The epic username anagram thread

Hazier Mojo
Jam Hire Zoo

Are probably the best ones.
Hardlicker wrote:
Her Rad Clik

that was so close to being funny, if only your name would have been Hardlicter
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The highest level char in closed beta,double vaal solo:
hello this is dog

mine came back as

"the true god"

this was to expected
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Grim Hit :D
IGN: EviiLe
Chant Summon ^^
Angry Egg

... awkward.
Need Support?
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Whore Port yeah.... ahHAHAHAH best name ever
I checked for my friend "Marc Leguen" => Enlarge Cum...

It will be difficult to not make spelling mistake after that :-)
Help me complete my unique collection:

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No anagrams found.
3892 found...
yeah this might take a while
some good ones :

Aborted gin
Beating rod
bat ignored
date boring
a bored ting
band ogre it
Bear dot gin

And by far the best one i have found yet :

Banged Trio

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