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Nice work! Always happy to see one of your guides!
Keep up the good work !
Enki making a great guide as usual!

Been thinking of making a lab runner to get some enchants for my characters or to sell, and most guides are either expensive, too clunky or outdated.

Will try this one out and hope it suffices my needs!
Been playing this build with a few tweaks here and there and it smashes the hell out of almost everything.

I'm trying to look at little further tweaks here and there. For the Watcher's Eye, is it better to have Attack Speed or Attack Damage? I have a jewel already that gives me 51% Attack Damage while affected by Precision.

Also has anyone tried to make any switches to have Assassins Mark work with Mark On Hit Support?
Hey Enki! Great to see another guide. I have a couple questions:

1. You say to go for the Searing Exarch implicit '%chance to unnerve on hit' on gloves, but unnerve is for spell damage. I assume you meant '%chance to intimidate on hit" which is for attack damage.

2. The large cluster jewel you recommend in the build, which has Martial Prowess and Weight Advantage/Veteran Defender pushed to the front, is unfortunately impossible to create. Either Martial Prowess or the other notable will always get pushed to the back and therefore require another two points to grab.
its a "shit" build for me cause i hate low life, but im doing t12 maps with 5link chest, the damage its amazing with 8 power charges, i just have a question you use a rare or unique amulet? cause i open the build in diferent places and in one you have one rare and the other one unique.
In the upgrade order u have 5L iron fortress, warcheif is a 6 link or how does this wortk

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