[3.22] Centralised elemental support - Flame Link Inquisitor

Meet LineBaka, the hot&cold support for up to 2(3?) of your elemental DPS friends.

Supporting TL;DR
+ 400 added base fire damage
+ Shared +30% attack damage and 16% more elemental damage
+ 5 shared flasks
+ Permanent -18 monster resist
+ 5 utility auras (armor, life regen, es, mana regen)
+ 3(4?) curses (about -70% monster resist)
+ Removes curses and ailments affecting players
+ AoE freezes

- Damage hardly keeps up in red maps
- Cannot tank well in red maps
- Can hardly do maps that disables regen
- Loses some damage when alone
- A full 1.09 second attack "speed"

Path of building of my 3.22 implementation (56h ingame playtime)

Part 1: Line backing
Using a link skill?
Yes indeed. Giving base fire damage to our dps players scales their damage immensely (doubled tooltips, even more considering monster resistances).
Flame link scales with your maximum life, allowing to run Righteous fire and Bloodthirst support to scale our damage at the same time as theirs (granted at lower efficiency)

Scaling the link
1 sockets needed
Grab Empowered Bond and Powerful Bond on the passive tree for link buff effect.
Ceinture of benevolence allows us to give our non-unique flasks to our line members.
Augury of Penitence on Ascendancy for more elemental damage.
And now, scale max life

Max life scaling
Taking the central nodes on templar and the left exterior side of the passive tree should bring us to +127% increased max life and tons of strength, not forgetting the flat life mastery.

Part 2: Backup damage
Big life? Let's sustain Righteous Fire
We're near Surge of Vigor, Hearty and Brink of Death on the tree
Added with our buffed Vitality aura and the Pious path Ascendancy, it's kinda regen overkill

RF damage?
Righteous Fire + Burning damage + Elemental focus + Efficacy
Divine Judgment on tree, taking the increased exposure mastery
Passing through Holy Dominion on the templar tree start for some dmg and resist

I, for my group, ran:
- Vitality and Clarity for sustain
- Determination, Defiance banner and Discipline for defense
Other party members ran their necessary auras, and I had space for selfish reservation
- Petrified blood, and Arctic Armor
On the tree, Sovereignty, Champion of the Cause, and Bannerman for aura effect.
Bannerman procs on banner placement!

Socketing auras
Prism Guardian Shield for efficient life reservation, socketing Determination, Vitality and Clarity (bringing us right on 50% life)
Alpha's Howl helmet for the 4 remaining

Remaining sockets: curse, shout, movement
Bane with 3 curses:
- Temporal Chain for safety
- Elemental weakness for global elemental (+1 through Doedre's damning)
- Flammability (+1 through amulet vaal implicit or annoint)
Infernal cry, for up to -20% fire resist (with Call to Arms for instant shout)
(not forgetting Flame dash)

Part 3: Personal flavors
Keeping yourself alive
I went for scaling my max elemental resists and armor.
Resists on the tree: Anointed Flesh, Barbarism, Soul of steel, Prismatic Skin
Armor on the tree: Sanctity, Sanctum of thoughts, Juggernaut, Inexorable
With an aura mastery(life reservation efficiency) and a life mastery(low life at 55%), you can raise your effective HP for PB with no downside.

Team colors on the chestpiece
Kaom's heart is more link damage, more rf damage, more survivability for you.
Or... a rare chest piece with life, adding a six-link skill option...

Crashing the party (and map bosses)
Ice Crash + Fist of War + Bloodthirst + Elemental Damage with Attacks + Ruthless + Pulverise.
Resolute Technique on tree
Story of the Vaal Main hand for 100% chance to shock+freeze+ignite and HIGH freeze effectiveness
Southbound gloves for life, added cold and 100% (a lot) freeze duration (rare downside with rf and ignite)
Medium Cluster Jewel for ailment (Astonishing Affliction + Cold Conduction)
The Taming for our other ring, for about 100% increased crashing
Instrument of Virtue on Ascendancy for attack damage

Perma-freezing T10 maps bosses and rares should maintain a good temperature for the rest of the party.

Fixing up
Amulet, 6 reachable Jewel nodes and potential chestpiece to deal with dex requirements and missing resists (including chaos)

Part 4: Other considerations
- Dying Breath staff, for boosting auras, curse effect and ally damage.
- Natural Authority on the tree, for global damage and shout effect
- Protective link gem, for taking our pal's hits instead of giving flat damage
- Link mastery for movespeed if your feet can't keep up with allies
- Perquil's toe amulet, giving allies lucky damage for hits
- Crown of the tyrant, for another 10% resist reduction and +60-90 fire
- Vaal versions of auras (many possibilities)
- Cold to Fire Support Gem on Ice Crash, if Frozen is provided by others
- Mana regen nodes when sporting 3 links (link skills drain many manas)
- Intuitive Link + Lightning Warp for the laughs

I may come back to add hyperlinks and visuals, but I have low knowledge as to how. Don't be too harsh!

Now go find those allies in their MtX explosions, charge those astonishing crashes, and help collect these riches your group so obviously deserves.

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