[3.19] Int stack PS/KB Trickster

Here is a fun mapper I've been playing this league. Overleech and ES on kill from the ascendancy make the build surprisingly tanky while mapping. This build cannot do Uber bosses.


1. Polymath
2. Escape Artist
3. Soul Drinker
4. Swift Killer - get frenzy charges on a ring or an eldritch-influenced chest.

Options: Instead of Swift Killer, you can go for One Step Ahead or Spellbreaker. I prefer Swift Killer for frenzy charges.

One Step Ahead
You can switch Purity of Elements for Haste(more dmg) or Grace(more def).


You can go for Wicked Ward, some more suppress on the tree, grace spell suppression watcher's eye, ES/EV gloves/boots, and eldritch implicits for 100% spell suppression.
If you use ES/EV boots, take +1 ES per 8 Evasion on boots mastery.

Gear and Links

Wand options
Low Budget - aim for a synthesized base with an AS of at least 1.4.

High Budget

Use hillock or menagerie corrupt for 30% quality.

Max power charge corruption for high budget.

For low budget, use an eldritch-influenced Sadist Garb. Try to aim for at least 1500EV and 300ES.
We use a Sadist Garb to utilize Escape Artist.

Eater of Worlds implicit: If you have Awakened Lightning Penetration, 3-4% increased Damage per 100 int. Otherwise, take lightning exposure on hit.

Searing Exarch implicit: Attack speed or intimidate.

Boots options
Low Budget - Aim for a high ES, 50 int, Onslaught on kill Sorcerer boots with action speed eldritch implicit.

High Budget - the ideal base is Sorcerer Boots


Low Budget - synthesized, look for a second useful implicit.

High Budget - craft stun avoidance on flask and change ES mastery.

Low Budget - synthesized, look for a second useful implicit.

High Budget - go for an influenced amulet.

Synthesized base, look for a second useful implicit.
Aim for a veiled frenzy mod here.


The Wise Oak can be used.


1. We use Explosives Expert Forbidden Flesh/Flame. Deadly Infusion / Opportunistic can also be used.
2. Watcher's Eye up to preference.
3. Prioritize attack speed on normal jewels.
4. Large Cluster Jewels:
Low Budget:
Feed the fury, Veteran defender, Martial Prowess 8 passives (Attack damage while holding shield)
High Budget:
1. 35 increased effect, 8 int, 4 all attributes, 10ES, 10-12 passives (Spell Damage)
2. 35 increased effect, 8 int, 3 attack speed, 10ES/Feed the fury, 10-12 passives (Attack damage while holding Shield)
5. Small Cluster Jewel: Only use if you have less than ~130 unreserved mana.

35 increased effect, 10+ int, 10ES, 3 passives (Mana reservation efficiency)

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Bruv you can 100% do uber bosses as trickster int stacker lmao I literally just got done doing that.
Last edited by X3n_ on Sep 13, 2022, 4:07:28 PM
i went the suppression route.


dps is way lower than yours, but iam using some cheap stuff like the rings and the amulet.

I have a hard time leveling beyond 95 atm. think i have to read altars more carefully or play with maven on mapdevice to stop random oneshots.
Last edited by bcutter on Sep 14, 2022, 7:37:12 AM
Any advice on how to quickly level this build with a second character? No hollow-palm, please. Thanks
X3n_ wrote:
Bruv you can 100% do uber bosses as trickster int stacker lmao I literally just got done doing that.

Can I see your gear?

This is my gear. I run with spellsupression, but iam not sure if its worth it. build is still squishy and dies 1-2 times in 2-3 maps, mostly to stupid altar selection :)

Whats the best way to get more singletarget damage? If i look at wands there is nothing below 150div that give at least 5% dps. I might need to work on rings, but i need str+dex and pretty much everything collapses when i change one item.

sorry, wrong build lol
poe is going down fast. playing Last Epoch now. much better game
Last edited by spaceace7373 on Oct 4, 2022, 7:02:27 PM
Is 2x Legacy obliteration viable with this build?
How do i proc explosive expert on this ? tried having fire/cold dmg to attacks on both rings and not seeing ignite at all

i see chill/freeze on enemies but not on rares or map bosses

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