Path of Exile

Consolidated Guides, Game Mechanics and Information

We've consolidated a number of excellent threads to be accessible from this post. Let us know if you think anything should be added/removed or presented better. (Thanks to Invalesco for his post formatting)


~Game Mechanics~

[FAQ] Gameplay FAQ for new players
A basic guide on the immediate gameplay, created by Malice

[Mechanics] Detailed Game Mechanics
An extensive guide detailing how the game works, stats/skills/modifiers/game modes and more, created by Malice (now updated to link directly to the un-official wiki)

[IIQ/IIR] Balance and Diminishing Returns
Theory and research into optimal Item Quantity/Rarity bonuses, by Chuca79


~Character Building & Progression~

[Quests] Quest Walk-through on Wiki
Details on the quests and how to complete them.

[Q.Rewards] Quest Rewards on Wiki
Details the rewards provided for each completed quest.

[Skilltree] Unofficial Offline Skilltree Calculator
An offline tool to test your character build, by Headhorr

[Leveling] Experience Efficiency Chart: Zones & Character Level
A color coded google doc and image that displays the efficiency of experience gain for your character level in each zone, provided by Ebonmourn

[Builds] Build of the Week Seasons
A list of the GGG featured "Build of the Week", by peachii

[Builds] How to make a build - quick start guide
An outline for what to consider when planning a character build, by Kirielis

[Builds] Full Attack & Spell DPS Calculator
A webapp that will calculate final attack/spell dps, by Chuca79



[Crafting] Crafting Resource Guide
How to craft and the mechanics behind it, by Invalesco

[C.Recipies] The Exiled Sale Recipe Book
Recipes for crafting in-game items, by radiatoren

[Map Guide] Map Management Resource
Everything you need to know about maps, by Lyralei

[Uniques] Unique Items List
by ignarsoll

[Item App] Procurement 1.0
Unofficial item/character organizer & trade post templates, by Stickymaddness

Old Links

[Quests] Complete Quests Walkthrough
by KrapnoV

[Q.Rewards] Quest Reward List
Google spreadsheet that tracks skills/skill points/items etc awarded on quest completion, by Coldet.

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