(May 25/26) 3 Hour HC Ladder Race

This is a temporary three hour league with prizes. We are running it at a different time than normal so that people who are unable to play at the usual time get an opportunity here. Note that the prize structure has changed slightly - only the top three of each class are rewarded, but the rewards are greater. The full-clear, quest and spot prizes are still the same.

It will run from 1pm to 4pm New Zealand time on Saturday (May 26 2012). This is 6pm Friday, Pacific time. Here is a link for more time zone conversions. Note that this is a different time than normal!

The league will be hardcore. Characters who die will be moved out of this league and into the Default league. NEW CHARACTERS MUST BE CREATED IN THIS LEAGUE TO BE ELIGIBLE. After the end of the league, they'll be moved back into the normal Hardcore or Default league depending on whether they died. The league will be open for character creation 30 minutes before the start of the competition.

At the end of the tournament, we will award the prizes in the Hardcore league on a character that we add to your account. If you want to transfer these prizes to the Default league, then just kill that character.

Random Currency Prizes:
For this competition, we'll be giving the winners a certain number of random currency items from the list below. These are picked with equal weighting using a random generator.

  • Divine Orb
  • Exalted Orb
  • Regal Orb
  • Gemcutter's Prism
  • Blessed Orb
  • Orb of Regret
  • Orb of Scouring
  • Chaos Orb
  • Orb of Alchemy
  • Glassblower's Bauble
  • Chromatic Orb
  • Orb of Fusing
  • Orb of Chance

Top Prizes:

The top three players of each class by experience will receive prizes.
  • #1 player of each class: Demigod's Presence (Unique Amulet), 8 random currency items (see above list)
  • #2 player of each class: 7 random currency items
  • #3 player of each class: 6 random currency items

  • shora_ (shora)
  • ILoveGGG (Deiru)
  • Platonic (Swocal)

  • ToE_RobStark (siffin)
  • SillyPants (skunk27)
  • noooooo (grimhoradrim)

  • SmokinReefers (dime)
  • IstMirEgal (Bummssacke)
  • seas_ (lpsusi)

  • NewZealand (Metronomy)
  • KoTaoEvent (KoTao)
  • ChooseWisley (Coldet)

  • HydGG (Hyd)
  • Addusin (Nozsho)
  • SelfishGene (SpiritOfChristmas)

  • FrostLickerIII (FaceLicker)
  • lordyoshii (Lord_Yoshi)
  • teutonqqq (teuton)

Quest Prizes:
The first player to complete each of these quests wins the prize listed. If you're in a party then only one of you will win the prize. The player will be selected randomly.

  • Normal difficulty Hillock (Twilight Strand): 3 random currency items - ByeHillock
  • Normal difficulty Medicine Chest (Tidal Island): 3 random currency items - Asemu
  • Normal difficulty Fairgraves (Ship Graveyard): 3 random currency items - Skyrid
  • Normal difficulty Deep Dweller (Flooded Depths): 3 random currency items - NewZealand
  • Cruel difficulty Hillock (Twilight Strand): 4 random currency items - HydGG
  • Cruel difficulty Medicine Chest (Tidal Island): 4 random currency items - Addusin
  • Cruel difficulty Fairgraves (Ship Graveyard): 4 random currency items
  • Cruel difficulty Deep Dweller (Flooded Depths): 4 random currency items

Full-clear Prizes:
The first player to kill all of the monsters in any of the following areas will receive the listed currency items for that area. If you are in a party, then the player who gets the killing blow on the final monster gets the prize.

  • Normal difficulty Fetid Pool: 5 random currency items - WorldsFastestKiwi
  • Normal difficulty Old Fields Cave: 5 random currency items - HydGG
  • Normal difficulty Dread Thicket: 5 random currency items - SmokinReefers
  • Cruel difficulty Fetid Pool: 5 random currency items - HydGG

Spot Prizes:
We'll also distribute some spot prizes randomly after the event to people who reached certain level thresholds. You can be eligible for multiple tiers of spot prizes. Winners of other categories can still win spot prizes.

Level 28+: 5 random currency items (1 person receives this)
Level 23+: 4 random currency items (5 people receive this)
  • ToE_RobStark (siffin)
  • NewZealand (Metronomy)
  • HydGG (Hyd)
  • Addusin (Nozsho)
  • IstMirEgal (Bummssacke)

Level 18+: 3 random currency items (5 people receive this)
  • SmokinReefers (dime)
  • shora_ (shora)
  • KoTaoEvent (KoTao)
  • ChooseWisley (Coldet)
  • Lahzerus (Leonoro)

Level 13+: 2 random currency items (5 people receive this)
  • seas_ (lpsusi)
  • SelfishGene (SpiritOfChristmas)
  • Platonic (Swocal)
  • ZliDiabetichar (noirtenshin)
  • Hauberdogken (Hauberdogken)

The game version will be whatever the current 0.9.9 version is (probably 0.9.9e). Please note that because this is a hardcore league, a single death can disqualify you.

Our decision on the winners is final. Bugs and mistakes will get in the way for many players and this is why we are running an event like this. If you lose your ability to participate due to a bug, please tell us about it and we'll do our best to fix it. We can't change the outcome of the event due to this.
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Last edited by Chris on May 26, 2012 12:25:09 AM
Better see you all there!
Will not be there :( have to referee rugby. Good luck to you all.
RIP Bolto

Is this a secretly-Cutthroat league?
Completed 11 ChallengesDreggon wrote:
Is this a secretly-Cutthroat league?

We're working on improved cutthroat ;)

This event is not, though.
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South Africa - GMT+2

03:00 26 May 2012

At least I can get Some Sleep this time before the game starts :)
Taking a Break and Playing D2 again
Sorry, I dont prefer to do a nightshift to participate on the race (3am til 6am there too), and especially not after a weekday, starting at 6.30am itself...
invited by timer @ 10.12.2011
deutsche Community: www.exiled.eu & ts.exiled.eu
4am? Last time it was 1am...

ffs make some events with EU timezones.
The event will be at 8 pm where I live, usually it's at 3 am. I'll be at work then :(
Sweet, hopefully I can place again! Glad I'm in NZ.

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