Rerolling with Tabula Rasa

I'm ready to try something different.

Having a 6L at lvl 1 sounds like it opens a lot of fun opportunities leveling with the main concern being mana issues with so many supports.

What have you guys done and what can you suggest? Tabula Rasa cost me just about everything I'm worth so I'd prefer a build that can use it endgame as well.
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Not sure if you could find 5 relevant support gems until like level 31. By that time mana should not be much of an issue if you been preparing for it.
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Summoner. Tabula Rasa is the top of the top for Specters.
Quality accuracy is great for +crit chance and doesn't add +mana cost. So if you're going for anything that needs a crit gem, that could keep your mana costs down in early game.
I'd go with a caster and high block shield considering the no stats. I dont think a build around it wise, i thought it was just to test combinations effectively without limitation
I run it on my EK witch right now with summons.. the only time I die is when I one shot myself against a pack of physical resist... the 6L puts me at around 5k dps with fork.

I can very easily run builds that can afford the lack of stats on the chest. A good start is the summons meatshields. However, you can easily make a build with all the summons meatshields that isn't a pure summoner.

Edit: Pure summoner is the obvious choice, but I've already been down that road and minion AI is just so bad. Specifically them getting caught in hallways and walls was just too annoying.
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Item Rarity and Item Quantity can be good if you can't find anything else and don't want to spend mana.

Also, Tabula Rasa will never be end game as a 6 link with the right colours will always be better than it.

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