The epic username anagram thread

Dike Fir
Irked If
Kid Rife

Kid Fire

Dirk Fie
Ed If Irk
Fed I Irk
Def I Irk
Kid Ref I
Kid Re If

"You can't bash someone else's shitty taste in music when you listen to 'grindcore'" -TheWretch̢
Nerd Riot Or

OR WHAT?!?!, Sun-Thurs @ ~8pm
Charge Prey
Gape Cherry (almost.....)
Archery Peg
Grace Hyper
Chap Greyer?
Rage Cypher (omg no way)
Gayer Perch (wtf)

not bad / 10
b05h 91
b09 h15
b1 905h
No. Calm down. Learn to enjoy losing.
Carnage Shred Zen Growl

Not joking
Get 2 da choppa
Chat Aid On
A Taco Hind
Acid Hat On
A Chat Id On

Aaaand many others
Kuolema kuittaa univelat
"Erotic Level Pi"

I approve of this.
You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world,
and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.
Corm To Void
Mirror service #1 RT 2h sword & shop: /view-thread/1054420
First Uber as 2h Melee: /view-thread/1058950
Fist Uber as 2h RT Melee: /view-thread/933657
The highest level char in closed beta,double vaal solo:
None found for me.

So I put in my chatname, statues with big ****s. It came up with:

A bitches tussock twig
A buttocks itches wigs
A buttocks ices wights
A buttocks twice sighs
A buttock sics weights
A bitches sick gut stow
A bitches guts ticks ow
A bitches suck twigs to

And thousands of others.
Please use more brains!
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Her Rad Clik
I'm willing to bet that the first person to coin the phrase "The pen is mightier than the sword" never stood toe to toe with a savage wielding a machete.

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