Ele Cleave + multistrike

So I finally got my cleave a 6L chest, and this is my current setup:

In the 6th link I decided to put multistrike, which gives around 800 dps and works pretty nice, but I've been told it's not good to put multistrike with cleave because of the damage nerf that make shock stacking much harder.

so anyone has a better suggestion for my 6th support?
Level 100 Juggernaut SSF Legacy: view-thread/1926356
Best DPS support for Ele Cleave is Concentrated Effect.
But it's a blue one so you'll have to throw some chromatics on that

Other options are Increased Area of Effect and Elemental Proliferation.

I constantly change between Increased and Concentrated Effect
but I run a witch and have some and going to get all of area passives in
templar and witch area.
To crit or not to crit ?
This build is awesome. I attack 8times/ s its ridiculous lol
ign TheBlackMambaTemplar
ok I tried conc effect is it does give an insane dps boost, but the aoe radius decrease is painful :\
I have a question about the reduction, it stated "30% reduced area of effect radius". now if I would go for the area nodes that are located in the middle of the witch area, it would give me a 20% increase radius, does that mean that I would only suffer a 10% radius reduction?
Level 100 Juggernaut SSF Legacy: view-thread/1926356
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Exactly mate !
To crit or not to crit ?
thanks, sounds good :)

If could afford this chest here... ohhhhh mannnn
Level 100 Juggernaut SSF Legacy: view-thread/1926356

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