[3.19] Spectral Helix Deadeye League Start

i have a few questons
How do you have 100% crit?
Does it boss well?
How far have you pushed it?
How much it cost you to fully gear?
able to do juicy af maps?
Hey thanks for the write-up! I ran this for the Endless Delve event and had a pretty easy time of it. Made it to 75 nice and smooth. I would say my start was awkward since I didn't know anything about Delve, and getting the first few levels was tricky, but once I was using the claw that gave lvl 20 hatred it turned on for me.

I will say I found spectral helix to be pretty annoying to target... probably just a me thing but compared to normal point and shoot spells/bow skills I found it hard to always hit the monster I wanted to. Regardless sweet build it was fun to try out!

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