3.15 🥶Ice Trap🥶 Saboteur OR Raider League Starter Build - Freeze ALL BOSSES with Un-Nerfed Damage

Welcome to my Expedition league starter, Ice traps! I'm going to update this forum post later, but for now, this is what I have. Check the POB in the video, you'll be well surprised by the quality and effort put into it especially considering it's a trap build and will probably only be good in this league.

POB UPDATED 7/27 TDLR: Max Block route, + endurance charges and immortal call.

If you have any questions the easiest place to reach me is my stream at:

or my discord:

Where I can Find The POB
The most up to date POB is going to be in the youtube video

Video Guide

1. Pros You traps, and you didn't get nerfed, also you freeze all bosses with 2+ million budget damage AFTER NERFS

2. Cons You're a trap build so you have to wait for trap detonations which for some is not that cool, but honestly, it doesn't take much to get used to

Single Target Rotation
Throw Ice traps down, then arma brand, bear trap, frost bomb, pop the boss, and use frostbite. You really only need to do this if you've pushed to red maps fast, or are dong late game bosses like high awakened conquerors and maven invitations.

1. Why Traps over mines?
It- A bit cheaper, still great damage, one-button playstyle, freezing and chilling monsters/bosses makes encounters MUCH easier (Just freeze the breach lords 4Head)

2. Eldtritch battery + Tinkerskin - Mana flask?
- Yes you can use EB with tinkerskin to link bonechill to skitter bots, and then use your energy shield to cast the Ice Traps. Eventually, you'll use slavedriver's hands and drop this, but you can do this until then.

3. Raider V.S Sab
- Raider moves faster and can get full ailment avoidance with some investment, but will by FAR have WAY less damage since sab get's so much crit chance, multi, pen, 200 inc damage
from 20 traps being pre-loaded (going down as the traps trigger), and a pseudo 25% MORE damage multiplier on traps having a 25% chance to trigger again (they'll go through a fast re-arm, and then can trigger again)

4. Explosive Trap V.S Ice Trap
- Explosive does more damage
- Ice trap has better clear, and can chill/freeze bosses SO EASY now that ailment thresholds have been changed. You'll just stand there and the boss won't move LMAO
- They're both great and do enough damage. It's just what you want more. More damage, or WAY easier time doing bosses

5. What to get for jewels?
- Get Maximum life and trap throw speed FIRST, then get crit multi/cast speed(once you have arch/slave gloves)

6. Why not Chain Reaction?
-You can take it if you want, but you'd be giving up so much damage, for a bigger circle while clearing. It's up to you though, you can change the build however you want.

7.Expensive? The only expensive part of the build could be the slavedriver hands (which you don't need), you can just use architect's hands until then too as those are easy and cheap! Tinkerskin is going to be 6 exalts for a six link anyway, so I don't see the base going up much more than 1 exalt MAX.

8.Damage? Look at full damage, and not "per trap" as we throw many traps.

9.Mana? Make sure you have enduring mana flask
-Dream fragments is a good idea if you want to have full ailment
immunity and fix some mana problems as well.
-Eldritch Battery OR Slavedrivers WITH Tinkerskin solves all mana
issues. I don't reccommend swapping to tinker until 6 linked
though. Up to you though in the end!
-Later on we grab Aqueous Accelerant which gives our mana flask a big
-Otherwise you can drop bonechill for the extra mana.
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where can i find the pob
where can i find the pob

Check the youtube video!
Huh... Cool!
4k life btw.
IGN: Manthra_Ackbars
Jshaw995 wrote:
4k life btw.

You get more with better gear, but also you can spec more life if you want. Since we're softcore and with the heavy nerfs to damage, I figured people would be OK blasting through the content like last league, but if you need to take it slower and with more life then feel free! If you need I can add more life on the tree for you, just let me know.
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Looks interesting. Would you recommend a build like this for SSF where you don't have easy access to the uniques?
Is where going to be any LL or CI version later on?

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