[3.22] Vengeance Ignite Autobomber - Melee Ignite League Starter

This is my take on a melee ignite build! A leaguestart viable autobomber that uses Vengeance to automatically ignite and explode enemies as we run past them!

Leaguestart POB (what's used in video and gif): https://pobb.in/3Hx5q64EonOG
Delirious Forge of the Phoenix: https://youtu.be/dr4nroUL4xk

Pros & Cons

+ Extremely fast and strong mapper
+ Autobomber with explosions!
+ Leaguestart viable
+ High damage uptime and projection
+ Ailment and stun immune
+ Doesn't require 6 link
+ No mana issues (never spend any)
+ Good defensive layers

- Not SSF viable (need Eye of Innocence at least)
- Pinnacle bosses are slow
- Have to level as something else (guide included)
- Melee (with ignite spread though)
- Damage is difficult to scale past ~3m DoT DPS


Build Mechanics

Automatically triggering Vengeance
Core idea of the build is to automatically trigger Vengeance as we run through the map.

To trigger Vengeance we need to get hit and, since we don't want to rely on enemies hitting us, we can equip Eye of Innocence so we hit ourselves whenever we ignite an enemy. Allocating Shaper of Flames allows all our damage to ignite, meaning we just need to hit enemies to trigger Vengeance. To hit enemies we can equip Abberath's Hooves which trigger Abberath's Fury every time we take a step, allowing us to rapidly hit enemies just by running past them.

Sustaining Eye of Innocence self-damage
Eye of Innocence causes us to take 100 fire damage when we ignite an enemy. This is somewhat mitigated by our high fire resistance, but we inflict dozens of ignites every second on every nearby enemy each of which spreads to ignite nearby enemies. Since this can cause us to take >10,000 dps post-mitigation in large packs, we can't out regen it with normal methods. However, we can equip Ngamahu's Sign, which causes us to recover 20-30 life when we ignite an enemy. Not only does this allow us to sustain Eye of Innocence self-damage, it provides massive regen while clearing since it heals us each time we ignite an enemy.

Voltaxic Burst causes enemies to explode on death if they died with .5 seconds of being hit by the skill. Voltaxic Burst has a built in delay, but constantly triggering it with level 1 Cast When Damage Taken turns it into an excellent source of explosions while clearing.

Infernal Cry causes all enemies on the screen to explode on death. We allocate Call to Arms so we can have it on left click or save it for slower league mechanics where our Voltaxic Burst stacks sometimes fall off(e.g. Harvest).

We frequently hit ourselves with small amounts of fire damage (see Automatically triggering Vengeance), which by default doesn't ignite us. However, by using Replica Reckless Defense, we can allow some of these hits to ignite us. The ignites are very small (~20 dps), so we can easily out regen them. We gain a few advantages by having a small ignite on us at all times.

Freeze + chill immunity (Martyr of Innocence )
70% increased damage (Eye of Innocence)
2% of fire damage leeched as life (Eye of Innocence)
Immunity to damaging ailments (Protection Mastery)

Defensive Layers
These are the defensive layers we have on league start:

5 Endurance Charges
Determination + armour investment on tree
78 max elemental resistance
35% Block
Ailment + Stun immunity
Extremely safe play style (long ignites and always moving)
Chilled ground from Cold Snap

Take the small pantheon that gives reduced effect of shock, otherwise big shocks in big packs can cause our self-hits to kill us since Ngamahu's Sign can't keep up. Big pantheon is personal preference/depends on content.


Starter Gear
Mandatory Uniques:
Abberath's Hooves
Eye of Innocence
Martyr of Innocence (unlinked)
Ngamahu's Sign

Recommended Uniques:
Dyadian Dawn
Replica Reckless Defense

General Rares: Prioritize getting elemental resistance capped(remember to include resistance from endurance charges) and life. Chaos resistance and Dexterity if your elemental resistances are capped.
Flasks: Quartz flask is mandatory for phasing while mapping. Our clear speed is limited by our movement speed, so a quicksilver flask(maybe even 2 instilled) is highly recommended


Martyr of Innocence (Doesn't need to be linked)
Immolate, Unbound Ailments, Burning Damage, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Cruelty, Swift Affliction(can substitute in Efficacy if struggling with colors early)

Abberath's Hooves (Doesn't need to be linked)
Culling Strike, Combustion

Malevolence, Anger, Determination

Lifetapped 4-link
Lifetap - Infernal Cry - Flame Dash - Flammability (doesn't need to be lifetapped/linked early)

CWDT 4-link #1
Lifetap - Cast When Damage Taken (level 1) - Voltaxic Burst(level 1) - Wave of Conviction(level 1)

CWDT 4-link #2 (Optional if struggling with sockets early)
Lifetap - Cast When Damage Taken (level 1) - Flame Surge (level 1) - Vaal Cold Snap(level 1)


Leveling and Transition
Leveling as the standard fire witch, which is always excellent on league start and doesn't require any respec points outside what we get from mainline quests. We use Holy Flame Totem + Flame Wall before we get Armageddon Brand + Cremation.

Imexile fire witch leveling video

Leveling POB: https://pobb.in/l6gUW4s-u7UL

Transition when you have hit the level requirements (68) and have enough currency to afford the mandatory uniques (depends on economy but has never been more than 30c day 1 or 10c day 3). Armageddon Brand ignite is a strong build for atlas progression so don't worry about swapping as soon as you get to maps. Personally I swapped in yellow maps and it felt very comfortable before and after. Recommended uniques are all pretty common/cheap and generally should be your first upgrades.


Upgrades (loosely ordered)
1. Get exposure on hit eldritch implicit gloves and swap Wave of Conviction for Immortal Call
2. Start to quality stuff (gems, flasks, catalyze Dyadian Dawn(Elemental or Attack))
3. Add eldritch implicits to rares
4. Get a helmet with a relevant enchant (Vengeance damage or cooldown recovery)
5. Get Physical Damage converted to Fire Damage on gloves and drop Avatar of Fire and Arsonist (6 points)
6. Use freed points from previous upgrade and drop steadfast cluster (5 points) to get a large 8 passive cluster jewel with Overlord and another good notable (ideally Aggressive Defence)
7. Drop Deep Thoughts cluster (3 points) to get a megalomaniac with increased mana reservation efficiency for one of our auras and another good node (Stormrider or something with accuracy makes next step easier).
8. Get enough accuracy to cap hit chance and a bit of critical strike chance and swap from Resolute Technique to Elemental Overload (Eagle Eye cluster and mastery for increased accuracy at close range)
9. Upgrade rares to have damage/luxury mods (e.g. increased fire damage, reduced effect of curses on you or flat physical damage reduction) (can go for capped spell suppression here but that makes coloring gear annoying)
10. Add more curses (Anathema, anoint, corrupt Eye of Innocence)
11. Corruption hunt on Eye of Innocence, Abberath's Hooves, Ngamahu's Sign and Dyadian Dawn
12. Upgrade cluster jewels to have 3 good notables on the large and both megalomaniacs (get Enduring Composure and drop Inexorable cluster, Unspeakable Gifts lets us drop a CWDT setup which is useful for freeing up sockets for golems later)
13. Watcher's Eye with some good mods
14. Get Forbidden Flesh + Flame for Elemancer, Shaper of Flames or Heart of Destruction and drop Shaper of Storms for Liege of the Primordial and Elemancer
15. Awakened Support Gems, Enlighten, Empower, alt qualities
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Very interesting mapper, any mods to avoid? I doubt trying this league, bc I'm a one build guy, I'll be here th next league for the updates.

Very interesting mapper, any mods to avoid? I doubt trying this league, bc I'm a one build guy, I'll be here th next league for the updates.

Thanks! Elemental reflect and chance to avoid elemental ailments are the two I always roll over. For delirium mirror/highly delirious maps I also try to avoid more than two damage mods, especially -maximum resistance, if you're trying to level past ~95.
Ruthless does not work on Vengeance. It only works on Strike and Slam skills, and Vengeance is not either of those. You can check in game.

Ruthless does not work on Vengeance. It only works on Strike and Slam skills, and Vengeance is not either of those. You can check in game.

Oh lol, you're absolutely right. Changed to recommend different support gem options which improves our dps quite a bit.
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