3.16 Billion DPS Boneshatter Stacker JUGG Physical Immune / 90 Max Res / Transcendence [Videos]

Tnx for build. Have a question. How i can sustuan rage charges to 65?
UrWaifu wrote:
Tnx for build. Have a question. How i can sustuan rage charges to 65?

Gem links: Phantasmal Vengance, Rage support, Enhance.

Edit: I guess you are referring to the number 65 instead of the gem links?
It comes from the Attack Speed passive near Scion life wheel.
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This is commander shepard.

I approve this is the best build in the wraeclast.
Some guy with the name Jesse that i personally had not the pleasure to meet yet came up with the curse stack permanent Shade Form concept.

You met me on discord though! JESSJESSJESSJESSSSSSSS, you asked me about the build a couple weeks back :)
Jessrabbit wrote:
Some guy with the name Jesse that i personally had not the pleasure to meet yet came up with the curse stack permanent Shade Form concept.

You met me on discord though! JESSJESSJESSJESSSSSSSS, you asked me about the build a couple weeks back :)

Oh it was you!

Good to know your PoE account and thanks a lot for the build concept.
One of the most broken delve builds i have ever played.
Chill at Aul with right mouse buttons is huge fun!
Was mostly done with league until I saw a video from Von Victon on this. I sold all my Arrakali Squire gear and bought into this. I have to say I am enjoying it a ton. I liked the spider builds but felt way more squishy and trying to keep everything aligned was actually harder to me.

Now that is not to say this build is easy at all, because it is not. There are a lot of interactions that have to keep going or you just insta die. But once you get used to it then it gets easier nd you are pretty much immortal.

A couple things to mention as I have seen several talk about them:

1. You can get away with some quanta of less curse effect and duration stacking but I would not recommend it. It is all about quality of life. Regardless of which chest you decide to use you want as much overlap between duration of shadeform and it’s cooldown to give you time to ensure it refreshes. As you get used to it then maybe you can bring it down a little, but definitely don’t try to skimp her early or you will have a lot more frustrating deaths than you need to.

2. Chaos resistance is about the only thing that can kill us. So all non unique pieces of gear and the clusters should have chaos res if possible and you get more from ascendencies per endurance charge. I actually do not use that ascendency myself and use a juiced amethyst flask instead. I also took the fortify wheel near Call to Arms and run a juiced immortal call to help further reduce damage we can possibly take. You can manually pop your immortal call with forbidden rite if need be.

3. The temp chains effect affects everything on us. So crafting flasks with increased affect and use with full enchant is really nice as it makes them pretty much permanent. It works like a poor man’s Mageblood in a way. Also works for Immortal call and rage stacks and Blood Rage as well.

4. You can get extra max res from rolls on your shield as well as a plus gems corrupt on your boots. This can get all resists to 90 pretty easily with the clusters on the tree. These would be high end upgrades but I have them on my build and they are nice to have. The curse effect on shield is the most important mod so do not skimp there to get max res. My shield ran about 12ex i think and my boots were 40 at the time and were the only pair available. I also went with a plus 1 all strength gems necklace to get some extra juice from some of the gems.

5. Vaal impurity if fire can be used to ignore enemy fire resistance for a small damage boost there. I put the vall version on left click and use it by tapping shift while moving. Otherwise you will never actually use the Vaal version. I settled for a lvl 20 vall purity of fire as there were no 21s in existence. This works well with the +1 strength amulet.

6. Eho is not all that important. Obviously you want as much as you can get. But I can deathlessly clear wave 30 and face tank Kocsis and Omni at the same time with. Y setup and roughly 4500 ehp. You are literally that immune and have that much regen. I have found that the. Only way you die is by a massive one shot or shade form dropping. In either case any amount of extra hp is not likely to hel you

7. The only 2 status we really need to worry about are shock and brittle. I use a 60+ reduced effect of shock effect roll on one of my flasks and the pantheon to pretty much negate any shock worries. Brittle and Frits can be negated by Soul of Solaris and a few other reduced crit mods elsewhere. I have a few but i can’t recall them sitting her at work.

8. Ramp and setup time is a thing. It has been mentioned before but this is not a zoomy zoom zoom build. Once you get going you can go pretty fast but every time you enter a new map or area transition in delve you have to reset up. This setup takes approximately 60-90 seconds before you can start going. This is why this is not recommended at all for a map clearer. Get a second character that can do normal maps to recharge sulfite or whatever as it is far more efficient. Also most of the side content, Alva, expedition etc sorta sucks in this character as it slows you down and you lose your ramp. The only maps I really run in this character are delirium maps.

9.Lastly there are some bad mods that we want to avoid or need to pay special attention to. Anything that applies temp chains to you will overwrite your buffed version and make it so your shadeform will wear off. I learned this the hard way with the stupid things in the Sepulchre map that would curse me and I would die randomly. Ele reflect can be done but you want to not pump your stacks so high that you kill yourself. Your mitigation and regen with everything should be good enough as long as you don’t ramp too high. The last thing to look out for are mods like minus max resists or things like shrines that give you action speed or things like that. Max resists is similar to ele reflect and can be done just be sure to watch for it. Some shrines and buffs can and will effect the duration and cooldown of your buffs, I died a few times in Uber lab after getting dark shrines that screwed up my buff balance and shadeform dying.

I fully expect this to get nerfed in some regard but for now I am enjoying it and it is by far the most expensive and strongest build I have ever done. About the only thing I have left to upgrade is to save for a Mageblood just to make it even more OP….and I am only lvl 91 at the moment.
Sorry for typos. I wrote this on my phone really quickly. :)
Kavamuerta wrote:
Sorry for typos. I wrote this on my phone really quickly. :)

Glad you like one of the most OP builds in the game!

I might add that normal curses also can be a problem. Thats why

is a very good pick if you do for example T19 100% delirious maps or Ravaged juiced Blight maps.

Currently i upgraded to the Transcendence variant with 700k armour and 90 max res all and its even more ridiculous but also a lot more expensive. It enabled me to do any kind of penetration Auls in deep delve.

Im not sure yet if I shall update the guide in regards to the Transcendence variant. It probably makes sense to do for those who are willing to go the extra mile.

But yeah build is insane and probably will get nerfed from 3 angles to be unplayable next patch.

Out of curiosity how you found my guide when you saw the build already on youtube?
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I was just searching through Reddit to see what other people were saying about it.
For me, the buff also drops and doesn't have time to CD. If someone can tell what is happening I will be very happy.

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