[3.15] Lightning Strike Berserker, 40M+ DPS, 100% Deli and Feared Viable, Budget Version Available


This is an Eternity Shroud Lightning Strike Berserker with infinite scalability, allowing you to slowly progress the character to having over 100M+ DPS. It currently utilizes low-life to get overleech, curse immunity, ailment immunity, magic find with Divination Distillate. This archetype can also be played with a variety of skills like Power Siphon, Tornado Shot, and Frost Blades. Check out the Youtube Videos for the build explanation and playstyle along with how to make this build for under 20 Exalts in the Budget Gear Video.

Why Lightning Strike:

Lightning Strike is actually one of the best abilities in the game due to it being a lightning skill with an inherent 50% Physical to Lightning Conversion, meaning we do not need to use Phys to Lightning Gem to get full conversion. Because it is a lightning skill, it means that we can fully convert it from lightning to cold to fire with the eternity shroud giving 50% of elemental damage as chaos at every point of the conversion chain.

Lightning Strike also can hit the enemy with both the melee and projectile hit without needing to use hydrosphere. In addition, Vaal Lightning Strike is an extremely good vaal skill that adds a lot of clear speed and boss damage, which double dips on attack speed scaling with Blitz Charges.

Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/Uv4bChE5



Build Overview: https://youtu.be/_aaAac_XN-s

Budget Gear Overview: https://youtu.be/T0RcafaWV78
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