Between Season Race 19: 90 Minute Solo

Standard rules for league events apply. Please click this link if this is your first race event.

These interim events are intended for fun and for testing between seasons. When we announce the details of Season Two, awesome prize rewards will return. Season two starts on April 20 (NZT).


The top player of each class by experience will receive the Demigod's Triumph (Unique Golden Wreath, awarded in most Open Beta races).

90 minute solo sounds nice
General Racing Guide for Act 1
Three races in a row I desync in Cavern of Anger, and I play carefully, don't run through mobs ever, etc. :/

Anyone else having trouble with this specific area?
Darkshrines :
Completed 16 Challengesguiglar wrote:
Three races in a row I desync in Cavern of Anger, and I play carefully, don't run through mobs ever, etc. :/

Anyone else having trouble with this specific area?

I've had pretty massive desync every 5-15 min over 90% of the entire season 1. Some get it, others don't. Some get it worse then others. :(

Nothing like getting temp chains or frozen from a merviels daughter that missed you by a half a screen. Those darn exploders too man, they always hit me for full damage, unless I'm running through full speed with ms boots and quicksilver flask of adrenaline.
Demigod denied by 1 mob lol damn you cizzar.
Nice race, bet on the wrong place to farm though and no dice getting a quicksilver drop, still happy with 5th Witch and 18th overall.

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T-Shirt: 4/6 | Full Challenge Totems: 9/10
Top 5, one of every class other then mara, top mara not even in top 10. Panda made it look so easy. I kinda miss hopelessly racing against him :(
This has following reasons:
GS is tied to Weapon speed now so you can't attack that fast anymore.

Phase run which was a heavy damage booster doesn't exist anymore.

The common RT build as Mara isn't half as effective anymore.

For example I am experiementing with Sweep,FT and Molten Shell as dps cannon. This works quiet fine damage wise but I wish the Mara had some AoE nodes at the beginning because I am a glasscannon with such builds only abusing the poor Monster AI. I think I needed 46 minutes for Merveil, while a similar Templar build needs 40-42 minutes.
The main weakness of the mara is that the build isn-'t one simple line such as other classes and you have to fork.

Marabuilds are heavily depending on weapons now.
For example I chanced this beast at cavern of anger, which made the forest and rivercossing a oneshot paradise.


But I lost the first mara rank the last reset because I found the first big pack 10 seconds before the end.

Maras simply miss the "ready to rock node" or another level 10 gem quest.

Templars got amplify and WED.
Witches got AoE
Duelist attack speed and master of the arena.
Shadow Acceleration and crit.
Rangers attackspeed and movementspeed.

Oh hilbert, don't you realize I've always used GS builds and already know all of this. They have always been dependent on weapon drops. Every build is, unless your a caster, then you just level up your gem for damage. As far as physical goes, mara is still a great class, same as always.
It wasn't that dependant in CB because a white Tribal maul and Phase run was enough for 1-2 shotting Western Forest farming and a mallet upgrade for heavy strikes on rares.

I had 2h races I didn't find a single transmute and finished with a white sledgehammer/spiked maul.

I want flicker strike as brutus gem for a mara simply because I feel like I need too many attacks to kill small packs. Witch flicker strike I could at last create bigger packs to make up for small AoE.

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