[3.18]Shock Nova Inquisitor ⚡ 30k-100k Armour ⚡90% res ⚡6-10M DPS

WARNING: Due to Sentinel League having "ManaSiphoner" mobs appearing randomly, this build, alongside all Doryani's Prototype builds, will be very hard to play (not recommendable).

Keeping the build here in case they decide to do something regarding "Lightning Damage Over Time"

If you want to try an off-meta build that doesn't really die while having amazing clear speed and boss melting, this is it.

The guide won't be in depth, the reason why I'm posting this is because it's off Meta and it performs amazing.

The build isn't min-maxed, however it shows a lot of potential. I went dual wield and Shock Nova, but it works with any lightning spell and it can be done with a shield or a staff.

I believe if some of the more crafty from the community expand on this build it can become a valid meta build.

3.18 came with nothing new, so the build can be taken as is for 3.18.


+ ALL content (including simulacrum 30, but not deathless)
+ Tanky AF (except for lightning damage over time)
+ Fast Clear
+ Boss melter
~ Off Meta (meaning cheap but hard to find items)
~ Probably HC Viable (didn't test it myself since I don't do HC)
~ Can do all maps, but adjustments need to be made.


- Dies to Lightning damage over time (the only damage source to which is vulnerable, good thing is rare)
- High to Ultra high budget ( 150ex - 2 mirrors)
- It can be visually exhausting (not kidding, don't play if you're epileptic, and it's going to become painful if you are tired @GGG please have an option to dim down the luminosity of some effects)

Core items:

I will post 3 builds around the same concept in order to showcase what can be achieved. The build is very flexible in terms of what can be used, the tricky part will be how to mitigate the lightning damage (and no, armor is not a real option).


All videos are with mageblood (too lazy to respec)

Sirus - Uul-Netol's Vow

T16 juiced map - Uul-Netol's Vow

T16 juiced 100% delirium map - Eyes of the Greatwolf


DPS Build (with mageblood)
Tanky Build (no mageblood)
Shield Build (with mageblood) - not tested

Gameplay and build description

The build revolves around getting -200% lightning resist, while capping your other resistances at 90% and getting as much life and life regen as possible. This will provide both amazing DPS (bosses with -200% lightning res melt) and survivability (with some limitations)

Leveling wise, I leveled the character as an Arc-Unleash and Shock Nova - Unleash Hierophant then re-specced when I had the necessary items.

I went with Shock Nova as my main ability since it's AoE (so it's easy to aim :) ) and it benefits from everything Fanaticism gives you.

The build uses Leap Slam for the mobility (it also adds fanatic charges, which is great) and Lightning Strike for gaining fanaticism in case you don't already have it.

Vs Mobs, once you get to end gear, you won't really need fanaticism to clear them. You want to have fanaticism vs Bosses, so a boss fight will be you spamming Lightning Strike during avoidance phases and then going Shock Nova nuke mode during DPS windows. 4 seconds mean a lot of DPS as you will see from the videos.

The main build challenges are:
- managing to have a good mana regen / mana spent ratio while not having fanaticism (during fanaticism the mana cost is 0)
- getting your stats
- getting used to the build pace (knowing when you have fanaticism and when not)

As a quick way for the build to gain tankyness is to turn off Righteous Fire in order to have higher life regen while sacrificing DPS.

This is especially important in the Maven fight, where if you are hit by the brain's beam and life regen is stopped, righteous fire will bring you to 0 very fast.

Lightning damage over time sources

Help by expanding the list for all the Doryiani's Prototype people who don't understand why they die.

- Baran's squares
- Shaper's Kamehameha
- Eater of the World mobs which apply "Static Link" stacking debuff (gain attack speed, but receive Lightning DoT)
- Archnemessis Mana Siphoner mob (this one is quite brutal, good thing I had my aoe larger than his )
- Sirus volcanoes
- Sirus degen ground spots

Build Overview

Bandits, Pantheon, Ascendancy, Anoint


Kill all !

All majors bring some benefits. No hard recommendation here.

For Minors is the same, everyone is good except Gruthkul and Yugul.
If you were to go with a life flask setup probably Ryslatha would provide the most survivability.

Inquisitor, in order:
- Instruments of Virtue
- Instruments of Zeal
- Augury of Penitence
- Sanctuary

Anoint Charisma

Gem Links

Main Skill
You can extend to 7L with Uul-Netol's Vow.

The gemsetup can differ, what is mandatory is the Inspiration support for mana cost purposes when Fanaticism isn't active.

Secondary Skill
This skill is used to proc fanaticism so attack speed is what we're after.
Adding Culling Strike to benefit from it.

Auras setups
The build uses 2 Enlighten to have 6 auras reduced, with other auras being active without enlighten.
The build works with level 3 Enlighten as well, level 4 just allows for Herald of Thunder to be added while allowing for dps during non-fanaticism moments.

We use a low level Clarity in order to have some raw mana regen, since skill tree will only add percentage.

Utility and Mobility
Righteous Fire is useful for two reasons:

- extra spell damage
- you have a visual indicator when Fanaticism procs (large rig=nuke, small ring no nuke)

There is no damage done by Righteous Fire due to Doryiani's Prototype.

Leap Slam should go with Lifetap Support because you don't want to be in a situation where you don't have mana to run away.

Molten Shell should be on cast since you don't really need it unless you anticipate to receive a lot of incoming DPS.

Enduring Cry is used as a life flask (since I don't use life flasks :) ). Useful to get life when you are not leeching.



The Build itself can vary. You can go with staff, dual wield or shield and Scepter. You can sacrifice some -resist to go with a Circle of Regret and a Vermilion Ring instead of Ventor's gamble.

I will just post what I used myself:

General Gear

Initially you can start with a decent lightning skill gems amulet.

For best tankyness get an Eyes of The Greatwolf that converts lightning damage to either fire or cold. This will remove all worries of Lightning damage taken, so you will only worry for Lightning damage over time.

I believe that with a Stygian Vise and Eyes of The Greatwolf paired with 2 life flasks (1 for instant heal, 1 for heal over time) the build becomes close to invulnerable. If you add a shield to the mix, the build should be HC viable.

The build benefits A LOT from Uul-Netol's Vow , since it can help reduce the lightning resist even further.

Stygian vise is the budget option.

Mageblood is the "OMG I'm Rich" option.

With with Mageblood your amour will be 100k, but you sacrifice some life and life regen as a tradeoff.
With Stygian vise you will want to run a life flask, and you will be in danger of dying quite rarely (but some mitigation will still be required as mentioned below).

However without Mageblood you won't be able to survive Lightning Damage without Eyes of the Great wolf or without Divine Flesh.

I personally went with Uul-Netol's vow and Divine Flesh, and the Tankyness provided is quite decent. You will still be vulnerable to Lightning damage, so avoid maps with "Extra damage as lightning" modifiers.

Common flask:

Mageblood flasks:

Non Mageblood Flasks:


It's worth mentioning the Timeless Jewel which allows for Uul-Netol's vow without having Mageblood. However keep in mind that opting for this option will require some changes in the tree, including adding small cluster jewels with "Born of Chaos" notable (you want to reach 85+% chaos resist if possible)

Watcher's eye have several buffs which are relevant:
- Wrath Increased Lightning Damage
- Wrath Lightning Penetration (seems pen goes over -200%)
- Determination Added Armor
- Vitality life regen rate
- Vitality life regen percentage

With Eyes of The GreatWolf / Mageblood the following jewels/ Clusters I found useful.

Mapping considerations

The build can do most juiced maps with 100% delirium. However some considerations need to be taken into account:

Elemental reflect maps
You can do these maps with Yugul and the reduced reflected Elemental damage mastery from the tree.

This DOES NOT WORK with Divine Flesh.
If you are running Divine Flesh, for Ele Reflect maps and Atziri remove the jewel.

No Life regen maps
In no life regen maps you cannot use Righteous Fire, and you will require a life flask.

No mana regen maps
You will need a mana flask.

Reduced max resistances / Elemental weakness curse
Getting resistances below 90% can cause Righteous Fire to actually burn your life. So adjust accordingly (if you have too much life burned per second, just turn Righteous Fire off).

Mobs gain X% of damage as extra Lightning Damage
This can be handled, given you have the proper mitigation, you just need to be extra careful in case you don't want to die. Using Eyes of the Greatwolf allows you to totally ignore this mod.

Reduced aura effect
Reduced aura means your Purity of Fire and Vitality don't function at 100%, so Righteous Fire will have to be turned off

I believe that's all.
I hope you guys try the build out and customize it to your needs, if you ever want to try out a Lightning Inquisitor.

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very interesting build, I might give it a try in 3.18 :) please update in case it needs !!! thanks !
Seeing that there are ManaSiphoner mobs all around, I don't think this build is viable any longer.

I'm quite sure due to that mob all Doryani's Prototype builds are dead.
I started buying items for this, want to try as I never tried Doryani builds.

Think I will go weapon + shield just because it is easier to find one good weapon with limited budget.

Need to twinkle gloves and boots.

Will provide feedback once I am set!

Do you sell any items you used in this build? That is, if you do not play it this league anymore...

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