid out, it seems very thought out and unique.

The only thing I havent liked so far is the multiplayer aspect. Granted, I'm only level 12 or 13. But so far have had no real reason, or opportunity to party or play with other people. It would be cool if when you went outside it gave you the opportunity to join with a random player or two if you wanted to turn that option on, or something.

Does party play become more viable or sought after at a certain level? Right now all I see is level 12-15's in town standing around and no one really working together.
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You know the noticeboards have public party's posted on them in game. Check them out-

I think you can just check the social tab and at the top is a public party tab too!

Or just find a nice group of people to play with.
I have spent more time in a group then not so far
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yes check the notice board :)

And just join in on the fun ^^

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The town is just a sort of channel where people can chat "local" to each other. So they are not in a party :-)

Just write in Global chat "D3 SUCKS" and you'll get some friends easy :P
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lol ongz that just made my night dude
you dont have to be in town to join groups - just press [S] and look for a public group. You can run around farm some rhoas while every now and then looking for a new group - or you just start one yourself ;)
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Just so you know, there will never be a singleplayer or removal of the online aspect, as the barter system is rather heavy based around this.
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Party play at this moment needs tweaking because right now it makes the game significantly easier to play in a party. It completely mitigates every difficult encounter or situation and is extremely easy to be able to carry someone, even a pretty bad player. Bosses become a non issue and I really feel there needs to be some difficulty tweak right now. Because playing in a party end game is easily the most efficient way to play and it needs to be balanced so that there is only a very small difference than solo play.

In fact I would not have any issues at all if they increased the difficulty for parties because that way the advantage they gain whilst being in a party would be justified.
I can almost always get a team

and the teams always turn out fun

i never understand the beefs

wheres the beef?
i think the beef is that we do not have common quest log which we can party with.. is like we have different quest

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