HOW TO: OPTIMIZE for smooth graphics and loading times (even if you got an SSD!)

that shit doesnt work, it made everything worse. Flicker CoMK Discharger Guide - Legacy Crit Fireballer Guide - Warbands Aura Bot - Warbands Crit Trapper - 1 Month Fb HC Crit Staff Guide - Domination
Completed 1 ChallengeLMHTB wrote:
that shit doesnt work, it made everything worse.

Same for me again be careful with this is my advice!

I have tried to make a RAM disk, and I think I have succeeded. I can see the drive R: in computer management, but I don't know how to use it as cache.

The thing is that I can not see the pictures you (OP) have posted. I have tried three different browsers with clean installs and with plugins/add-on's etc.
So I have tried to do it based on the posted text only.

I have 16Gb 1600Mhz CL 6 Crucial Ballistic Tactical RAM (Micron chip), and I made a 4096 sized RAM disk so far.

Could you please repost the pictures in another format or text instructions so I can complete the last steps with my RAM drive?

try this thread instead.
Drakier wrote:
try this thread instead.

Great. Thank you very much.
Running an 8 Gb ram disk now.
Even if I have one of the fastest 2,5" SSD's, I get alot better load times. At least 40-60% faster.

Those who post that they get less performance and/or "big problems" and then claim that this is a bad optimization method should not do that. I mean. It's of course welcome with feedback
from everyone. Posting that the optimization won't work FOR YOU is ok. But claiming that it "sucks" in general is not something a person that fails to use and understand it can claim.
No offence <3

I can with almost full certainty say that this will improve loading times/performance on all PC's that fulfill the hardware requirements.

My own computer doesn't even have a mechanical HD. I Use SSD's only, water-cooled cpu and I have custom built it myself. If I get increased performance/loading times, then those that use mechanical HDD's should get amazing improvements always, if done correctly.

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This fix seems to have some merit but...


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Unfortunately it made no noticeable difference, if anything slightly longer area load times. Also, the game minimized to task bar at start up. Once brought back to focus with a black screen and the game cursor and 20 seconds later the login page popped up as normal.

I wish the devs would put more priority or effort into ridding the game of this desync issues. It's completely spoiling the game for me. I'm pressing buttons for and moving the mouse about why? I'm not fighting that mob it shows me on my screen. What's the point of it, may as well just spam the keys while not even looking at the screen, same result.

I would buy a supporter pack if it would help, but I've not read any information that the game code cannot be optimized without more cash.

Just a note, when I first started this game I was out fighting, a mob runs into the room I'm in, I start shooting it and it vanishes. I thought "oh ranger skill 'premonition'?. That's how bad the desync is, I thought it was a feature.

Call a plumber n Fix desync

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