The epic username anagram thread

Hazier Mojo
Jam Hire Zoo

Are probably the best ones.
Hardlicker wrote:
Her Rad Clik

that was so close to being funny, if only your name would have been Hardlicter
hello this is dog

mine came back as

"the true god"

this was to expected
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Grim Hit :D
IGN: EviiLe
Chant Summon ^^
Angry Egg

... awkward.
Need Support?
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Whore Port yeah.... ahHAHAHAH best name ever
I checked for my friend "Marc Leguen" => Enlarge Cum...

It will be difficult to not make spelling mistake after that :-)
Help me complete my unique collection:

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No anagrams found.
3892 found...
yeah this might take a while
some good ones :

Aborted gin
Beating rod
bat ignored
date boring
a bored ting
band ogre it
Bear dot gin

And by far the best one i have found yet :

Banged Trio

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