[3.22]⚡Storm Brand Hierophant⚡: From Zero to Uber Hero with 100-200m dps. League Start/SSF viable.


3.22 - No buffs, no nerfs. The build is untouched.

The guide is fully updated now.


Table of Content:

1. Introduction.
- Pros and cons
- Content availability
2. Finished build and mechanics explained.
3. League start
4. Gear progression.
5. Crafting.
6. Videos.

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Update log:


09.15.2023 - The guide is fully updated with all 3.22 changes and data.
08.11.2023 - 3.22 patchnotes: build is untouched.
06.10.2023 - Added video of Uber Shaper (ft. Maven) vs tanky version.
06.09.2023 - Added thoughts about getting a bit tankier.
06.02.2023 - Fixed all PoBs: Switched brand mastery, and pastebin to pobb.
05.26.2023 - Killed all Uber bosses. League goals are achieved.
05.24.2023 - Added Juiced 60% deli t16 video.
05.22.2023 - Final Mapper version.
05.17.2023 - Added a better mapping version and 100% deli map video.
05.16.2023 - Minor additions to the Acts section about weapon upgrades.
05.15.2023 - Added videos of the Formed, Uber Exarch and Uber Shaper runs.
05.14.2023 - Published the guide.


Sup, exiles, I’m BrandBlasterCR from poe.ninja, and I’m one of the strongest Storm Brand users in 3.21.

I want you to tell the story of how the build I made on a whim went through trials and errors and cruised me up to 40/40 in the Crucible league.

Before going SSF, I finished my 1st deathless Uber Shaper run ever and got a 3nd follower on poe.ninja, so I decided to make a quick write-up about the toon.

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❌ Squishy. Dies often (not as often as IS totems tho).
❌ 5 buttons to press. 3 buttons to load full dps.
❌ Medium difficulty to play. I don’t recommend it for complete newbies or players without glasscannon experience.

✔️ The price/performance rate is awesome even on a league start.
✔️ Blasting maps.
✔️ Killing ubers.
✔️ Fun to play.
✔️ Off-meta.
✔️ Easy to gear. SSF is viable.

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Compared to Storm Brand Inquisitors:
✔️ A lot cheaper.
✔️ Way better clear.
❌ Less tanky.
❌ More buttons to press.

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Content availability:

✔️ Maps - any mechanic and juice.
✔️ Sanctum.
✔️ All Invitations.
✔️ All Uber bosses.

Not viable:
❌ Deep delve.
❌ Simulacrum.


3.22 Doppelganger:



2 set of rings:
1. Anathema + Resist rare ring for bosses.
2. Mark of Submission + Death Rush for mapping.

Oriath's End for mapping, Bottled Faith for bossing.

3.21 Inpulsa:



Vinktar with shock spreading for mapping, 6% penetration for bossing.

Alternative PoBs:

3.21 Pure mapper with Inspired Learning:


3.21 Mahuxotl's Machination with Tempered by War (tankier):



3.22 Pure mapper with Doppel (>170% movement speed):



In 3.21 I made a made an uber bosser that could do some maps, but it required to switch to a better mapping version by the cost of 14 passives, some skill gems, a jewel, and smth else.

In 3.22 I choose to elaborate on Doppelganger, and made a balanced build that can do both mapping and bossing with switching just 1 flask, 1 ring and optionally 1 skill gem. Even the pure mapper for 3.22 is easier to switch to.

Passive tree in 3.22 is more optimized than in 3.21, which was a pure bosser.
Last Rites curse ring is more important than 2 medium cluster jewels.

*PoB doesn't add the dps from Sign of Purpose properly.

A proper calculation requires manually adding the Punishment curse and a portion of damage per second from Sign of Purpose ascendancy and Divergent Swiftbrand support.

Punishment (lvl20) adds ~22% more damage if the target has less than 50% life. It means 11% more dps overall.
Sign of Purpose doubles your damage for ¼ of the brand duration. It means 25% more damage overall. Divergent Swiftbrand adds ~5% more.
So a proper calculation is (PoB dps + (SoP dps*0.25))*1.11 or smth like that. If anyone does math better here - feel free to correct me. I would appreciate it.

Notes and Tattoos:


I strongly recommend following the gear progression queue described in the next part of the guide. Don’t skip anything until you are ready. I will put the estimated cost of each step later.

About Tattoos - use small ones to fill the gaps in resists and attributes. Hinder chance is good too.

About big ones - my thoughts are here:
1. https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3390881/page/10#p25091001

2. https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3390881/page/11#p25091297

In short, few of +30 dex can be used, +1 maximum frenzy or onslaught on hit.
For +30 int:
+1 all intelligence gems ins't worth it,
+1 to maximum power charge worth for Inpulsa only.

Notable gem setup and mechanics:

If I miss something here, both League start and Gear progression sections have some additional info. I was writing this guide for a week or so, and because of that, there is a chance I can miss something to explain.

In short, the build gameplay consists of using Arc for clearing packs and Storm Brand for single target damage.

50-65% Shock and Clear:

Arc + unleash + overcharge + x (+ y + z).

Even the 4-link arc has a stupidly good clear compared to storm brand, hands down. Moving to 6-link was a huge QoL, bc the arc alone could clear everything.

My league start wasn’t planned at all, so I ran with 4 blue empty sockets up to red maps and was looking for what to add. Decided to check arc-unleash and completely fell in love with it. With the Inpulsa it blasts the entire screen.

Later, with overcharge support, I could easily shock the ubers for 65%.

During my later ushaper runs I noticed that Storm Brand overwrote the shock applied by Arc, and switched arcane surge for elemental focus support in the SB gems setup, so I finally could load full dps w/o problems.


Bane is a good skill to use to apply a lot of curses at once. I started to use it right after I got lightning exposure on my gloves, so I could put off the Hydrosphere (gear progression).

It is possible to switch enfeeble + temporal chains for the Cast on Death + Portal if you feel annoyed by dying on maps.


Lightning Warp is better than flame dash because it doesn’t have a CD. I got used to it in an hour or so. Can recommend it for sure.

I don’t think other things like the lightning golem, arcane cloak + increased duration, or wrath + eternal blessing require explanation, so yeah, that's it.


The Crucible start was rough for me because I had no idea what to do. I just mindlessly decided to pick a Hierophant with brands and was switching between Storm and Penance, before I chose Storm Brand.

I went through several good and bad moments. I was hoping for the build to fail so I could respec to a proper league starter of mine (divine ire totems), but it never happened.
Credits to Valsacar, my friend, who patiently took all of my complaints about how my build was underperforming.

Surprisingly, step by step and upgrade-after-upgrade it became so good that I decided to push it to the end.

After I finished the build, I decided to make a league start simulation in SSF to check if it was good or not while implementing all things I learned playing the toon, the results were fucking awesome:

- It is very comfortable to play in a league start scenario, and I became map ready after Act 10 Kitava and 3rd lab with Acts gear.

- Approaching yellow maps with lvl 77 character, lvl 19 gems, and still 4-link Strorm Brand I got 1.6m total dps (normal) including Arc. No decent gear switch was made during t1-t6 maps.

- At lvl 85 I switched to crit and got 2.4m total dps (pinnacle) with a crafted wand (close to the Singularity sceptre) and 5-link. And finally hit red maps, quite comfortable.

- At lvl 88 I got 2.7m total dps (pinnacle) and hit t14 maps. Both Hunger and Black Sun were easy.

- At lvl 89 I hit t16 maps and killed the Constrictor and Hydra there. I got 3.4m total dps (pinnacle) with just better crafts and unnerve on gloves.

- At lvl 90 I killed Exarch as my 1st big boss, no problems here.

All above was extremely different compared to my 3.21 league start, and indicates that with the right use of the build mechanic, it is a very solid starter.

3.22 League start was extremely smooth, and carried me to 40/40 once again without problems.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~


This section is based on my SSF experience, which doesn’t have any trading possible. I relied only on myself here. The regular league starting experience is way more smooth since you can just trade for what you need.

I will publish my 3.22 league progression PoBs in the next part of the guide.

Leveling PoB (lvl 1-92 with skill gems): https://pobb.in/AqrTqG-sstZy



Very important 3.22 update:

If you are running on on trade leagues, Last Rites curse passive tree ring with Mark of Submission is top priority to get asap:

1. We are running no crit build early with Elemental Overload keystone. Crit becomes better with lvls and gear.

2. At lvl 85 or so it’s better to switch to crit. Later it becomes a huge dps increase.

3. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to save early acts gear bc I didn’t turn off gear deletion.

4. Always keep your life/mana flasks up to date.

5. During the leveling always pick up all wands, sceptres, and rune daggers (kris bases). Your goal is to get weapons with “Adds X to Y Lightning Damage to Spells ”.

6. You want to dual-wield either 2 wands or sceptre + dagger combo. Latter can get Dual Wield mastery with 60% increased damage.

Those weapons can be crafted with the Essence of Torment. Also, don’t skip recipes in Lunaris Temple 2 and Chamber of Sins (Act 7).

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Act 1.

Nothing can beat the Rolling Magma + Flamewall combo in Templar skill choice, so stick with it.

Do not try to kill Merveil with Storm Brand + Arc. Just don’t. Forget about Stormblast mines, Orb of Storms, and Lightning Tendrils.

Do not take the Runebinder keystone before you kill Merveil. You won’t be able to use the Holy Flame Totem if you get it.

What to do:

1. Kill Hillock - get Rolling Magma.

2. Search both Tarkleigh and Nessa for BB(B) linked.
Link Rolling Magma with Elemental Proliferation.
If you get 3b linked - you are lucky. Buy Arcane Surge from Nessa and add it to Rolling Magma.

3. Holy Flame totem would be a decent addition later, so try to find RR(B) too.

4. After the Mud Flats get Flamewall, Holy Flame Totem and War Banner. Don’t forget about Frostblink and Mercy Mission for a Quicksilver flask.

5. After entering the prison you can get some support gems as a reward:

Combustion for Rolling Magma (instead of Arcane Surge in 3-link (or instead of Elemental Prolif if you still have 2 links)).

You will need Added Lightning damage later. Add it to the Holy Flame totem if you have RRB. Added Fire Damage is optional for holy Flame Totem.

Flame Dash is better than Frostblink, the earlier you get it - the better. We are not using Lightning Warp until the late game, so yeah, stick with Flame Dash.

6. Don’t forget about the lab trial and go for Brutus. Place War Banner during the Brutus fight. Go through the remaining Act 1 area and quests until The Cavern.

7. Get Storm Brand as a reward, and buy Arc.

Again, don’t switch to them yet. Don’t allocate the Runebinder.
Kill Merveil with Rolling Magma, Holy Flame Totem, and Flame Wall. Place War Banner during the fight.

Perfect gem links at the end of the Act 1:

Rolling Magma - Elemental Proliferation - Combustion.
Holy Flame Totem - (Added Fire) - Added Lightning.
Flame Wall - Flame Dash - (Arcane Surge)
War Banner
Storm Brand

Mechanical interaction: Flamewall adds damage to each projectile (including spells) that goes through it. Both Rolling Magma and Holy Flame totem are benefitting from it.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Act 2.

Updated: Continue to play with Rolling Magma until the end of the Act 4.

Bandits: Help Alira.

What to do:

1. I prefer to complete everything in the East of the camp 1st.

2. Go in the Den for a second Quicksilver flask if you need it. If not - skip it.

3. Go and kill Kraityn first after allocating teleport at Crossroads.

4. Go to the Chamber of Sins, don’t forget about the lab trial. Kill things, talk to Helena, and teleport to the town.

5. Take Herald of Ash as a reward. Arcane Cloak isn’t required until the end of Act 4, so can skip it for now if you don’t have enough currency.

6. Go after the a lab trial in the Crypt if you need. Skip the quest here.

7. Go West. I prefer killing Oak and allocating the Portal to Wetlands before going to the Western Forest.

8. Help Alira, do a quest for a skill book, and go after the spiders and teleport to the town.

9. We will need those gems form here by the end of act 4:

1x Concentrated Effect,
2x Elemental Focus,
1x Overcharge.

Get everything you can for leveling for now. It would be good if you could buy one of each, can skip the second elemental focus. If you don't have enough of alts - not a problem, by the end of act 4 it should be enough for everything.

10. Finish Act 2.

Perfect gem links at the end of the Act 2:

Rolling Magma - Elemental Proliferation - Combustion.
Holy Flame Totem - (Added Fire) - Added Lightning.
Flame Wall - Flame Dash - (Arcane Surge)
War Banner
Herald of Ash
Storm Brand

In brackets is what you can ignore if you don't have 3 links for it.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Act 3.

In Act 3 we just continue this kind of gameplay with Rolling Magma, while obtaining at least 3 links for each gem setup above. Just breeze through the act, it should be easy.

Check the merchant every time you are in town. He sells 4-links from time to time.

Ascendancy: Hierophant -> Arcane Blessing.

What to do:

1. For the 1st quest reward, pick Elemental Weakness and buy Anger, Wrath and Conductivity in that order. It is ok to drop War Banner for the Anger. Wrath and Conductivity for lvling, but can skip buying if you don't have enough currency.

At this point be sure to keep your mana flask up to date, bc there would be mana issues overwise.

2. Run through the act like usual, and don’t forget about lab trials in Crematorium, Catacombs, and Imperial Garden. Feel free to skip Gravicius if you feel so, we don’t need his rewards. Or kill him if you want Armageddon Brand for some time instead of the totem.

3. Unfortunately, I don’t recommend skipping Siosa in the library, because we need Swiftbrand support hard. Only after obtaining this gem, Storm Brand becomes good.

4. Do the lab if you feel good. Or skip it until Act 4 transition to Arc + Storm Brand.

Choose Hierophant, and get Arcane Blessing.

5. Finish the act, and get some snacks. Breathe in, breathe out.

Perfect gem links at the end of the Act 3:

Rolling Magma - Elemental Proliferation - Combustion - (Concentrated Effect).
Holy Flame Totem - Added Fire - Added Lightning.
Flame Wall - Flame Dash - Arcane Surge
Herald of Ash - Anger
Storm Brand
Elemental Weakness

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Act 4.

At the end of this act, we will have a final major skill gem switch. After it, your only goal is to get lvls, better gear, and progress up to the ubers.

What to do:

1. Get your buddy - Lightning Golem after that Big Dude dropping banner (Voll).

2. Go through the act, and don’t forget about Deshret’s spirit in Mines 2.

3. Don’t forget to pick up every wand, rune dagger, and sceptre to check if they are good or not. Check the merchant every time you are in town for 4-links.

4. Kill Daresso, kill Kaom - go into town for rewards before entering the Belly of the Beast. We have some work here. Get Unleash support. Buy the Hydrosphere and Eternal Blessing.

5. Do your links like below, finish the act and move on.

Perfect gem links at the end of the Act 4:

Storm Brand - Concentrated Effect - Elemental Focus - Swiftbrand.
Arc - Overcharge - Unleash - (Arcane Surge)*
Hydrosphere - Elemental Focus.
Flame Dash.
Lightning Golem.

Wrath - Eternal Blessing.
Arcane Cloak - (Increased Duration).

*Lightning Penetration is better than Arcane Surge before you get your curse setup with Anathema, but the difference isn’t much. No real point to waste currency for penetration unless you are in SSF and there is no Anathema yet.

Mechanical interaction:

1. Wrath + Eternal Blessing saves us a lot of mana, so we can use the Mind over Matter keystone, which is surprisingly good in acts. It is absolutely worth dropping Herald of Thunder here and starting to use Arcane Cloak.

2. Arc - Overcharge - Unleash is one of the key mechanics of the build. It’s your bread and butter for clearing and applying strong shocks.

3. Hydrosphere is used to apply lightning exposure and curse on hit. Linking to Elemental Focus is necessary to block it from applying weak shock.
It also can block monsters at doors, is ranged, and is fun to use. Paired with elemental mastery “Exposure you inflict applies at least -18% to the affected Resistance” it becomes a better alternative to WoC.
Another thing about Hydro - it always applies cold and lightning exposure, so you ain’t required to get only added lightning damage to spells. If you find a weapon with added fire or cold damage being higher tier than your current weapon - go for it.

4. Storm Brand becomes a main dps skill.

Gameplay wise you want to throw hydrosphere to a magic pack, rare or boss, apply shock with Arc and throw some Storm Brands while dodging their attacks. For clearing just use Arc and some Brands.

Weapons upgrade:
Act 3 offers everything we need for our weapons:
Spiraled wand, Copper kris bases are really good.
Lunaris Temple 2 have recipe we need - <Adds (1-4) to (39-42) Lightning Damage to Spells>.
Kill Piety, unlock the crafting recipe, get either 2x Spiraled wands or Copper kris + Quartz sceptre from act 2 and craft that added lightning to spells to them.
This should be enough up to act 7, where you can get another lightning craft.

Don't forget about dual wield mastery for Sceptre + Dagger combo: <60% increased Damage while wielding two different Weapon Types>

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Act 5-10.

There won’t be anything major, just breeze through acts, do your labs, fix resistances and get better wands or sceptre+dagger. Be sure to have life/mana flasks up to date. Get the required 4-links if you didn’t get them before.

Learn how to play this build.


Arcane Blessing - Sign of Purpose - Divine Guidance - (Conviction of Power).

Get Conviction of Power in the uber lab, you won’t need it before respeccing to a crit build.

Pantheon: Brine King + Abberath

Weapons upgrade:
Act 7 offers another crafting recipe we need.
Chamber of Sins 1 have recipe we need - <Adds (2-6) to (73-77) Lightning Damage to Spells>.
If you haven't found a better weapons, just recraft your Act 3 weapons with a higher tier of the lightning damage.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

T1-T6 maps.

The same goes here - just breeze through them while getting better gear. Uber lab is perfectly doable here after you will get better weapons and some passives. I did at lvl 79, right after I got my 1st offering.

The best bases are:

Tornado Wands.
Vaal Regalia.
Sorcerer Gloves/Boots.
Stygian Vise/Crystal belt.

We are not running any defensive auras and flasks, so getting more life/mana/es is the best choice.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

T9-T10 maps.

Before hitting red maps I strongly recommend getting at least 5-link. Start preparing to switch to a crit. Your starting atlas tree should be the essences, focus on them and craft your gear.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

This is the end of this part. Again, I made it from my SSF experience, which doesn’t have trading. The next part is about normal gear progression.


This section is based on a regular Softcore league experience with trading involved.
I segmented upgrades based on priority and budget.

Overall, the build is not expensive at all, my finished build without Mageblood and min-maxing (although I nitpicked awakened/alt quality gems later) is about ugh… 80 divines?

In 3.21 I started doing juiced maps under 10 divines, killed my 1st Uber and the feared under 20 divines, and was unlucky getting my biggest upgrade in like 30 more divines. After that, I just nitpicked gems and some gear, nothing special. Again, all of that within 3 weeks of the league, so the prices were volatile for everything. Most things are cheaper by far mid-league.

I assume you will follow Leveling/SSF PoBs from the previous part for lower-budget builds. All upgrades below are following step-by-step league starting experience.

Again, I do not recommend skipping upgrades. Or, I should say, don’t mess with the priority of upgrades.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

3.22 build progression PoBs.

There were some changes compared to budget sections down below, but, in general, the sequence of upgrades was the same not counting doppelganger.

1. Day 1, 12c spent: https://pobb.in/xs5chDMkkeOY

2. Day 2, 300c spent: https://pobb.in/uFIevj2Sd2O3

3. Day 6, few of <10d section upgrades: https://pobb.in/8lhxnVk6jIOU

4. Day 9, last Inpulsa PoB: https://pobb.in/rlYEQl6R79S6

5. Day 12, Doppelganger + Oriath's End early: https://pobb.in/0AGXFA_XYZUD

6. Day 15: https://pobb.in/ts5dJc4PrchF

7. Week 3: https://pobb.in/0kyAxhglYeXD

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Better Trading folders, kindly provided by Valsacar:


~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

1. Budget: Few Chaos orbs.

So you are finished Acts and looking for upgrades, yes? Here is what you can get:

2x Singularity

Their performance is close to a Tornado wand with +1 to all lightning spell skill gems and t1 Added lightning damage to spells, but they are super cheap to get, and fit well early with no need to switch the passive tree for Agnerod West staff, which is slightly better on a Crit version (>85lvl).

5-6 link.

I prefer a decent 5-link over a tabula on a league start, although the 6th link adds 30% more damage. Check prices, get what is cheaper for now.

Mid-league prices for ES-based 6-links are similar to a Tabula, so yeah. Go get it.

Other gear:
Fix resistances on your acts gear and move on.

If you skipped the previous part of the guide, I hit t16 maps and killed 2 guardians on a 5-link with wands similar to those sceptres, so yeah. It should be enough for now.

Storm Brand and Arc lvl 21.

You just finished the acts, so your SB is probably lvl 16-18. Getting lvl 21 for a few chaos is a decent dps boost.
Arc is optional tho, I didn’t feel problems with it being under-leveled in SSF.

Mark of Submission

Latest tests shows it's too hard to ignore this ring, since it applies curse with its full power.

Also, it is the ring of choice for mapping version of the build.

Result: https://pobb.in/rafIgmaX7Sp9

And that's it. About 3m total dps (pinnacle) at lvl 77. Not that bad for some chaos worth of things.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

2. Budget: Under 1 Divine (150-200c).

Here we will buy 2 core uniques, fix resistances and replace the Hydrosphere. At this point, you should be lvl 83-85 and go for a crit build.


The Doomstick (Annihilation Light).

Hands down, the best price/performance weapon for the endgame. Always target 60% reduced elemental resistance, no more.

At this stage, just get any sockets/links, you don’t need 6-link yet. And even 5-link is a bit overpriced for now.

Ring (for bossing):

Another powerhouse for us. We can afford to use many curses, and it boosts our single damage hard. Always aim for 14-15% increased cast speed with 0 quality. Other rolls mean nothing to us.

I strongly recommend doing Uber Lab and getting the Conviction of Power for it, so you could use all offensive curses at once.

Remove the Hydrosphere and Hextouch support. Replace it with:

Bane - Conductivity - Elemental Weakness - Punishment.
Add Assassin's Mark somewhere. Unfortunately, bane doesn’t work with it, so we have to manually cast it.

Update: Anathema vs Mark of Submission:

Anathema offers better single target, while MoS offers better clear. I strongly recommend using anathema on a lower budgets as you main ring, bc it will be easier to progress on Atlas. More single target damage - less problems with rares and bosses. Clear with arc is good enough during mapping.

After you get a lot of damage, you want to use MoS for map clear for sure, and switch to Anathema only for endgame bosses from guardian/conq Invitations to Ubers.

Well, you always can switch anathema for MoS in couple of seconds.

Finally, MoS is the ring of choice for mapper version of the build, so yeah, keep it.

Hubris with “Storm Brand Damage Penetrates 12% of Branded Enemy's Lightning Resistance” lab enchant.

Prices for enchants go up during the league. So, the earlier you get it - the better.

Other gear:
Everything else should be used for fixing resistances.

Buy some >Screaming essences of Hatred, Wrath, or Anger and throw on your helmet to get some res on it.
You should aim to get 30-40% of each element (hitting t3+ and open suffix for crafted res works too).
The same goes for boots/gloves/rings.
Boots and gloves should be ES-based (Sorcerers).
Ring is Two-Stoned (keep open suffix if you get it and 30-40% of the second element)

Rare amulet with ~70% total elemental resistances, 30% crit multiplier, and +1 to all lightning skill gems shouldn’t be expensive at this point. Atm, they go for 20-40c, and at a league start, they shouldn’t be expensive too.

Trade filters:
Global Critical Strike Multiplier >30%
Level of all Lightning Skill Gems
total Elemental Resistance >70%

Try to get a Citrine base (str+dex). Don’t overpay for it though.

Good anoints:
Counterweight for damage.

Unfortunately, within this budget, there is no good unique alternative.
You need elemental resistances for your Doomstick.


The last thing you should do here is to get the chance to unnerve the enemies on hit.
Throw some lesser exarch ichors for 15%.

Everything else is out of 1 divine budget.

Result: https://pobb.in/iGlQ7rKH49bD

After a proper calculation, it’s almost 4.7m dps per brand (pinnacle). So we get almost 12.8m total dps (pinnacle) here. 4 times more damage compared to the previous budget.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

3. Budget: Under 10 Divines.

Probably slightly more or less, honestly. Depends on prices.

Body Armor:
Inpulsa's Broken Heart.

It improves mapping and later, when you will get better watchers, it also becomes the best in slot overall.
I was using explodey/spell crit chest for testing, but after some consideration and watchers, decided to stick with Inpulsa bc it has better mapping anyway.

Target any sockets/links with the highest rolls of Effect of the Shock and Increased Damage. Pay attention to the cost efficiency here, don’t go after perfect rolls.

At this point, I also don’t recommend getting two 6-links yet. It’s not cost-efficient under this budget.
So, you will need either the Doomstick or Inpulsa 6-linked. They both have similar difficulty to get 6 blue sockets, so it doesn’t matter what you will 6-link.

Finally it’s time to get some jewels.

Damage Penetrates 10-15% Lightning Resistance while affected by Wrath
Regardless of the second mod, just get a cost-efficient one, with more penetration.

Large cluster:
8 points, stats/res.
1 Added Passive Skill is Doryani's Lesson
1 Added Passive Skill is Scintillating Idea
1 Added Passive Skill is Storm Drinker

It’s time to get some leech. If 3 node clusters are very expensive right now, get 2 points. If you are fine w/o life leech - drop Doryani's Lesson. If not - drop Scintillating Idea.

Medium clusters (optional):

Only for dedicated bossers. Skip medium clusters if you want better mapping, bc mediums come for the price of Last Rites curse ring.

4-5 points, attributes/res.

1 Added Passive Skill is Brand Loyalty
1 Added Passive Skill is Remarkable

Grand Design is not required, because we clear with Arc. The brand attachment range isn’t much for us. Brand Royalty is stronger.

FFF (optional):
2 options here:

Augury of Penitence.

It's so damn underrated. And cheap. I got a pair for 100c total in week 1. Why is it good?
It gives raw 5% more damage per jewel slot.
8% less incoming elemental damage.
Indicates nearby enemies.

Huge QoL anyway for a decent price.

Important: Under no circumstances should you get Righteous Providence. It costs a lot, and rare jewels will do more. Forget about it. Harmony of Purpose isn’t required too, we will get minimum frenzy charges anyway. Also, we are scaling penetration and curses, so Inevitable Judgment won’t help.

Sign of Purpose.

Refund it from your ascendancy and get Sanctuary of Thought for about 700 ES. Extremely cheap, 30c total mid-league for a pair.

Later we will replace FFF jewels anyway, so don’t overpay for expensive things.

Militant Faith converted by High Templar Dominus.

Insane upgrade. Very cost-efficient and strong. Read things below first. I will include info about how to choose them later.

3 goals here:

1. Take the Inner Conviction keystone. It is very strong. 3% more dps per power charge is huge. We get 6 charges.

2. It must have <+1 to Minimum Power (or Frenzy) Charges* while you have at least 150 Devotion> instead of those nodes:

Cruel Preparation (life),
Frost Walker (cold damage/res) or
Lord of the Dead (minions).

*We should end up with 4/6/3 charges via different ways.

Take your time to choose properly because it can ruin your build with much dps loss if those notables will be replaced:

Heart of Thunder
Prodigal Perfection
Arcane Will.
Deep Thoughts.

3. Getting a lot of damage from devotion.

Use any combination of 2 mods:

4% increased Area Damage per 10 Devotion
4% increased Brand Damage per 10 Devotion
4% increased Elemental Damage per 10 Devotion
+2% to all Elemental Resistances per 10 Devotion

Brand/Area will increase the damage of Storm Brand only and it’s cheap.
Elemental Damage will affect Arc too.
And Elemental Res will help to cover your starving for it.

The elemental damage + res combo is the most expensive, but very balanced and opens room for getting cheaper gear. It is very cost-efficient despite being the most expensive.

Other combos will add 60-70% increased damage (about 6-7% more) compared to res, which is good but will increase the cost and difficulty of the gearing.

How to choose them:

Method 1 - Manual checking jewels in PoB:


1 - Copy the jewel from Trade site:

2 - Paste the jewel to PoB:

3 - Insert in socket and check the tree for changes:

Method 2 - Browser Emulator kindly mentioned by kaygee82:

Deselect all nodes and select those I mentioned above.

Method 3 - PoB timeless jewel finder:


Method 4 - List of seeds that changes Lord of the Dead only. Kindly provided by Punch2face


Method 5 - PoE Better Trading folder (with +2% to all elemental resistances per devotion), kindly provided by bazik


Other gear:
Moving to Inpulsa also burdens our resistance more.
And will burden us even more later because we will replace the amulet.
And even more again, when we will get another helmet. But, well, it’s a thing for another time.
About half of the 10d budget will go for a better res on the gear.

Depending on what Militant Faith you got, it can be either easy or hard and go over this budget. You will need an open suffix to craft “+1 to Minimum Frenzy Charges”

If you get MF without Elemental Resistances:

Cogwork Ring with t2+ Fire, Cold, and Lightning Resistance (>42% each) and open suffix.
You can either snipe something like this:


Or buy w/o an open suffix and try to annul it. It’s not cost-efficient at all though. But if you go all-out damage, you will need it anyway.

If you get MF with Elemental Resistances:

Things are a lot easier here. Just buy a decent two-stone ring with 2 t1 resistance which you require atm and an open suffix, and craft +1 minimum frenzy charge.

This is optional, and, once again, depends on your Militant Faith. And other gear too.

Skip it if your MF w/o Elemental Resistances.
If yes - you have 2 options:

1. Rare amulet with Critical Multiplier (>30%), Cast speed (>16%), +1 All Lightning, and an open suffix, so you can craft +1 minimum frenzy charges.

2. Aul’s Uprising with Wrath has no Reservation. So you can add Zealotry as a second aura (wrath, zealotry + eternal blessing).

Anoint: Discipline of the Slaughter.

Both variants are very equal in power and mid-league cost.

Cons of Aul’s: attributes and 1 more socket for Wrath. Attributes are very annoying, socket isn’t a problem tho.

Pros of Aul’s: decent synergy with Watcher's Eye. We can get both Wrath penetration and Zealotry mods, which are just good overall. Cast speed, and all those effects for Conc Ground, which have decent synergy with Bottled Faith too.

Unfortunately, regardless of how good your Watchers Eye is, Aul’s Uprising method cannot beat the next upgrade, which is a +2 amulet. It requires about 10-20 divines to craft.

Although I can recommend Aul’s for a decent power-up for now, I don’t recommend investing much in Wrath + Zealotry Watcher’s Eye.
Just save the currency for +2 ammie.
We will get double Wrath WE later anyway, and it costs a few divines.

Life flask, Rotgut, Laviagna, and a combo of Vinktars (first with shock proliferation for mapping; second for damage penetration against big bosses).

Rotgut is an amazing flask that grants both movement speed and onslaught for us. Minimum charges never get spent, so yeah.

I do recommend running different Vinktars for mapping/bossing because it can save a shock spread lightning mastery so we can get 65% shock instead of it. If you don’t want to bother switching flasks, just get a shock-spreading one.

Atziri’s Promise can help you too until you’ll get Bottled Faith.

Eater/Exarch influence on gloves, boots, and the helmet:

Time to fix things here.

Gloves: Unnerve Exarch, Lightning Exposure Eater (at least -15%).

Boots: Avoid Ailments/poison Eater, Resistance of your choice Exarch.

Helmet: Exarch offers a lot of useful things here, like conductivity/elemental weakness curse effect, lightning damage to spells, critical strike chance for spells, and damage per power charge, but the best is cast speed.
For Eater get either lightning penetration or the effect of arcane surge.

Result: https://pobb.in/4Fu3ieYrJ1nL

This is how my build looked like at lvl 97. I skipped the amulet upgrade and Cogwork ring. I don’t think it was necessary for me.

After a proper calculation, almost 19m dps per brand w/o punishment counted.
The total dps after all calculations is about 50m dps (pinnacle).

At this point, the build is invitations ready, you also can check easier ubers.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

4. Budget: Under 25 Divines.

It’s all about getting a second 6-link, crafting a +2 amulet and getting the bottled faith. Can do some cheaper awakened and alt-quality gems too btw. If you add some currency over, feel free to get triple crit multi jewels instead of FFF.

I do not recommend change the body armor to Doppelganger at this point yet. Doppelganger is bad with mapping before Oriath's End flask.

Second 6-link:


You now have to 6-link either the Doomstick or the Inpulsa, depends on what u got before. At this point you have to choose what will you run - more curses (Temporal Chains and Enfeeble) or stronger Arc.

Pros and cons of Arc:
✔️ Better clear.
✔️ More damage with a single tap.
❌ Harder to color (BBBBBB).
❌ Rares and bosses are still deadly.

Pros and cons of curses:
✔️ Easier to color (BBBBRG)
✔️ Easier rares and bosses.
❌ No impact for damage output and clear.

One of the biggest upgrades. Very strong.

Detailed crafting guide in next part.

Bottled Faith instead of Atziri’s Promise.

Triple Crit Multi like this:

Total >40% critical multiplier each. Don’t mind other starts, they ain’t important.

Result: https://pobb.in/7vHnJUndl8AT

Lvl 100, at this point.
After a proper calculation, about 36m dps per brand without punishment was counted.
The total dps after all calculations is about 86m dps (pinnacle).

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

5. Budget: Under 80 Divines.

Time to get the biggest upgrade of the build - the helmet.

It is very cancerous to craft. You can get it within 20 or 40 divines. Hard RNG with mods and rolls too.

Recommended to switch from Inpulsa to Doppelganger. Although it's optional, but more comfortable to play overall.

Body Armor (optional):


Flask (optional):


It can make it up with loosing explosions from Inpulsa. I don't recommend playing Doppelganger w/o it.

Detailed crafting guide in next part

This helmet is damn huge. It also makes you close to my gear, so any more PoBs ain’t required.

You also can finally move your arc or curses to a last 6-link. It’s huge too.

it’s time to get that Cogwork ring (described in <10d budget section) if you didn’t get it before. Good luck.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Further Upgrades.

One final gear upgrade is a better Watchers Eye. After that, it’s time to nitpick the gems, getting awakened 6/20 and some 21/20 gems too. Just check my finished toon under the BUILD banner above.



For Inpulsa:

Damage Penetrates 10-15% Lightning Resistance while affected by Wrath
70-100% increased Critical Strike Chance while affected by Wrath

For Doppelganger:

Damage Penetrates 10-15% Lightning Resistance while affected by Wrath
50-60% increased Lightning Damage while affected by Wrath

Get Divergent Swiftbrand support 20/23 first. Awakened Unleash 5/20 second. Everything else after it.

The last thing should be (Anomalous) Vaal Arc 21/20.


Optional: Crafted wands or sceptres. It’s very hard to surpass the Doomstick, but it’s still possible. I don't recommend it because it's not cost-efficient.

Another not recommended alternative is using Cowards Legacy with Zealotry Sublime Vision, and Pain Attunement. Sacrificing passive points will lead to similar damage numbers and resistance problems. Paired with the high cost of Sublime Vision.
Just don’t.

[3.22]⚡Storm Brand Hierophant⚡: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3390881
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Last bumped on Sep 29, 2023, 5:02:19 AM

It’s the final part of the guide, and it’s not as scary as you think.

Essence crafting is easy, just spam what you need and use a crafting bench to get smth good.
+2 Amulet is very deterministic, so you will get what you want anyway.
The helmet is cancerous but safe. You won’t brick it after you get your suffixes done. I don’t go for double elevated, there is no real need.
Big items were crafted by following my guildie guides, Dumbo (yt - fearlessdumb0).

+2 Amulet.

Video by Dumbo: [PoE 3.21] +2 Gems / Crit Multi Amulet Crafting Guide for CHEAP
The difference is, we are using Add Lightning/remove and we will go for cast speed.

1. Get the base: ilvl 75 Citrine Amulet with fractured +<(35–38)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier>.

The best ilvl is 75, no less. More ilvl you have - the more alterations you will use in the next step.

2. Spam alteration orbs to get <+1 to Level of all Skill Gems>. The apex of poe skill is not to skip it when you hit it T_T.

3. Apply Unstable Catalysts for 20% quality.

4. Regal. Hitting either suffix or prefix works.

If you hit the suffix - it’s simpler. Just:

5a) Craft Cannot roll Attack mods.

6a) Harvest Add Lightning/remove (15k blue lifeforce, 1 sacred lifeforce) for <+1 to Level of all Lightning Skill Gems> guaranteed.

If you deleted +1 to all, then scour and repeat from step 2.

7a) Craft Prefixes cannot be changed.

8a) Harvest Reforge speed (150 yellow). Cast speed is guaranteed. 25% chance to get t1.

9a) Your goal is to hit t1 (17-20%) cast speed AND open suffix, so you can craft +1 to minimum frenzy charges. Rinse and repeat steps 7a-8a until you are done, but there is a small chance to brick the item*.

If you are lacking currency, you can stop after getting t2 cast speed (13-16%).

*Item is considered bricked if you fill all empty mods, so you won’t be able to change anything.

If you fill all suffixes, but there is still an open prefix - you have 1 more chance by using Farric Wolf Alpha (Add a Prefix, Remove a Random Suffix). As it says, it will open a suffix, so you can repeat steps 7a-8a.

If you hit the prefix - you need to fill in 1 more suffix to proceed:

5b) Bench craft any prefix, doesn’t matter.

6b) Exalt slam just once. At this point, you will have 3 prefixes (1 crafted) and 2 suffixes.

7b) Proceed through steps 5a - 9a.

The difference is, you won’t have a second chance if you fill all suffixes during steps 7a-8a.

That’s it. All those steps are not that expensive, the amulet can be done within 10-20 divine range unless you either broke an item or have bad luck getting t2-t1 cast speed. The most expensive parts are the base (0.5-2d), alterations (1-2d average), and crafted metamods (cannot roll attack 1d, pref cannot be changed 2d).

But, again, this amulet is the strongest.

The Helmet.

Video by Dumbo: How to craft a GG 6, 7, and 8-link Explosive Trap helmet

We don’t need it for explosive traps either, we need to get just horrored 7-links.

1. Get the Base: Blizzard Crown ilvl 82 (no less) with the enchant <Storm Brand Damage Penetrates 12% of Branded Enemy's Lightning Resistance>.

Ilvl 82 is slightly better than ilvl 83 because the latter has 1 more crit modifier we don’t need, and it lowers the chances to get what we need.

The Blizzard Crown is absolutely a must-have base. It adds cold damage enough to apply chill to enemies, so Hypothermia support would work.

2. Alch if it has a normal rarity. We need 1 empty mod, either prefix or suffix. Throw a couple of chaos if your alchemy orb made 6 mods.

3. Slam the cheapest conqueror exalted orb. Probably Warlord.

4. Harvest Randomise the Influence (1k blue lifeforce) until you get either elder or shaper influence.

5. Use Awakener’s Orb to add an opposite influence to your base. (ex: If you hit elder, add shaper). Check Dumbos video above on how to use it (6:20)

6. Spam Essence of Horror until you get any tier of Hypothermia. You need 1 open suffix and 1 open prefix here. If you fill all suffixes, try to annul the suffix you don’t need before rolling essences again.

You need to annul any useless 3rd suffix unless it’s <Socketed spells have +2% to Critical Strike Chance>

7. Craft Suffixes Cannot Be Changed.

8. Harvest Reforge crit (150 blue lifeforce) to hit <Socketed Spells have +2% to Critical Strike Chance>. You must hit the open prefix here too.

This part is very cancerous and hitting +1% feels bad. But the next part would be way more cancerous, but safe. That is why I recommend doing steps 6-8 until hitting +2%.

9. Craft Suffixes Cannot Be Changed.

There is a way to reduce the cost of this step.
At this point, your helmet should have filled suffixes, so you actually can use Wild Bristle Matron (Add a crafted Meta-modifier to a non-Unique item).
You will always hit “Suffixes Cannot Be Changed” that way, but the cost of the beast is usually lower than 2 divines for bench craft.

10. Orb of Scouring. You will get the item with 0 prefixes and 3 suffixes.

11. Bench craft any tier of Mana to block some bad prefixes.

12. Slam exalts 2 times. Your goal here is to hit any tier of Concentrated effect.

Rinse and repeat steps 9-12 until you get it.

Finish the helmet by crafting <+1 level to Socketed AoE gems>

That’s it. This helmet is the biggest and most powerful end-game upgrade you can get.
Don’t mind level 16 of concentrated effect or hypothermia, it doesn’t matter.

WIP because I don't think it’s required to replace The Doomstick.
Crafted weapons can open room for some more unique items or better defensive stats, but unless it's a GGG synthesis base, the price/performance rate is extremely bad.

That’s it.

Ask me anything about the build, and feel free to make suggestions. Have fun!


Default build (glasscannon):

Pit of the Chimera (2:15) - https://youtu.be/G6IDmCKRLrs
Lair of the Hydra (1:18) - https://youtu.be/A8nFRS5Qccg
Maze of the Minotaur (1:26) - https://youtu.be/FbjgUPN-F4Q
Forge of the Phoenix (0:44) - https://youtu.be/HlHjFMH4cM4

The Formed (74% quantity) - https://youtu.be/FlN3V1rm7RQ
The Feared (74% quantity): https://youtu.be/pIw_scm4pt4

Uber Exarch - https://youtu.be/OwN_9KtArto
Uber Eater - https://youtu.be/WjM3dO7smps
Uber Shaper (4:36) - https://youtu.be/pFCkfaAFSIA
Uber Cortex (ft. Maven) - https://youtu.be/a4O0RPV3HbQ
Uber Elder lvl 85 (ft. Maven) - https://youtu.be/Oekfp_lpa5s
Uber Sirus - https://youtu.be/TrBUos9I5bA
Uber Maven - https://youtu.be/rHnwTQA4j68

Flawless Chayula (ft. Maven) - https://youtu.be/NPWdMTTxONY
Uber Atziri (ft. Maven) - https://youtu.be/EWiQLPRoiFg

Juiced 60% Deli t16 - https://youtu.be/z9IlQzhMU9I
100% Deli t16 (112% packsize) - https://youtu.be/VCq34Ds2Ek0
Alch and Go t16 (96% packsize) - https://youtu.be/j2N4wwPXjTg


Doppelganger version (tanky):

Uber Shaper (ft. Maven) - https://youtu.be/GaXvPB1oMyE
[3.22]⚡Storm Brand Hierophant⚡: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3390881
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Very nice guide I appreciate it!

I just ran through the acts today with this, excited to see what end-game content this can do! (not looking forward to the crafting)
poopybuttox wrote:
Very nice guide I appreciate it!

I just ran through the acts today with this, excited to see what end-game content this can do! (not looking forward to the crafting)

Wow, that was fast =) Hope you a having fun.

Grab a couple of Singularity sceptres, add Lightning Penetration or Arcane Surge to your tabula as 6th link (i probably should mention it somewhere), and you are good to go up to lvl 83-85 after fixing res and getting SB/Arc lvl 21 =)

P.s. I'm surprised you ran with axioms entire acts. Was it enough with tabula?

I'm asking it bc I really don't know. Any 1h starting from Act 3 should be way better with just a bench craft you get from lunaris temple 2 <Adds (1-4) to (39-42) Lightning Damage to Spells>. In this act you also can get Spiraled Wand (added lightning implicit).
This should be enough until act 7 (chamber of sins 1, where is another one <Adds (2-6) to (73-77) Lightning Damage to Spells>.

If you were fine, than I just wasted my time benchcrafting wands T_T

[3.22]⚡Storm Brand Hierophant⚡: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3390881
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Uber Shaper full run is up: https://youtu.be/pFCkfaAFSIA

Was unlucky with Dominus (+30 sec to run), and 1 random death to bullet hell I could actually survive.

Edit: I was a bit slow here too, did just 1 map before the fight, should warm up more first.
[3.22]⚡Storm Brand Hierophant⚡: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3390881
Last edited by monik390 on May 15, 2023, 12:56:24 PM
monik390 wrote:
poopybuttox wrote:
Very nice guide I appreciate it!

I just ran through the acts today with this, excited to see what end-game content this can do! (not looking forward to the crafting)

Wow, that was fast =) Hope you a having fun.

Grab a couple of Singularity sceptres, add Lightning Penetration or Arcane Surge to your tabula as 6th link (i probably should mention it somewhere), and you are good to go up to lvl 83-85 after fixing res and getting SB/Arc lvl 21 =)

P.s. I'm surprised you ran with axioms entire acts. Was it enough with tabula?

I'm asking it bc I really don't know. Any 1h starting from Act 3 should be way better with just a bench craft you get from lunaris temple 2 <Adds (1-4) to (39-42) Lightning Damage to Spells>. In this act you also can get Spiraled Wand (added lightning implicit).
This should be enough until act 7 (chamber of sins 1, where is another one <Adds (2-6) to (73-77) Lightning Damage to Spells>.

If you were fine, than I just wasted my time benchcrafting wands T_T

For sure, I've got a decent amount of currency sitting around rn, so have a LOT of improvements to go, just wanted to run through the acts asap cuz i hate them.

Honestly I had 0 problems running the Sceptres, the damage was enough to speed through the acts, only problems I had was act 10 I kept getting stunned, but thats because of the lack of gear I had lmao

I plan on buying the core components today like the chest piece, staff, etc and do some 5-ways, oh and also the needed gems upgrade!
poopybuttox wrote:

For sure, I've got a decent amount of currency sitting around rn, so have a LOT of improvements to go, just wanted to run through the acts asap cuz i hate them.

Honestly I had 0 problems running the Sceptres, the damage was enough to speed through the acts, only problems I had was act 10 I kept getting stunned, but thats because of the lack of gear I had lmao

I plan on buying the core components today like the chest piece, staff, etc and do some 5-ways, oh and also the needed gems upgrade!

Awesome! lvl 96 is a sweet spot for 5-way rush, should be smth like this within 10 divines of gear: https://pastebin.com/4Stcu2pn

Ama, if you need =) Have fun.
[3.22]⚡Storm Brand Hierophant⚡: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3390881
monik390 wrote:

Awesome! lvl 96 is a sweet spot for 5-way rush, should be smth like this within 10 divines of gear: https://pastebin.com/4Stcu2pn

Ama, if you need =) Have fun.

Do you have a discord? I got a few questions if you dont mind!
poopybuttox wrote:

Do you have a discord? I got a few questions if you dont mind!

Feel free to ask either here or PM. Won't be able to use discord next 3-4 days.
[3.22]⚡Storm Brand Hierophant⚡: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3390881
100% Deli t16 (112% packsize) - https://youtu.be/VCq34Ds2Ek0

I was playing with deli maps yesterday, and found that the default build isn't good at 100% t16 for some reasons. 80% was doable, 60% and below were perfectly fine.

I decided to switch some passives, skill gems and a ring. Added Inspired Learning. And ran a test above with 112% packsize, which is not a regular 100% deli juice, but still increases the difficulty of the run. I will add this version of a build as <Mapping>, with a few budgets to play around.

It is a lot weaker than the default, and not suited for ubers.
But it offers better mapping experience, especially juiced with delirium.
Another thing - it is Headhunter viable, unlike the default build, so worth to add to the guide.

P.s. Anyway, I don't recommend it for 100% deli without HH. 20-60% is a sweet spot. The problem - can't offscreen like bow builds.


Edit: I added a regular alch&go showcase to check the difference compared to 100% deli: https://youtu.be/j2N4wwPXjTg

1 minute clear, nasty boss. 96% packsize, beyond. Just blasting em.

Things are like that with 20-60% deli, so I won't recommend going higher than that unless you have HH.

P.s. i really should use vaal arc more often T_T
[3.22]⚡Storm Brand Hierophant⚡: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3390881
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