[3.22]⚡Storm Brand Hierophant⚡: From Zero to Uber Hero with 100-200m dps. League Start/SSF viable.

Small update:

Was mapping past few days, made a final revision of the mapper version: https://pastebin.com/BtYYWFhw

Laid my hands on vaal arc 21/20, improved defenses (Last Rites curse ring). Fit cwdt+immortal call and optional cast on death - portal. Still not sure about fitting frost shield - cast when stunned, but it's possible bc i have some sockets to spare. Just don't wanna change the colors.

Will upload some vids with very juiced 60% deli maps later. I'm very satisfied with it's performance, you'll see why.

After I'm done with maps/logbooks, I'll switch back to a default build and record all other uber kills. And the feared, probably.

Edit: switching costs 12 orb of regrets. Not much, but the difference in mapping/bossing is massive.

UPD: I decided to fit Sublime Vision with Wrath instead of 1 crit jewel in mapping version. Small damage trade-off for 20% less damage dealt by monsters is a good one.
[3.22]⚡Storm Brand Hierophant⚡: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3390881
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As promised, Juiced 60% deli t16 (w/ timecodes): https://youtu.be/z9IlQzhMU9I

Atlas tree/juice in yt description. This was mapper v3, but i wasn't running with frost shield there. Still good. Damage is perfect for 60% deli, bosses are melting, packs are blasting. Inspired Learning and Mark of Submission do their job just right.

This is last mapping vid for this league, i'm done with it.
Switched back to a default build (bosser). Will finish the league with uber kills.

I will make some changes to low budget builds this week, MoS is too good to ignore on maps, and I'm sure it would be mvp on day 1-day 3 of the next league bc of anathema prices early.

Stay tuned.
[3.22]⚡Storm Brand Hierophant⚡: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3390881
This looks really promising, especially since it's start and end viable 👏🏻

Would it be interchangeable with Arc (with some gem swaps)? Or is it a totally different route?
mcswayer wrote:
This looks really promising, especially since it's start and end viable 👏🏻

Would it be interchangeable with Arc (with some gem swaps)? Or is it a totally different route?

Build is using Arc =) Both for clear and to apply a very strong shock, so Storm Brand can do more single target damage.
[3.22]⚡Storm Brand Hierophant⚡: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3390881
Alright, guys. I finished my bossing, took down all the ubers/hardest bosses in the game, but Delve ones:

The Feared (74% quantity): https://youtu.be/pIw_scm4pt4

Uber Cortex (ft. Maven): https://youtu.be/a4O0RPV3HbQ

Flawless Chayula (ft. Maven): https://youtu.be/NPWdMTTxONY

Uber Eater: https://youtu.be/WjM3dO7smps

Uber Elder lvl 85 (ft. Maven): https://youtu.be/Oekfp_lpa5s

Uber Atziri (ft. Maven): https://youtu.be/EWiQLPRoiFg

Uber Sirus: https://youtu.be/TrBUos9I5bA

Uber Maven: https://youtu.be/rHnwTQA4j68

I thought the Sirus is impossible to do with this build, but no, it's doable. Can take his normal beams, which is the only mandatory requirement for this fight.
Still the hardest uber boss for me.

Uber elder is second hardest. The problem is, kinda bugged for me - some things like portals and ground dots are not visible.

Maven/shaper are similar difficulty, but I'm very familiar with the shaper, so it's easier for me.

Everything else is just easy.

So yeah, done with the league. No updates until 3.22, although I would check the thread once per day or so. Feel free to ask me anything.

About how to make it tanky... There are ways, but they are out of my budget per league. Sorry about that.
So it's just better to scale the damage, bc it's cheaper.
[3.22]⚡Storm Brand Hierophant⚡: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3390881
Finally got a chance to give this a try, went Crucible SSF to simulate a league start. Mostly followed the guide, but around act 3 I started to feel a bit of mana pressure. I fit in a lvl 3 Clarity which felt much smoother, up until the end of Act 4 where it wasn't needed.

I also switched brand master to 40% increase attach range at monik390's suggestion. Since arc is the primary clear the extra brands aren't really needed.

I did get super lucky and found a +1 lightning gems wand in Act 1, still using it now. Found a regal in Act 8 which I quickly slammed onto that want to get the lightning damage to spells craft on it.

Acts were really smooth, I'm no hardcore player but still only had a couple deaths. Once arc is online it's pretty insane how easy things are to clear.

Gearwise the 4 sockets are a bit of a pain, but I did have all 3 by act 5. One of them was a 4 white socket gloves that dropped (magic), was still using those when I got to maps, it had nothing but +52 life and crafted dex.

Stats you need to watch out for, some dex and str are needed to keep leveling all the gems. I did not hold back any gems unless I was having mana problems.

I was overleveled basically the whole time, once you have arc going it's so easy to just pop arc then storm brand as you run and things just die.

The final kitava was the easiest I've ever had, was quick and deathless.

I'm going to stay SSF up to yellow maps to see how that progression feels, so far it's not too bad. Took down a 3 essence mob earlier without issue. After that I'll migrate to league and try out some higher end runs.

Overall feels really good and with some reasonable upgrade path to ubers I think it's a solid build. And yes, there was a little bit of complaining as monik390 was getting this build up and running :)

Edit: Ran a few yellow maps, still with basically just my acts gear. Found better gloves, but that's about it.

Yellow I started to feel the glass cannon a bit more, started using a 2nd portal more often around this point (again, with basically no upgrades from kitiva, and a lot of gear early acts). First maven witnessed boss (pit) took all of my portals, mostly because half the time I re-entered the arena to be surrounded.

Still feels quite good for being SSF. In a league start I definitely wouldn't still be stuck with act 3-4 gear due to link requirements. If I couldn't trade for it then I probably have some decent 4 or even 5 link options in guild stash by now.

Going to migrate to league now and start the gear progression.
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I bribed ^ to check the build, but it definitely wasn't enough for fake positive review =)

About my SSF run, i hit yellow maps a bit later, with essence crafted tornado wands/ES gear, so it was smoother for me at that point.

Jokes aside, appreciate it. It feels a bit lonely here, although I clearly noticed more people started to play the build according to poe.ninja, but not a single question so far, besides a couple of pms and some reddit.

So, did a few changes today:

1. Fixed Brand masteries for all PoBs: +2 brands -> brand attachment range. It feels better in most cases.

2. Pastebin -> pobb.in for quick check in browser.

3. Added a suggestion to keep Mark of Submission as a secondary ring. I don't know about prices for anathema at 3.22 start, so MoS would be a ring of choice for <1d range early. Comparison added too. In short, MoS is better for clear, Anathema is superior against single target.

4. Added secondary 6-link gem choice in <25d budget section. It's 6-l curses vs Arc, comparison there too. I guess most of you will go for arc.

Kinda that.

About defensive setup, i'm still thinking about adding doppelganger + divine flesh tech, since it's the best out of all options for us. But i don't have the time to test it right now, and i'm not sure about incoming nerfs in 3.22.

I think there are a lot of things that are guaranteed to get nerfed, so yeah. For now I'm leaving the build in its current state.

[3.22]⚡Storm Brand Hierophant⚡: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3390881
I went through and made some Better Trading folders for the different stages of progression. Just the main stuff that is listed in the post, to make it a little easier.

Under a few chaos:

Under 1 Div:

Under 10 Div:

Under 25 Div:

Militant faith I didn't do, good luck on that. I also didn't repeat things because the recommended sockets changed (ie getting 6-links) you can just edit the search when the time comes.

Hopefully it's useful to some.
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^ Appreciate it.

Few things to mention. I was testing defensive setups around doppelganger body, since it's on of the best options for eternal blessing tech.

Unfortunately, damage loss is stupidly huge here, any low-budget builds will do 0 damage. I have to say, that the default glasscannon build is just more comfortable to play for me, although those tankier versions are definitely more safe.
I know, most of you ppl think otherwise and seek comfort from tankiness, and this is the only reason I'm trying to do smth here.

All ideas below are just quick tests w/o deep research and tinkering, so yeah. I'm sure some of you will elaborate on those ideas and will make smth better.

Version 1: Spell suppression, no curse.

Pob: https://pobb.in/PGL-X9o73FVO

Stats (no frost shield stages):
100% suppression,
75/75/75/80 res,
40k ehp,
max hit: 19k phys/41k ele/56k chaos,
about 12m total dps (pinnacle).

Test results: Survived 20 waves of simulacrum, did well at 100% crucible charge (sample of 10x t16 maps), can facetank some guardian lvl of bosses, didn't fight pinnacle non-ubers. Ran an Uber Sirus, but dps is too low for it. Could tank the "die" beams combo with flasks up. Died when flasks were empty.

I was using Replica Doedre's Damning for curse mastery recover abuse on hit (you get 1% of mana/life when hitting smth with smth). I think about this tech as a bug which probably will be fixed in future.

Major problems:
- Capping spell suppression. Requires Stranglegasp, 3 pieces of gear, some passives.
- Low damage.
- Price/performance rate is shit. Too expensive for what it does.
- I don't see rooms for improvement here.

Conclusion: Will not elaborate on this in future. Another version feels better for me.

Version 2: Mahuxotl's Machination with Tempered by War.

Pob: https://pobb.in/xmNLKfHpXlR9

Stats (no frost shield stages):
37%/49% block
76% fire/80% chaos res,
56k ehp,
max hit: 15k phys/45k ele/63k chaos,
about 34.5m total dps (pinnacle) with anathema
about 20m total dps (pinnacle) with MoS ring.

Test results: Survived 23 waves of simulacrum, did nothing else.

Major problems:

- Damage is still meh. I wanted at least 50m.

Conclusion: This is just a better approach, since it can use more gear from default build like blizzard crown and +2 amu, have room for more uniques and upgrades, so yeah.

Both versions are tankier than ehp numbers shows, bc of decent max hit. On maps, both options have enough leech/recovery to sustain pool.

Version 2 is just better, so I recommend to play around it and brainstorm improvements here.

Still, in this state, it's not a real tank ofc, just more forgivable experience.
[3.22]⚡Storm Brand Hierophant⚡: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3390881
I've made a second character for Doppelganger body and ran Uber Shaper witnessed by Maven:


2 deaths on slams out of 3 slams taken. Everything else is actually bearable unless things go brrr (like 2nd death).

Build is doing about 25m dps in this fight since it can't apply 65% shock on ubers at this point, and i don't like it.

Pob: https://pobb.in/XMr6urgonUaE

So yeah, it's quite tanky i guess.

[3.22]⚡Storm Brand Hierophant⚡: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3390881

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