[3.15] Forbidden Rite COCcultist | 100% Delirious,Feared ✅ Delete Bosses Instantly💀

Who am I
Hello,I’ve been playing PoE since the time when Act 3 Dominus was the last boss(5+ years ago) and there was also no loot filter.Those were the dark times :) After a couple of leagues passed with learning the game, i started creating my own builds.I always make solid builds which are also capable of farming high tier maps efficiently so you can farm good amount of currency.I make lots of builds and prepare video guides every league so check my youtube channel if you're interested.(Link's down below)

🔗 Links 🔗
I make lots of end game builds every league so check my channel if you want more solid builds.
Youtube profile:My youtube channel/Jaamon

My discord channel to discuss about PoE. You can also ask questions about my previous builds because i can't read comments all the time.Make sure you use the appropriate text channels.

🎞️ Videos 🎞️

🧾 Build summary & Mechanics 🧾

Our main skill is Forbidden rite.

But we are not casting it directly.We use "Cast on Critical Strike Support" gem to trigger it while using "Cyclone".This is a popular way to play COC(Cast on crit) builds for many years now.

Because cyclone is an attack skill, we need %100 hit chance so we don't miss any attacks.I'm using a rare sceptre and crafted "Hits can't be evaded" on it,so my hit chance is always %100.

COC requires high critical hit chance so we can actually proc our Forbidden rites.That's why critical strike chance is also a very important stat for this build.Try to aim for 90+ crit chance.
I picked Occultist-Witch because she has good notables for chaos skills,energy shield and also she provides critical strike chance which is needed for this build.

Cast on critical strike support has a cooldown.That's why you need to invest in cooldown reduction from your boots and belt(shaper and crusader influence has cooldown mod).Finally, Awakened Cast on Critical Strike Support also provides cooldown reduction.

I'll explain how cooldown works in the next section.

🤯 Cooldown and breakpoints (Very important section) 🤯

!!! Make sure you understand this part otherwise you'll lose millions of dps !!!
/// 0 Cooldown reduction -> 6.06 attacks per second ///
/// 14+ Cooldown reduction -> 7.57 attacks per second ///
/// 52+ Cooldown reduction -> 10.10 attacks per second

What do these numbers mean?
While playing COC Builds, you can either go with %0 cooldown reduction,%14+ cdr or %52+ cdr.Going above each breakpoint provides more procs(which is forbidden rite for this build) so adds millions of dps once you have good gear.That's why I highly recommend you to play with at least 14 cdr.For 52, you need better gear and more investment.
One final thing, if you have 14cdr or 30cdr, it is actually the same thing.So don't invest in more cooldown recovery rate unless you can hit the next braekpoint.

If you want to start playing with this build with a lower budget,pick %14 cdr.Get a belt or boots that provides 14 cdr and that's it.To hit the %52 cdr, you need boots,gloves and also Awakened cast on critical strike support so it gets more expensive but definitely worths the investment because you'll gain millions of dps.Abyss jewels also provides %2-3 CDR so you can also use couple of those to hit the breakpoint if you are missing some CDR.

Is Hitting Cooldown Breakpoints Enough?
Absolutely not.One big mistake people do all the time is they don't calculate their cyclone attack speed.Check the numbers above for a second.
NOTE: Check path of building to see your attack speed easier, in game calculations don't calculate tailwind so your attack speed will be shown wrong in game.

For example, if you want to play with %14+ cdr, your attacks per second for cyclone should be around 7.57 , but not more than 7.57.If you go above that, you'll start hitting the target without proccing any COC so you'll lose dps.For 14+ cdr, aim between 7 and (7,57) attacks per second.
For 52+ cdr, you need to be around 10,10 attacks per second.This is harder to balance because for maximum dps, you need to go above 10 attacks per second but not above 10,10.So there's a little gap (0,10 attacks per second) and it is harder to get that exact attack speed value.Using rare jewels which provide attack speed helps a lot to balance these values and use a Divine orb if you need a lower or higher value on those jewels.

👍 Pros & Cons 👎

+ Ridiculous DPS, Deletes bosses instantly
+ Can do all content, kills all bosses
+ Can do %100 delirium without headhunter(If you want to farm delirious maps all the time, you should definitely but hh anyways)
+ Uses Chaos Inoculation keystone so you're immune to chaos damage and poison
- Requires lots of calculations to make it work
- Not beginner friendly
- Expensive because it is COC build
- If you play slow or make mistakes, it is easy to get yourself killed in juiced high tier maps

👓 Gear and Explanations 👔

My gear

Gear explanation


Using sceptres with high attack speed values(1.5 is the highest).Karui sceptres are very good for this purpose.(You can also use other bases with same attack speed which is 1.5)We want a fast weapon so we can achieve those APS(Attack speed) values easier.If you want to craft your own weapon(which you should because it is hard to find and buy it), i'll explain how i crafted mine.First of all, to make things easier, if you can find fractured sceptres on the market, just buy one of those.Fractured means that the item will have a fractured stat which cannot be changed at all.So you can craft that weapon easier.Later on , i used essences to craft my weapon.The stats you want for this weapon;
High attack speed -> Essence of Zeal
Good spell damage -> Essence of Woe
Critical strike multiplier -> Doesn't have any essence :(
Open prefix so you can craft "Hits can't be evaded" from crafting bench.If you don't have this craft, get help from other players.Use The Forbidden Trove discord for craft services or join my discord.
So you want to pick Zeal or Woe essence and spam it until you hit the other good stats.Finally craft "Hits can't be evaded" and your weapon is ready.


This is an energy shield build so we want good energy shield on our shield.
Also we need to reserve lots of buffs and auras so our shield needs to have "Socketed gems have +X Reduced reservation." Then you want to put your buffs in your shield obviously ;)
So a good shield must have;
Socketed gems have +X Reduced reservation
High energy shield (250+ at least)
Resist (If you need any)
Intellect also works because it provides energy shield


Hubris circlet is the best energy shield base so i picked that.
For lab enchant, you want "Forbidden Rite fires an additional projectile"
If you want a cheaper helmet, just use Essence of woe or Dense fossils to craft it until you get a helmet with high energy shield.
If you want to invest in further, here's how to craft your helmet.
First of all, you want 2 different influenced modifiers and use Awakener's orb to merge them together.
+1 Maximum Power charge -> Warlord influence mod (75+ilvl)
Nearby Enemies have -9% to Chaos Resistance -> Hunter influence (85+ ilvl)
While buying your Hubris circlet with the enchant on it, type 75+ or 85+ ilvl and buy one.You cannot craft "Nearby Enemies have -9% to Chaos Resistance " on a helmet that is lower than 85ilvl so don't make that mistake.But you can buy a helmet between 75-85 and craft "+1 Maximum Power charge " on it which is fine.Later on you'll use Awakener's orb so you can add that "Nearby Enemies have -9% to Chaos Resistance " anyways.
To make things clear, you need 2 different helmets.
Helmet #1 is hubris circlet with lab enchant on it (75+ or 85+ilvl)
Helmet #2 is a random helmet(base doesn't matter, no enchant on it)
Use warlord's exalted or hunter's exalted orb on your enchanted hubris(depending on the ilvl you bought) and craft "+1 Maximum Power charge" OR "Nearby Enemies have -9% to Chaos Resistance " To craft power charges, you need to use alteration orbs. You can do the same method for "-9 chaos resist" but using "Aberrant fossils" on a Primitive resonator is way more efficient.In the end you'll have a hubris with one of these mods.
Buy or craft the 2nd helmet with the same method.Buying is mostly cheaper.2nd helmet can be any base type(no unique item obviously), and you don't need lab enchant on it.

!!! The most important thing about using Awakener's orb & How to use it!!!

A single item must have only 1 influence mod on it.Because using awakener's orb only carries 1 modifier to the final item.If an item have 2 influence modifiers, Awakener's orb will choose 1 randomly so it might ruin your final craft.For this craft, 1 helmet must have "+1 Maximum Power charge", other helmet must have "Nearby Enemies have -9% to Chaos Resistance" as the only influnce modifier.Using awakener's orb will craft a new helmet that has both of the modifiers(1 warlord,1 hunter mod)
If your both helmets are ready, click Awakener's orb, click the random base that you bought, finally click on hubris circlet with enchant on it.Both modifiers will be added to the final hubris circlet and your helmet is ready.

If your helmet misses any resists or energy shield, craft those on the bench and that's it.Feel free to sell the helmet and try new ones if you want to craft a better one.

Body Armour

Make sure you read the helmet section because i won't explain how to craft these kind of items again.
Using an energy shield base body armour.
You need ,
"Attacks have +(1.1–1.5)% to Critical Strike Chance" so you can increase that critical chance for cyclone.
"You can apply an additional Curse" so you can use 2 curses at the same time.(Despair and Assassin's mark)
These 2 are both hunter influence modifiers so you can easily buy a chest from someone else.
My chest actually also has a redeemer mod(10% chance to gain a Frenzy Charge on Hit) which is not needed but helps on boss fights a little.If you want to invest more, you can buy/craft something like that.


Gloves are cheap in this build.You want;
High energy shield
And dexterity(you'll need it)
Fingerless silk gloves are good for additional dps because they provide spell damage.

If you want extra clear speed while mapping, consider using these unique gloves.


First of all if you are playing with 14+ cdr, you can get a much cheaper boots because you won't need tailwind.Also if you got the cdr from belt or awakened cast on crit gem, you can skip cdr on boots too.Just get a boots high good energy shield,20+movement speed and some resists.Later on once you want to hit 52+ cdr,get something like this.

Tailwind(Hunter mod)-> Provides action speed which is attack and movement speed for this build.Helps to achieve that 10 APS value for 52+ cdr version.
Cooldown reduction(Crusader or Shaper mod)->You already know what cooldown is.

If you want to craft your own boots, i already explained how to use awakener's orb in the helmet section so go ahead and read that if you want.
Luxury stat for the boots: Use Aisling Rank 4 to get "Movement speed+Cannot be chilled".Craft "Cannot be frozen" so you don't need to use freeze remove flask at all.


We are using 2 curses, one is despair, other one is Assassin's mark.Rings are the perfect place to put these curses.Get one ring with despair, get another ring with Assassin's mark.
Other good stats are,
Energy shield
STR(One of your rings must have good strength)
Dex(if you still need)
Empty prefix on one ring so you can craft "Non-channelling skills have -7 Total mana cost" (This helps us to sustain our mana easier so i highly recommend you to craft this on at least one of your rings)


Forbidden rite is a chaos spell skill.If you want to get some good dps, you can put +1 gem level on your amulet.
Good stats;
+1 to Level of all Chaos Skill Gems
+1 to Level of all Intelligence Skill Gems
Critical strike multiplier
Energy shield


Belt is an important piece because you need to put Cooldown reduction on it.If you're playing with 14+ CDR, you can skip belt and put CDR on boots or get awakened cast on crit gem.
Good stats on belt;
Energy shield
Increased maximum energy shield
Cooldown recovery rate
Spell damage during any flask
Empty prefix->You can craft % increased damage
Note:You can actually craft "Cooldown recovery rate" from the bench yourself and that's what i did.But because it is only 12%, it isn't enough to hit 52cdr so i also use an abyss jewel with +3CDR to hit that 52%.Don't forget to calculate your cooldown reduction ;)

Most of these jewels have a unique placement slot on the talent tree so make sure you socket these to the exact jewel slots that i use.Check path of building for that.

Transcendant Flesh to get lots of critical strike multiplier.Check path of building and socket this to the correct jewel slot.Because you need to put this in a place that has lots of STR in it.Which is left side of templar starting area.

Militant Faith with High Templar Dominus

Make sure you buy the correct one.You need to get one with Dominus.This unique jewel converts a keystone in the radius to "Inner Conviction"
"3% more Spell Damage per Power Charge
Gain Power Charges instead of Frenzy Charges"
We have 8 power charges so this will grant us %24 more damage which is huge.

Energy from within

Converts life nodes to energy shield so we get some decent energy shield once you socket this near "Melding"

Intuitive Leap

Let's us get notables without even connecting the tree to them.


The only thing you want is Overlord so you can actually get fortify buff once you hit with cyclone.Fortify is only needed to become tankier so skip this if you don't mind dying.

Watcher's Eye

I picked a modifier to become tankier.If you want dps, pick other mods.
To become tankier;
Discipline-> +(20-30) Energy Shield gained for each Enemy Hit while affected by Discipline
For more dps;
Zealotry-> (100-120)% increased Critical Strike Chance against Enemies on Consecrated Ground while affected by Zealotry (Only good if your crit chance isn't 100%)
Zealotry-> Consecrated Ground you create while affected by Zealotry causes enemies to take (8-10)% increased Damage
Precision->+(20-30)% to Critical Strike Multiplier while affected by Precision

If you have the budget, combine any 2-3 mods together.

Cluster jewels

Large clusters (8 Points)
You can get different combinations if these get expensive.
Check here-> https://poedb.tw/us/mod.php?cn=BaseItemTypes&an=Large+Cluster+Jewel

Basically you want spell damage or chaos damage.Attack speed also helps to reach those APS Breakpoints.

Medium clusters(4-5 points)

Critical chance clusters help to reach 100% crit on this build.Quick getaway also has attack speed in it so consider that if you still need attack speed to reach breakpoints.
Curse clusters provide culling strike(let us kill enemies who has lower than 10% health instantly and also provides unnerve on hit which increased the damage enemies take by %10)

Rest of the rare jewels

Abyss Jewel(Optional depending on your CDR)

If you still need cooldown reduction to hit 52%, consider using abyss jewels with 2-3 CDR on them.I used one to reach 52 cdr.Other good stats are;
Energy shield
Critical strike multiplier
Attack speed

Cobalt/Viridian/Crimson Jewels

These are very good to get attack speed, damage or energy shield.
Good stats; (pick depending on what your character needs)
(6–8)% increased Attack Speed with Maces or Sceptres
(4–6)% increased Attack Speed with One Handed Melee Weapons
(3–5)% increased Attack Speed
(2–4)% increased Attack and Cast Speed
+(9–12)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
(9–13)% increased Chaos Damage
(6–8)% increased maximum Energy Shield
(10–12)% increased Spell Damage
(14–16)% increased Spell Damage while holding a Shield

💎 Gem links 💎

Main setup (6-linked): Cast on Crit

Cyclone - Cast on Critical Strike - Void Manipulation - Forbidden Rite - Added Chaos Damage - Increased Critical Strikes

Buff setup (3-linked, goes into shield)

Zealotry - Vaal Discipline - Precision
Do NOT level precision to 20.You might have mana problems.Mine is at lvl 5.

Helmet (4-linked)

Withering Step - Enhance - Flame Dash - Arcane Surge
Use Flame Dash as mobility skill.It also procs Arcane surge which provides more spell damage.Do NOT level arcane surge much otherwise it won't work with 1 flame dash cast.You might want to lock Arcane surge at a low level so it procs whenever you press Flame Dash.
Withering step applies wither stacks to enemies.Which increases the chaos damage they take.Before attacking a big boss, simply press Withering step and walk to the boss, then start cycloning.

Gloves (4-linked)

Wither - Faster Casting - Spell Totem - Multiple Totems
Wither applies wither stacks similar to withering step skill.We link this spell to spell totem support so totems cast wither instead of us.Just place your totems near a boss before attacking it then go for the boss.Attacking a boss without any wither stacks will cost you millions of dps.


Cast when damage taken - Immortal Call
Lock these gems at lvl 1.Whenever you take the required amount of damage that is written on cast when damage taken(cwdt for short), your immortal call will proc.Which provides mitigation.
1-socket(Put in weapon or boots)

Vaal Righteous Fire
A huge dps cooldown.This is a vaal skill so it might not be ready all the times.Do NOT use normal righteous fire because you'll die.Only use Vaal whenever you want a dps boost but beware! Using Vaal righteous fire consumes lots of energy shield so you might die if you press it at wrong times.Use at your own risk :D

🧃 Flasks 🍸

Put different ailment remove effects on your magic flasks.You need;
Heat-> Freeze and chill
Dousing-> Ignite
Staunching -> Bleed and corrupted blood

Quicksilver for movement speed.

Diamond flask provides critical strike chance.

Silver flask provides Onslaught buff which gives us attack speed,cast speed and movement speed.Make sure you craft this with alterations nicely so you can drink this twice on boss fights.You want +x max charges or %x reduced charges used.

Provides more projectiles.You can skip this while mapping.This is needed to delete end game bosses faster.

Provides armour and block chance.Good for mapping.

Most expensive flask in the game.Provides lots of critical strike chance and also applies %x damage taken to enemies.You must buy this eventually.Excellent for killing bosses faster.You don't need this for mapping.I use Rumi instead.

☠️ Bandit & Pantheons ☠️

Kill all bandits or help Alira.You can change this later on using vendor recipe.


⁉️ Ascendancy Points Order ⁉️

You can't level as Cast on crit so i won't write anything here.You need to level your character to at least lvl 68 to start playing this build.I usually level my witch characters as spellslinger builds.Eye of winter spellslinger is good after 3.15 patch.Maybe i'll put a leveling guide some day.

📋 Pastebin 📋

Make sure you're using LocalIdentity's Community Fork Path of Building.
Download link: https://pathofbuilding.community
Build link: https://pastebin.com/GZjJXYrk

Contact me in discord or in game for any questions.It's 2021 , i won't chat on the forum :D
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Would like to contact you on Discord sometime.

Currently working on this build (Have been going over several FR COCultist guides) and trying to figure mine out.

None of the other guides really went into the break points on attackspeed/CDR, which has helped me understand a lot.

Level 92 currently and have been following someone elses guide. My DPS is nowhere near where yours is. I do have almost 10k Energy shield though. Even with 10k ES I find myself just popping sometimes in large groups of enemies so was worried about following a different guide with 7kes.

I'm guessing the massive difference in damage keeps you alive compared to mine. Will have to work on it.
Last edited by Tanerian on Aug 27, 2021, 3:36:28 AM
Im following your guide but im mussing someting about the crit chance. I have like 45% crit chance with cyclone and i have no idea what updates i would need to gfet close to 100%.
Ant tips would be apreciated
Agulha_Negr4 wrote:
Im following your guide but im mussing someting about the crit chance. I have like 45% crit chance with cyclone and i have no idea what updates i would need to gfet close to 100%.
Ant tips would be apreciated

Are you taking power charges into account?
Last edited by Tanerian on Aug 30, 2021, 3:09:30 AM
Tanerian wrote:
Agulha_Negr4 wrote:
Im following your guide but im mussing someting about the crit chance. I have like 45% crit chance with cyclone and i have no idea what updates i would need to gfet close to 100%.
Ant tips would be apreciated

Are you taking power charges into account?

You are right, I was not. With Power charges i can get up to 80% crit chance
Which increases the chaos damage they take.Before attacking a big boss, simply press Withering step and walk to the boss, then start cycloning.

Discovered that you should press cyclone first and then press withering step as withering step will not fade while cyclone is going, increasing your cyclone move speed and continuing to proc wither on npcs as you move.

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