[3.22] Lightning Arrow Build | Deadeye | Trial of the Ancestors | Path of Exile 3.22

So, this is a dead build?
Playing this right now, just got to Red Maps, cleared The Black Star for the first time with this build. Before it could get to it's annoying phases, so no, in my opinion this build is not dead.
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What would be an optimal crucible tree for this build?
Good damage but where does the defense come from? i see 100% spell suppression in pob but i cant figure out where that comes from. this build is very vulnerable for heavy attacks at least as far as i have it right now. not sure what i can do to make it better https://pobb.in/3m5_5YT8Ohwy
I've been rolling with the current skill tree and trying out different masteries and I've been doing fine swapping between auras, about to hit level 60 and just melting as long as I life leech enough. Max res with goldrim and gear so with grace and precision, your damage is fine and you don't die if you beeline the tank perks

Ive been running this build since leaguestart, and i love it, its well made.
But i have run into a wall, im not sure where i should go next when it comes to upgrade. A nifty crucible tree on the bow would be nice, but it always eludes me.

If you have a min to spare, might you give me a nudge in the right direction?


Video says it's private. so is this build still working/up-to-date or not?
rust_floppy wrote:
Video says it's private. so is this build still working/up-to-date or not?

Video works fine for me
Ive played at least half a dozen of your builds since 3.16.

I found a lapse in thought on the evasion mastery, giving 15% SS if helm, gloves, and boots have eva, but helmet is ES only?

Ill adjust, but I thought to bring it up.

Thanks for all the cool builds!!


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