Marauder Build (working off of the blood magic builds)

Imp Blood Magic/Resolute Technique/2h Mace Build (Filtered v1)

*I do know a build similar to this was featured on GGG's youtube channel, this build is going to be a HOPEFULLY streamlined and modern version*


Ground Slam
Heavy Strike
Molten Shield (Bonus armor is great)
Phase Run
Enduring Cry

Or, the second option is the Kripparrian version


I would love to do this once I get my hands on Ice Wall. WHERE ART THOU SKILL GEM WHERE ART THOU

Current build I'll be aiming for with my Marauder as he progresses. I realize not everyone will hit max level, so I will be coming up with different versions for different levels, also I'll be incorporating a similar build for sword and board type marauders. This build focuses entirely on blood magic/resolute technique and using a 2h mace.

As you progress and the game difficult increases most of us quickly realize, and some of us have always realized that resistances and tankiness play a ginormous role in how far, and how well you can progress. At the highest levels in games such as the various Diablo's and similar ARPGs we can find that Tankier/Life on Hit type builds work extremely well for the Barbarian/Warrior/Marauder etc etc. (Just look at Kripparrians Barbarian in D3, absurd damage/life on hit)Due to the fact that this game is extremely different, we won't see something like that at all(animation canceling, spell abilities while moving currently isn't an option in POE).

Aside from the generalized statements, this build is for the person who wishes to still feel like they dish out damage while being a massive pain in the rear for all enemies nearby. Relying on finding an amazing 2h mace so really cover for the lack of damage passives (I think I've only taken about 7 or so), and working with your armor to cover for any lack of stats. I find that the most important part of this build is the quality of your mace. (Focus on it)

Later, I will probably present some skill sets and gear ideas. This is only as I become a better player and less of a theorycrafter.

(Been playing the game since open weekend started, so not very long)

Any ideas, or critique is certainly welcome I only wish to improve on this.



(Sword and Board build possibly coming later in the day)

Lower Level Versions

Base Blood Magic/Resolute Technique Routes

Lower Level Blood Magic

Blood Magic w/"Circle of Life"
Sword and Board

Sword and Board v1 (needs work)
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I have a dual axe weilding duelist who's skill tree looks a bit similar. One thing I notice is that you could save points spent into +10 str nodes directly leading out of the marauder starting point by just going south from the increased endurance charge instead. You're also very close to the %15 attack speed at the bottom, which is the route I actually took in my tree. Probably worth picking that up, it's a pretty big bonus.
I'll look over it a couple times, I spent about 3 hours today going over the skill calculator. I'll spend another hour or two tomorrow. Really trying to dial myself into this game right now. Currently playing HC on my Marauder, level 28 or something near there. Looking to clear cruel tomorrow hopefully.

Two screen shots of my stats. I find that my resistances being this high makes act 2 a joke. I literally face tanked the act 2 boss ignoring all the mechanics. My PASSIVE life regeneration put my back to full health. I think I drank only one portion of a flask. I can assume this gets more difficult to do as time goes on, and I won't be doing that on cruel difficulty but you get the general idea.

Progression as of tonight is Act 1 Cruel, I'll be in the next difficulty by tomorrow when I post once more.
I am currently working on a test marauder with Blood magic and Resolute technique. But I'm specializing in Axe + Shield. Already picked some one handed damage boosters and axe damage+.

Took troll's blood and will slowly work towards golem blood while taking any one handed/axe damage increase I can find. Vitality skill seems inappropriate on higher levels simply because of the 40% health reserved will leave you very weak. I don;t want to lose points in mana reservation

on the other hand, my equipment and passive skills regenerate my health quite rapidly so that I recover quickly from hits. Shields will be very valuable later.

I use Heavy Strike, Flicker Strike, Leap and sweep primarily. Anger boost my DPS a little with very little sacrifice, Molten shell for increase armor, Warlords Mark on groups followed by sweep to keep me healthy while dishing damage.

My primary attack is Flicker Strike and sweep/leap slam for crowd control. All those skills are linked with Gain Health on hit support gem. Flicker is useful because you can get in and out of danger while evading incoming damage. Switch to Heavy strike for boss because of flicker strike's timer.
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Hmm maybe I just like maces WAY too much. I think ground slam is SUCH a valuable skill. Like its probably one of the best Marauder options ever. Though I think you've got something decent going there. Good luck!

Haven't been able to progress further because of job/kid/wife siphoning my free time away. Anyway here is what my blood magic/resolute technique/regenerating/one handed axe marauder looks like:


I think I got the backbone the 2 important keystones ready as well as trolls blood/life+ with quite a bunch of one handed damage+/axe damage+. Enough to progress to cruel easily while keeping my interest.

I will now take the 2 beginning passives (strong arm and the other generic) to one handed damage + (a whooping +24% to damage). I ignored the very large 'patch' of axe skill close to golem blood for now (will take em later (84%+ axe damage) but took the smaller one (43%+ axe damage, 8%+ accuracy-useless and 4% IAS). I also took the only +30 dex for equipment requirements.

Towards the end of Cruel, I must increase resistance and armor or else I will get killed easily in higher difficulties. So many choices :)

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I think Marauder will ever need the skill "Resolute Technique" because he misses too much... After this, you can use absolutely any strategy.
Don't think so.
Early on marauders may miss a lot, especially if you didn;t invest in any dex/accuracy passives. Later on he will catch up.
Resolute technique is good, easily accessible but has one major flaw: lack of critical hits.
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Completed 2 ChallengesKhelThuzad wrote:
Later on he will catch up.

Is that through items?

I'm playing a 2H axe build in act 1 cruel with just over 80% accuracy, only gaining a few more percent from a +24% node, and it's dropping lower as I progress. Feels like such a waste compared to just spending 6 points to get resolute.
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Some passive skills have 2 mods. One that increase Damage and one that increase accuracy. 2 birds with one stone.
Invest in some +30 dex nodes.
Get weapons with +Accuracy.

Like I've said, resolute is great, but you can no longer crit and there's a bunch of +strength node to reach resolute technique if you want the shortest way.
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