Talent Competition Highlights

The first one and the last one I'd buy to hang on my wall tbh! 💪
A.k.a. Sinisa / sinisasub85.
Congrats to all participants, beautiful work!

Atari cover 10/10 for creativity and execution. Mint condition ;)
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I love the last one!
Her beauty did not fade
her humanity did not survive.
Oh my goodness ya'll are so talented. I LOVE the one that looks like a game cover. But I'm an 80's girl. lol Everyone did so well, I'm so blown away by the skill. Wow! Good luck everyone!
Crazy Woman
really loving the atari style. would love to have a box like this in my collection :D
These are amazing, love the creativity and effort put into the entries.
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That Gamebox is a-ma-zing!
Glad I'm not talented or even consider myself such because that Atari cover just raised the bar beyond mere talent. There are other entries I personally want to win, but that's the one that absolutely should.
ARPGesus died for your skins.
Damn that Atari one is amazing and clever af!! Love the gameplay images, plus the cover hit all the buttons to release nostalgia feelings of amber glow. All the little details like the 'free to play' price sticker were just great.
Lol hey there's some ai art being submitted I see that's kinda cool.

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