[3.20] Poison Blade Vortex Trickster | Crafting and Leveling included in pob notes

I also faced this problem in the last league, I thought everything would be fixed in this league
but apparently skip...
hackergooby wrote:
agm_ultimatex wrote:
Hey just looking over the PoB, as im curious about trickster blade vortex as a tankier option compared to playing an elemental one cold conv last league. Some ive seen using pretrified blood with energy shield for the defense + evasion. Any reason you think that would be better or worse over life + evasion that you have here?
They all seem to be scaling the actual hit from blade vortex itself so damage would be instant, sources of leech would be stronger and they benefit from sources of spell damage like pain attunement more.

As for petrified blood it makes you low life for pain attunement etc, allows for more auras to be reserved and part of the damage you take to your life comes as a degen which i assume can be reduced with heart stopper and lethe shade.

Meanwhile this build scales poisons for damage over time which we apply with blade vortex to kill things instead of dealing all of our damage from the blade vortex hit itself.

So things like leech and spell damage don't make a lot of sense here. But we can make up for not having leech with life on hit from ring or life/es on hit from watcher's eye, leech does sound stronger for bosses tho since life on hit is not that effective against single target.

Haven't tried out any other version of bv so it's hard to say which one is superior, both should have no problem with mapping fast and seem to have good defences.

I might have to look into petrified blood if this build could benefit from it but atm im constantly crashing so its kinda turning me off from playing.

Tldr : hard to say which one is better since i only play the poison variant. petrified blood version deals instant phys/chaos damage while this version deals damage over time through poisons, both seem good for fast mapping while petrified blood version is possibly better for bosses thanks to leech.

Thanks for the reply, i appreciate it. Decided to give crit a try, as poison stacking ive found hard to be consistent with dps in other builds ive tried it with before. Seismic trap & toxic rain specifically. BV if you're staying in range and keep up plague bearer, it's probably bit easier. Maybe ill consider a swap later if im finding crit hard to gear :)
The asenath's gloves are now out of date, and you should probably update the PoB items as such. You cannot get the 40% increased effect anymore.
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Hi, does Cospri's Will make it so we don't need chance to poison?
hey appreciate your work..was just looking for something like this on POENINJA for Hardcore. Couple of questions..

Do you think your version of this can HC? There's quite a few HCSSF guys playing something similar.

Do you think this will make it past potential poison nerfs in 3.21?

also make sure update after patch notes this looks great!!
Are you going to update this for 3.21?

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