[3.16] Energy Blade Hiero -Spectral Helix | Doryani's Prototype variant

Hi Exiles,

here is an attempt at a Jedi build with the new Energy Blade skill.


Energy Blade activates a buff which transforms your weapon into an Energy Blade which halves your ES.
The blade has 1.7 attack speed and lightning dmg calculated as such :
Min = 2% of ES + 12
Max = 40% of ES + 235
( Note that the % ES is calculated on your ES when the buff is active, so 50% of it.)
With 10k ES, you would get 112 to 2235 lightning dmg.

> The blade has no other stat.
> No matter what your weapon is, it will be transformed in the Energy Blade, keeping its sockets and their colour. So you can equip any weapon you'd find on the Twilight Strand !
> 50% more dmg with 2h weapons.
> Transforms both your weapons if you dual-wield.
> Quality of the gems increases the crit chance.

This is a new skill, hence the build is not recommended for beginners.

> The idea is to stack ES to fuel the blade.

I'm going Hierophant for Mana, % Mana as extra ES, Mind over Matter and overall tankiness.
Plus, the Hierophant is the closest we have to a Jedi ;)

I began with Static Strike, but it felt bad. Then, following the public consensus, I switched to Spectral Helix, and it felt amazing !

PoB : https://pastebin.com/7T2xJUMe

Energy Blade currently has 131-2631 lightning dmg.

Tree :
Elemental Overload
Lightning Mastery : Non-crit is lucky
Life, mana and ES nodes.
+ Corrupted Soul
+ Sword large cluster, 2 medium projectile clusters

Post on r/PathOfExileBuilds

Detailed gearing


#3 : Revenge of the Jedi. T16 Promenade, with Spectral Helix. A LOT MORE DPS !

#2 : War in the Atlas. T12 Promenade, Elder and Shaper mobs.

#1 : T10 Villa map, twinned boss.


Variant : Doryani's Prototype

Thanks to Gabrion2 and Paranozek

In this case, you want to reach the maximum of -200% lightning res (minus res have been capped in 3.16).
You can use :
* -x% lightning res scourge implicits
* Self-curse Conductivity
* Thread of Hope jewel
* Ventor's Gamble ring
* Malachai Artifice ring

Example of stuff, by Paranozek, using a lot of -lightning res scourge implicits :

PoB : https://pastebin.com/kDzYTa4k
1.3M DPS without flasks.
1.5M with Cinderswallow active.

PoB with 2H weapon and Smite, by Gabrion2 :


Any idea is welcome to improve this build. Because who wouldn't want to play a Jedi master ? The skill appears cleverly designed on paper but I'm sure there
are better ways to scale it.

Good luck and have fun !


You may like my other builds :

- The Nightblade Assassin
- The Pestilent Viper Occultist
- The Infused Trickster
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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Adding a second video :

#2 : War in the Atlas

T12 Promenade, Elder and Shaper mobs.

PoB and gearing updated in first msg.
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.

I'm trying similar build myself :)
How about Glorious vanity + Corrupted soul? Lots of damage goes into mana so that shoudn't be big problem.
Maybe tempest shield reserved on life?
Paku666 wrote:

I'm trying similar build myself :)
How about Glorious vanity + Corrupted soul? Lots of damage goes into mana so that shoudn't be big problem.
Maybe tempest shield reserved on life?

Two good ideas yes :)
Tempest shield on life would reserve 50%. Might as well get Pain Attunement, this will boost Tempest shield.
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
I'm also thinking about Astramentis on amulet slot, as it works well with Shaper's Touch
I'm messing around and have geofri's and shapers just to play, finding early maps hard so far haha!

Good luck dude! Will be watching this one
Hi Exiles,

these last days, I have tried a lot of different setups to improve the build : Static Strike CoC Arc, Cleave, Smite, Sweep with 2H...
None of them gave good result. The DPS was still very low.

I've added the Warchiefs with multiple totems (with the Hiero ascendancy, we get 4 of them). It improved the clearspeed but was still insufficient.
Then, I reworked the tree, adding Corrupted Soul, removing some ES nodes and adding a sword cluster jewel.
It felt better but not good enough.

After some researches on Poe.ninja and Reddit, I've found that several players recommended to use Spectral Helix. It has a lot of effectiveness of added dmg (250% at level 20) so it synergizes well with the base lightning dmg of Energy Blade.
I've tested it and there is no point in arguing about it : it is absolutely better than the other skills. It's not in the same order of magnitude. Clear is smooth and safe, single target DPS is solid. And you get to throw copies of your lightsaber everywhere !

So I went back to a Promenade map with Shaper and Elder mobs, like the last video, but this time in T16. And it was amazing.

Exiles, be prepared for...

#3 : The Revenge of the Jedi

If you've watched the previous video where I was struggling against the bosses, you won't recognize the build ;)

PoB : https://pastebin.com/7T2xJUMe
Improved compared the version of the video with 2 projectile medium clusters.
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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I'm doing something similar, but I noticed something I don't understand. Energy Blade has a lightning tag. When I take %increased lightning damage, the raw damage of energy blade isn't increased. Is that a bug or intended?
Inc dmg mods will never increase directly the raw dmg of your weapon or gem, whatever the weapon or gem.
It will increase the dmg of your attacks and spells.
But in practice, the result is the same.
Creator of the Nightblade Assassin build.
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I have been toying with a build in PoB that is very similar.
I was going 2H energy blade and ancestral totem main skill (back and forth on ancestral bond). I am also going lucky lightning and EO.

dps at 3.5 mil, but we'll see how it actually works out in the game.
Here's what I've built so far: https://pastebin.com/hKFPa2vV

One thing not in the calculations yet is the following combo:

totem mastery > totems taunt for 1s when summoned.
torchoak step: totems reflect 100% of max life as fire damage when hit

That modifier was buffed in 3.16 from 25% to 100%. Might just be a sleeper this league. I just picked one up for all of 1 chromatic orb. As far as I've been able to research, there is 0 cooldown, so you can invest in totem life, take all the aggro off yourself with that taunt node and then reflect a TON of fire damage to enemies, meanwhile the totems are also beating everything to death with an insane lightning weapon. The PoB above does not include that fire reflect damage at all.

Love to know your thoughts!

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