[3.20] SideFX Crit Impending Doom!- This build is kinda nutty

Can i use this build for 3.21 league start? and if yes are there any changes to either tree passives or ascendency?

and btw alot of ppl always say that the (maximum number of curses are always 3)
so why do we need to allocate the ( Unholy Authority ) in the ascendency as this will even increase the number and it will make (impending doom) skill not work thats according to what ppl say, also i tried it and for some reason it didnt work for me till i had to refund the points from my ascendency.

last question is do u think that the crit impending doom is stronger or the poison impending doom?
cuz many ppl are going for poison but i like u r build more so i m asking for u r opinion.

thanks for u r time and sharing u r build and sorry i m new player.
hey, a question. Just drop me a shako with impending doom 35, its or no better that the normal 6-link setup?
is awakened spell cascade necessary?
Hi, I found myself using an alternate build to reach the 100% skill duration reduction but the curse aren't detonating themselves. I tried to refund the +1 curse skill point to see if it had something to do with it but nothing changed. Not sure what I am missing here.
As far as i know how this works is If you can curse 3 times and have 4 curses then 1 will auto blow up triggering doom

Since its a trigger it just ignores the other curses so 1 curse does damage and gets removed (despair the one in the impending) and the other 3 are just cast by trigger and hit mobs... you just need them so the other 1 can trigger

I have no idea if despair even mods doomblast if its auto removed im going to say it does since it has to hit a mob to be removed but if its removed then doomblast goes off i dont think the curse would do anything

We used temp chaims in the other doomblast build for this same reason i believe but i dont know so
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