[3.16] Manaless Aurastacker

Manaless Aurastacker

Infinite reservation capacity

Pob: https://pastebin.com/QbUW167u

+ This is aurastacker

- This is aurastacker


Sirus - beams duel

T16 - Beyond - Delirium 20% - Scourge 100

Simulacrum Wave 20

Core idea

50% reduced mana (voll's protector) + 15% reduced mana (Lochtonial Caress) + 2*18% reduced mana (scourge mod on body armour + helm) = 101% reduced mana
This results in maximum mana equal to 0. Now any skill that reserves %x of maximum mana actually reserves 0 mana, that is free to use. That is it. Everything else in this build is customizable

Update 11-08-21

Use "Nexus Gloves" instead. Use "Tailoring Orb" on body armour for "Mana Modifiers have 8+% increased effect". Even without scourge mode on body armour we get 54% + 30% + 18% = 102% reduced maximum mana
PS: Not tested
PS: Thanks Shinowaz for idea


Main skill
"Divine Ire"-"Infused Channeling"-"Physical to Lightning"-"Lifetap"-"Critical Strikes"-"Critical Damage"

Primary support skills
"Discipline" "Purity of Fire" "Purity of Ice" "Purity of Lightning" "Purity of Elements"
"Petrified Blood" "Herald of Purity" "Herald of Ice" "Herald of Thunder"
"Determination" "Grace" "Haste" "Zealotry" "Wrath" "Hatred"
"Arrogance"-"Vitality"-"Precision"-"Defiance Banner"

Secondary support skills
"Vaal Righteous Fire" "Summon Skitterbots" "Flesh and Stone" "Arctic Armour"
"Blasphemy"-"Punishment" or "Temporal Chains" or "Enfeeble"
"Lifetap"-"Flame Dash"-"Molten Shell"-"Frost Shield"-"Assassin's Mark"

There are not enough sockets for everything. But some skills can be granted by items. See "Gear" section.


Required with "17+% reduced mana" scourge mod.
Possible upgrade: get "mana modifiers have 15% increased effect". This brings to total 108+% reduced mana, which allows to use "Watcher's Eye" or allocate cluster jewel socket at top right

Required with "15% reduced mana". Get "+2 to level of socketed gems" for level 23 purities

Any helm, but with "18% reduced mana" scourge mod.
Possible upgrade: pseudo 6-link for main skill. This sets free 2 sockets. Also add suffix "grants aspect of something"

Has "grants aura" for free socket. Get Haste corruption mod to set free another socket

a lot of "increased damage"

Rampage. Unless you have tier 1 belt

Gives "+1 to level of skills". Has "grants aura" for free socket. Get useful aura corruption mod to set free another socket
"Prismatic Skin" annointment improves elemental defence and gives "increased damage"

With "+20% elemental damage modifiers" converts almost all lightning damage to cold damage. This allows to fully benefit from Wrath and Hatred at the same time. Get useful aura corruption mod to set free socket


3 x "Large Cluster Jewels" or "Voices" + 6 x "Megalomaniac" (2 x "Purposeful Harbringer" + 4 x "Introspection")
Look for notables 1x"Arcane Adept", 1x"Thaumophage", "Snowstorm", "Battle-Hardened", "Force Multiplier", "Pressure Points", "Sublime Sensation", "Antivenom"

"Unnatural Instinct" jewel can be used in Scion jewel socket


1. if low chaos res then "Soul of Arakaali" + "Soul of Shakari"
2. if have stun problems then "Soul of the Brine King" + "Soul of Yugul"
3. else "Soul of Lunaris" + "Soul of Yugul"

Craft body armour

1. Craft or buy "Voll's Protector" with "17+% reduced mana" scourge mod
2. Use 2-4-6 approach to get 6 sockets. That is:
a) craft "has 4 sockets"
b) spam "tainted jeweller's orb" until
c) 2 sockets - return to a
d) 6 sockets - done
If "tainted jeweller's orb" has 50/50% chances, then on average required 2 x (10 x "jeweller's orb" + 10 x "vaal orb") + 8 x "tainted jeweller's orb". Depending on prices and actual chances consider approaches 3-4-6 or 4-5-6
3. Same for linking sockets
4. For 5 blue + 1 red craft "has 1 blue socket" until ready. On average required 11 x (4 x "chromatic orb" + 4 x "vaal orb")

PS: Not tested. I bought scourged 6-linked and colored once

Choice argumentation

1. Reducing manacost to 0 is expensive. "Archmage" doesn't help, it has minimum manacost. So use "Lifetap". This makes "Chaos Inoculation" impossible
2. Any form of "Chaos damage doesn't bypass energy shield" is expensive. So scaling life is required. "Discipline" gives a lot of base energy shield. So scaling energy shield is reasonable
3. "Vitality" and "Precision" have plain mana reservation. "Aul's Uprising" can make "Vitality" free, but it's not good enough. So use "Arrogance". This reduces effective hp. So use "Petrified Blood". "Petrified Blood" also allows to use "Pain Attunement"
4. With life and energy shield some form of recovery required for both. "Vitality" is great, but only for one of two. Inquisitos'r "Pious Path" solves this and doubles recovery. Also Inquisitor's "Inevitable Judgement" solves resistance penetration problem
5. "Corrupted Soul" usually good when life and energy shield are used. But there is some pressure on life recovery. Life cost of main skill is big and chaos damage ignores energy shield. Adding "50% of Non-Chaos Damage taken bypasses Energy Shield" will cause life depletion long before energy shield depletion
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GGG: Aurastackers were too powerful so we changed how mana reservation works.
Aurastackers: Hold my beer.
this is ingenious
That's one of the most creative uses of game mechanics I've ever seen. Good job.
Price range? and how do you level this
this dude went full pepega so hard that even ggg's balance team couldnt have forseen this interaction
Rinkeil wrote:
this dude went full pepega so hard that even ggg's balance team couldnt have forseen this interaction

To be fair, that bar is not very high.
gj self nerfing ur own build mid league, should of went to the bug section for unintended interactions

you can weapon swap for rampage and get a real belt instead

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