[3.19]VD Chieftain: ALL is on fire and you're feeling good(self ignite CWC) 8,8k life/2M DPS

Hello and Welcome to the Volated dead Chieftain

1 - This is my first build
2 - English isn't my Mother Tongue, so please be merciful

Word are nice but Video are better

Video T11 TEST
Here a small video just to shown how look the build , note that the stuff is trash aswell as the player , the goal is just to show you the game play:

About this build

Looking for a cheap all around build fast and tanky ??
I am not sure that you came to the right place
I create this treat to introduce you to the chieftain cyclone CWC Volated dead self ignite Because I believe It can be a great build
But we will have to work for it Exiles

3.19 change

- The change doesnt seams to impact this build

3.17 change

- blood magic not has been reworded ??? => no free aura anymore
you have to use a essense worm ring for the aura
and or self cast the curse or make a curse on hit set up
- VD and CWC rebalance => no real change , the dps is the same at the end
We loss scourge MOD, but I believe it will be back so we keep it in the POB for the moment
- POB updated : https://pastebin.com/6yYJKVUQ


+ A real Tank
+ Good clear because of VD
+ Off Meta
+ Cheap to start
- Can't run Elem Reflect


The concept is simple but will require some mathématique to min max
You use cyclone to hit an enemy and ignite this one
you got:
1 - hit by eye of innocence
2 - get back around 30 life with Ngamahu's sign
3 - once you got hit enough ( with self hit or by ennemies ) several cwdt will trigger ,
3.1 they will be 3 type of cwtd
3.1.1 => utility : curse , wave of conviction ...
3.1.2 => corps creation : desecrate , unarth
3.1.3 => more ignite : blade vortex , firestorm or bladefall...
4 - once the corps spawn you trigger VD with your CWC
5 - the VD will ignite and .... go back to point 1


The game play if really simple , you cyclone thought everything and let the VD make them stuff

Unique Item

Ngamahu's sign
This Item will grant "Recover (20-30) Life Gained on Igniting an Enemy, this will make possible to use eye of innoncence without kill your self

Eye of innocence
This Item will grant " Take 100 Fire Damage when you Ignite an Enemy " if we assume that we ignite 40 time by second ( can be even more in pack) and we have 75 fire res , it means we self inflict 1000 fire dommage by second, this is enough to trigger the CWTD
The down site is that this item drop on Guardian of the Phoenix and isn't available in league start

League start

Let's talk
As mention before the unique item mandatory for the mécanique will not be available before day 3 or even later, if you really want to play the build anyway as the league start the solution is to use a 4 link minimum with Cyclone + CWC + Deacreat + Volated Dead + support gems,
You will start juggernaut, because with the accendency it will give you easily the acc to hit with cyclone, the endurance charge and the stun immune

POB Starter
80 point with 3 Lab

End Game slot by slot

You will go for martyr off innoncence , the best in slot
With scourge you can try to get +2 fir spell

RARE helmet , with :
- gain accuracy = to your streng
- neaby ennemies have -9 fire resistence
- life
- res
- VD enchant : +1 VD

Boby armor
Kaoms heart with the scourge mode , nearby ennemy take % maximum life when hit ( it will proc each time what you ignite a ennemies)

Ring 1
Ngamahu's sign , you can use fertile catalyst

Ring 2
RARE ring , with flammability on hit Life and res

eye of innonce with turbulance catalyt and annoit with undertaker

RARE glove , Life and res

RARE Boots , Life , move speed and res OR Death's Door

Stigian , Life res and dommage

Look for a 2 anger pene dommage

I don't want to read = POB

Why Blood Magic

Let's talk
With the introduction of Mana cost on trigger build , each cwtd was costing mana , at some point we didn't had enough mana to trigger them , we was so not able to create corps and the DPS was close to none , We use Bllod magic , like this all the trigger are on the life ( A other solution could be Eldrich batteries , You can test I don't like it)


dommage calculation

Vd Dommage
VD (144k / hit )* 4 (number of VD) * 3,33 ( cwc ) = 1,9M
Scourge Mod on body
18% of max life (8,8klife) * 5,56 ( inc fire ) * 1,4 ( more fire ) *6,66 ( cooldown 0,15) = 18*8800*5,56*1,4*6,66 = 100K
Dommage total => 2M Sirius DPS

What can be done

I push it on T16 done all guardien scourge 250 ... I think with enough skill , it can do all contente

Regards Exile

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Thanks mate! I will definitely try this out. The last time I played Jugg VD was when poets pen (rip) was pre-nerf.

The build looks kind of cool. Do you plan to update it for 3.16?

arcastle wrote:

The build looks kind of cool. Do you plan to update it for 3.16?


Hello mate,

Yes I plan to make a full updated with an optimis version Asap maybe this week end

you Can check my profile as i am playing eldrich version as jugg for the moment,

Id you have any question dont hésitate
Hows this character scaling in 3.16?

Have you done any end game bosses so far?

the build is ok for 3.17 . same as 3.16
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Guide and POB updated for 3.17
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Going to try this out! Looks fun :)

A few things:

1) best way to level this? With twink items.

2) I'm assuming we don't use blood magic for this season?

3) What is the firestorm for in the CWDT 5L on PoB? There is no other spot for a 5L since we're using Kaom's Heart?

4) The guide says WoC will be within a CWDT, but the PoB shows that WoC is self cast.

5) Ascendancy order? Hinekora, Tasalio, Valako?

6) Are we using a rare ring instead of Essence Worm since we're not blood magic now? On your post it says rare ring with flam, but in PoB it says essence worm.

Thanks :)
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