Between Season Race 8: 30 Minute Solo

Standard rules for league events apply. Please click this link if this is your first race event.

These interim events are intended for fun and for testing between seasons. When we announce the details of Season Two, awesome prize rewards will return. Season two starts on April 20 (NZT).


The top player of each class by experience will receive the Demigod's Triumph (Unique Golden Wreath, awarded in most Open Beta races).

are all mid season races that only nro.1 of each class gets price? im 1 point away from sword and now theres no more point to win??
they are season rewards, and the season is done. So im going to guess that sadly no more points can be gained
unable to connect to patching server

FUCK! :(
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299. First race I'm able to finish alive haha. I'm afraid I'm too slow... :(
To much RNG influence for my taste, get MS boots of vendor first time you enter town and you have a huge advantage, add a quicksilver drop before or at ledge and you can't lose basically.
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7th mara. with better mobs at graveyard would be #5 mara but I had to enter the cave and kill flicker pirates.

Would be better if I had found a tribal maul in rocky clim/prison so I lost 2 min at brutus.
Another 15 sec putting a regal into stash

With better flasks prolly would be 1-2 more min.
1 min getting Firetrap and Dualstrike. No SSD ~1 min so 5 more min lost which would be around 2 level.

Final EQ:


Race is too much luck based since I had level10-level 13 in a test runs.

Edit on the other side barely any rangers in Top 50. I should run rangers again.
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Whats up with RMT spam accounts after page 24? Trying to DDos?
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