[3.20] ifnjeff's Echosphere Inquisitor | Plume of Pursuit Science Project takes down the Feared

This build is... impressive.

I only enjoy builds which has one of two things:
1. Focus on different mechanics and the interaction between them, as opposed to just going for the highest DPS or the tankiest characters. Such builds include Reverse Knockback Reflect Ballistas, etc.
2. Uses as many Uniques as possible. Such builds include CwC Ice Storm, Ice Trap Bosser, etc.

This build is arguably one of the best in terms of #1. I'll be sure to give it a try.

Also, I'll be praying that this build survives the next several patches.
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dude... sorry but...
what is wrong with you?
amazing, absolutely beautiful!

and congrats on being featured on build of the week.
Out of curiosity, is there any way this interaction can also be used with occultist? I'm wondering if there's a way to do the same output with aer0's league starter.
ctwice23 wrote:
Any mental gymnastics could do to plug in original sin with this and drop avatar of fire? Maybe take advantage of phys to cold implicit on gloves and watchers eye?

Dont know if expeditions end would still make wave of conviction freeze the hydrosphere

Yes, Expedition's End would let your chaos damage freeze. There would be a lot of tradoffs when switching to chaos:

- Negative fire resistance (-55% on pinnacle bosses) through curses, penetration, exposure, etc
- ~26% more damage from Herald of Ash
- 20% increased damage taken from covered in ash
- Cold to Fire support (29% more)
- Awakened Fire Penetration support (accounted for in negative res)

+ Zero chaos resistance (original sin)
+ Awakened Void Manipulation support (39% more)
+ Concentrated Effect support (39% more)
+ Up to 90% increased damage taken from wither totems (wither + totem + multi-totem replaces herald of ash + enlighten + combustion)

Napkin math suggests it could be around 18% more damage with wither fully stacked. Could maybe be pushed higher with some further thought, but it's not as promising as I would hope for an 80 divine ring.

Edit: With some passive tree adjustment (including wither effect and aura effect, pathing away from Avatar of Fire), I was able to get around 60% more damage with wither fully stacked. From 9 million DPS to 14.5 million. Definitely a viable upgrade path, but beyond my budget as a habitual reroller.
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Awesome build
The chance to Vaal +1% maximum resists on an amulet is less than 1/300.
I was quite impressed with the overall concept of this build. It demonstrates a high level of organization and careful planning. A leveling guide detailing the progression towards this build would be a valuable addition, especially considering the apparent reliance on specific Unique items to maximize its potential.

Your dedication to this project is commendable! Please continue the good work. Your efforts are truly appreciated!

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