Templar 3.19 - Mana Guardian support - Freeze when hit + block tank

Hello everyone, this is my Mana Guardian build guide.

First, big thanks to Snap OW for his youtube guides !

This build guide is a variation of his mana guardian.

Build Overview Survival support build (Party-only)

As a mana guardian, we want to use Radian Faith to give our party member a lot of additional ES for more survivability.
It means that if you die, everyone dies so you have to invest in you defense layers.
To do so, you have to scale your mana pool and then reserve 99% of it with defensive auras.

Ressources POB and POB link

Flasks Mechanics (cheap mageblood)

Flasks are very powerfull and with only 5 passives investment we are able to sustain 4 flasks with 100% uptime!

Flask charges are not shared across flasks.
It means that when you gain 1 flask charge (killing monsters ....) , each of your flask are gaining 1 charge.

That's why we are using :
- The Traitor's keystone : 0.8 charge/sec (timeless jewel)
- Flask Mastery : 0.33 charge/sec
- Essence Extradition : 35% inc. flask charges gained
- Belt : 30% increased flask duration suffix

Then we use the "Reused at the end of this Flask's effect" with instilling orb for permanent activation.

Permanent Flask gives a lot of flexibility for defenses.
In the current setup :
- 20k Armour
- 50% to All Elemental Resistances (good for melding of the flesh)
- 20% Less Elemental Damage taken
- 14% Movement Speed
- Ignite Immunity
- Bleed Immunity

Freeze Mechanic

We use Anomalous Artic Armor for the "20% chance to Freeze Enemies for 350ms when hit"
It is an very strong boost for the group survavibilty as if scale properly it can counter GGG server's lag.


We scale the Gem Quality with Enhance support + Ashes of the Stars (not mandatory)
We scale chance to freeze and freeze duration with the passive three :
- Fingers of Frost : 30% chance to freeze + 30% inc. duration
- Cold Mastery : 2 options here, 60% inc. duration or chill as unfreeze.



4 Links: Enlighten (lvl 3) + Vaal Discipline + Determination + Vaal Clarity
4 Links: Enlighten (lvl 3) + Anomalous Arctic Armour + Tempest Shield + Enhance (lvl max)

Stationary Survavibility

4 Links: Frost Shield + Vaal Molten Shell + Soul link + Increased Duration

Quality of Life

3 Links: Holy Flame Totem + Vengeance + Culling Strike
3 Links: Leap Slam + Smite + Faster attacks

Gear details

Main hand: Rare with: mana > level of all spell skill gem > chance to freeze

Shield: Aegis Aurora is best in slot (ES on block)

Helmet: Memory Vault is maybe the BIS for Mana, Gorgon's Gaze may be a good option too

Chest: Replica Kaom's Heart BIS for mana guardian (mana enchant)

Option 1: Raibowstride for Spell block
Option 2: Rare with: Movespeed > mana > resist + Rumi's concoction with "Use when charges reaches full" enchant

Amulet: Ashes of the Stars or Atziri's foible or Blightwell - annoint Charisma

Rings: Rare with Mana > Resists > ES and Intell

Belt: Rare with Flask duration > flask gained > Resist > ES > intel


Brutal restraint with Balbala
Use the POB timeless jewel finder to have
- 20% inc. Flask Charges Gained
- 1 Alchemi's genius

Watcher's Eye :
- Clarity : Mana as extra ES
- Discipline : Spell Block

2 Split personality with Intel and Mana

3 Mana Grand Spectrum

Melding of the Flesh


1: Radiant Faith : Core mechanic of the build

2: Bastion of Hope : gives stun immunity + block chance to your parties members

Option 1: Defense

3: Time of Need : own survavibility
4: Harmony of Purpose : power, endu and frenzy charges generation and sharing

Option 2: Offense

3: Radiant Crusade : DPS boost
4: Unwavering Crusade : AOE, speed and DPS boost

Thanks for reading !
What do you think ? I'm looking for ideas of upgrade :)
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Seems really good, the anomalous freeze mechanic is really interesting, maybe i will try, waiting if my friend will go energy blade or the new shock skills etc,

Good build !
mirolino wrote:
Seems really good, the anomalous freeze mechanic is really interesting, maybe i will try, waiting if my friend will go energy blade or the new shock skills etc,

Good build !

Thanks !

Yeah the new skills are really interesting !
I'm wondering if a lightning tendril cast while channeling lightning conduit might work
Hi could you recommend a good carry build that would duo well with this build ? Trying to play this with a friend.
Can't be 100% sure yet, builds have to adapt to the new meta.

I think a dex stacking balista totem would could be a good option:
- cheap to start
- synergise well with new rings
- incredible for bossing
- clearspeed can scale with late game investments

However I see 2 downsides:
- lack of defense (wich is ok with the guardian defense boosts)
- totem build so not optimal for simulacrums
NVM ignore this please delete.
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Weren't the Grand Mana Spectrums discontinued (like in... 3.10)? Come on, if you mark something as 3.19 ready, make sure the PoB is up to the damn date... And this is but one of many things which do not comply with 3.19 setting.
Last edited by bartjamf on Sep 11, 2022, 3:01:58 PM
This build not doable because Grand Spectrum Mana was discontinued in 3.10 and isn't in league, and I also looked at the PoB tree and the only thing I could see was one node that gave block, so i'm just curious how you manage to achieve max block attack/spell, (only saw boots too) but it's spell and of course the shield but shield every block build use so don't really count that.
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I really like the idea of this build. Can I still get it to work without the grand mana spectrums?

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