New Multiplayer game modes (?)

With the new skill gems such as the traps and totems i realised that placing them in strategic locations reminded me alot of playing as 'Robotics' in 'Global Agenda'

This lead to the idea that even though this is a co-op multi player game at the moment, it could also do quite well i beleive with some other sort of multi player experience.

My idea is this:

-You are teamed up with 4-5 other players.
-Various maps are made for these specific game mode, slightly less random than the level.
-Goals are set throughout the play area like:
-'Capture the Simion' (monkey thing) and it is capture the flag, or keepings off but with a monkey.
-'Dungeon defence' yep u geussed it, a top down verion (of something like 'Kill all orks') where your team lays traps and totems to thwart an increasingly heavey stream of monsters, and also if u got time lay a few arrows into them etc.
-'Team Death Match' exactly... :)
-'Path of Killing Floor' Monster Survival game with cool power-pick-ups and suped-up monsters
-And of course something like Team fortress, (or 'global agenda' for those with taste) where its team objective based combat, with attackers and defenders.

The list could be endless. So many simple multi player game ideas could be implemented here, could even make a dota type game with this engine.

I dont know how lag would be but from wat ive seen it wouldnt be too horrific.

Smallish rewards would do for a win, the addition of a win to your stats would also be reward.

There would also have to be a system to even out the players, so maybe standard gear and skills for all these multi player modes, or maybe sum that are unlockable after the stock set like in 'battlefield'.
Last edited by SilentOmen on May 20, 2012 2:55:11 AM
The Dungeon Defense mode sounds pretty neat XD ~thumbs up~

It's a bit complicated though as it requires specific character build setups from the start.
the character builds would be preset for these battles, with maybe a bit of customization, but the rewards would go into your normal stash.
I'd like the dungeon defense idea except with a player team attacking instead of monsters. Now that would be win.

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