3.18.0b Hotfix 1

Please remove Effigy completely. It's the most anti-fun mechanic in the game.

Player has no agency when and where it spawns. It's impossible to see it in a sea of enemies like in Heist or Ritual. If the monster also has a bunch of damage reduction mods, it may not even be a matter of noticing it in time.

Hardcore leagues become meaningless when there is no strategic counterplay to this mod. In Archnemesis, the player chose when to spawn it. Now, they don't—they can experience it whenever, and die instantly (oh, okay, "after 2 seconds") if they prioritize a different monster instead or if they choose to run past or something before they realize what just happened.

It's not clever, it's not "hard", it's got no place in the game. In the near-decade of playing PoE I've never seen anything so outrageously idiotic. It's worse than the old reflect because you could always compensate for that with build and gearing decisions and such. Not this time.

You've removed Necrovigil, Phylacteral Link, and old reflect mod because you realized they weren't fun, changed Volatiles and DD to be well-telegraphed and feasible to dodge to make skill a factor in dealing with them. This mechanic, however, is quite possibly the worst offender thus far, because all it takes for the player to die is for one monster to spawn it and another dozen or so standing nearby to attack it. The player has barely any say in what happens; the monsters decide it between themselves. It is not a matter of skill; it's a matter of luck.

Please remove it. I only play on HC because I don't find SC fun, and I refuse to come back to the game until Effigy is removed completely.
<Tyrfalger> Exactly, the next act is going outside Sarn and into those wheat fields (see the map) to become a farmer. Then we can spend our days endlessly farming. Wait a minute...
Seems like Delve and Blight-ravaged maps will continue to be unplayable.

Flabbergasting that this system was pushed live. Flabbergasting how unrewarding it all feels. Just an ugly, ugly, ugly league launch.
Progression lets go
harvest is still undoable, it's like 10-times harder than before.
Drought Bringer: Nearby Enemies' Flasks now lose 6 Charges every 3 seconds (previously 15 Charges every 3 seconds).

I appreciate the other changes, but this just has no place in the core game. It nullifies the power of an entire ascendancy notable (which is just insane) and multiple other builds.
Some progression but still ridiculous, still need to be tuned down a bit more. And good god how did you think the original was the right direction this isn't even the right direction. Its progress but still needs to be a bit tuned down.
why bother with more numerical changes if most of the player are complaining about mechanics like effigy, -10% resistance in most mods ...please.

this is a mess not a league... its just getting frustrating
Toxic: Magic Monsters now have a 50% chance to create a Toxic Volatile on death (previously always). Now grants +40% to Chaos Resistance (previously +50%).

this needs to be 0% chance, like all on death effects.

Have you tried ritual wth all those effects ? even my tankiest characters cant handle it
Very cool mirror Service: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3227915
I think you should make drops from archnemesis mods the same as 3.17 league

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