[3.16 UPDATED] Bergerbrush's Budget & Beginner Divine Ire Totem Hierophant

Hello everyone! My name is Bergerbrush and this build is my Budget & Beginner Friendly Divine Ire Totem Hierophant. This Guide will have all information needed for newer or older players to start off from level 1 as you are exiled upon the Twilight Strand. And I will guide you the whole way to the Path of Exile endgame.

If you have any questions regarding the Build or suggestions feel free to contact me in my Twitch Stream where I stream sometimes.

3.16 Updates

Update #1 - Overall the build seems to have been improved, it slightly gained some damage and stayed basicly the same overall. Also totems have bene changed so they survive a lot more as well and if there is any feedback on this we might be able to work with that.

With the changes to the Skill Tree we now use a few Masteries and have gained a bit of DPS.

3.16 PoB: https://pastebin.com/n5upK4Gv


+ Good & Easy Map clear
+ Good Single Target DPS
+ League Start Viable
+ Totems make for easy Gameplay
+ High Block / Max Block
+ Stun Immunity
+ Curse Immune
+ Strong Defensively

- Requires dodging attacks sometimes
- Cannot do "No Regen" Maps
- Requires an active playstyle
- Can not take on All of Endgame on Budget Version


Information about the Build



Divine Ire

Divine Ire is a channeling skill that release a large beam when it reaches max charges. When channeling Divine Ire it has a circle around it that deals a smaller amount of damage than the actual beam does. Also when you hit several enemies or a Rare/Unique enemy aka Bosses. The charges goes to max faster. So when channeling you want to hit enemies with the circles so you can release the beam faster.


When we place down Totems it will channel Divine Ire for us and the same mechanics of Divine Ire will apply to our totems. It will channel a large circle around the totem and then release a beam at max charges.

When we get the Skill Node "Ancestral Bond" we can no longer deal damage ourselfs and rely fully on our Totems to deal damage. Since we have "Multiple Totems" and quite fast "Totem Placement Speed" we can place down 6 totems really fast on packs of enemies or bosses and they will all channel Divine Ire.


Curse Immunity

Technically we aren't Curse Immune on this build, because we can still have Curses applied to us. But because of the "Soul Mantle, Spidersilk Robe" we need a way to deal with all the curses that are applied to us. We therefor use "Kikazaru, Topaz Rings" and the skill point "Sanctum of Thought" in order to reduce the effect of curses by 100%. So we have curses applied to us but they actually don't do anything. When we then pair this with the "Self-Flagellation Viridian Jewel" we instead turn all these curses into damage.

Also what this means is that we don't have to care about the curses that enemies inflict or the curses from maps.


We use a Shield in this build and Shields are a great way to have extra defense on top of your usual Life and or Energy Shield. Shields give us a Block Chance and we also get Spell Block Chance in our Skill Tree. When we pair that with the Skill Node "Glancing Blows" we double our Block & Spell Block Chance so we can reach as close as possible to the Maximum which is 75/75.

The downside of this is that "Glancing Blows" makes it so when we block something we still take 65% of that damage. But this is still a good form of damage mitigation overall compared to not having a high Block Chance which would be less consistent for us.

Stun Immunity

Stun Immunity is really important in Path of Exile as Stuns can be quite devistating for any character. And the chance to stun is based off the damage done in a single hit compared to the target's maximum life.

If you get stunned in PoE your character stops which will in most cases result in more damage taken because moving in Path of Exile can be very important.

It is therefor very important on many characters to be Stun Immune. We accquire this from the Skill Point "Unwavering Stance"

Mind over Matter & Mana Pool

In this Build we utilize the "Mind over Matter" Skill Point and also the Hierophant ascendancy node "Divine Guidance". These makes it so that when we take damage our Mana Pool *acts as a secondary health pool* and it takes away from our mana before life.

We build a decent mana pool paired with a good mana regeneration rate in order to improve our overall "eHP" aka effective health pool. So with our Block, Mana Pool, Energy Shield and Life Pool. We become quite tanky.

The mechanics behind Mind over Matter is a bit specific but I will go over them quickly here if you want an understanding of them.

With Mind over Matter mana is taken before Life. But the Mana portion is not mitigated, so we take full portion of the damage on our Mana Pool first. Then when we start loosing Health it will then be mitigated.

If you have Energy Shield it will basicly work the same. It takes a portion of our mana first, not mitigated. Then it will take Energy Shield, which is mitigated and then lastly our Health which will also be mitigated.

Showcase & Videos


Build Guide Videos
Divine Ire Totem Hiero Build Guide Video

Short Build Guide Video

Leveling Guide Video


Killing A8 T14 Al-Hezmin

Here is a Playlist of Helpful Videos & Tips in Path of Exile

Playlist of Tips & Tricks


Below you will find 4 Sections with explanations to your leveling progression. Gear, Skill Trees, Skill Gems and Ascendancy Choices all have extensive information with everything you need to know.

I also suggest looking at the videos below if you need help with leveling in general or this specific character.

Here is a Leveling Guide Video with different Tips & Tricks on how to Level this Character

Here is a Playlist loaded with Information regarding how Path of Exile works and how to understand the game better.

Leveling Gear Act 1-10


Good Uniques for Leveling Early

- Tabula Rasa -

Tabula Rasa is one of the most common leveling items because it has 6-links and all are white which means you can slot any gems into the sockets. The item also doesn't have any requirements and can therefor be worn by anyone at any given time. But keep in mind, it doesn't really have any stats. But because of the 6-link it provides a large damage boost.

- Wanderlust Shoes -

Wanderlust shoes are one of the most common leveling boots. It can be used at level 1 and has no requirements. It provides a good amount of movement speed and also Freeze Immunity.

- Goldrim Leathercap -

Goldrim is a very common leveling helmet as well. As it also can be used at Level 1 and gives a LARGE AMOUNT of all Elemental Resists.

- Lifespring Wand -

Lifespring Wand's are also one of the most common leveling wands for spellcasters. As they can be used at Level 1 and provide a good amount of damage, cast speed and even a little bit of life. But the main thing that they do is that they give +1 to socketed spell gems. And Gem levels for Spellcasters is a really nice damage boost.

- Le Heup of All Ring -

There aren't many really great rings for leveling. But Le Heup of All is a pretty good choice. It gives a nice stat boost to help with overall gearing, it gives damage and a good amount of resists.

Rare Gear & How to Obtain it

- Wand Recipe -
item here

The Wand Recipe is a great and easy way to get a lot of damage. Since "Adds x to x Damage to Spells" is so strong for spells early on it is incredibly good to use these wands. On this character we will use the Lightning Damage Wand recipe.

The way to obtain this wand is to sell "a Topaz Ring + a Magic Wand + an Alteration Orb" - The rarity of the ring determines the damage on the Wand, but also the required level. So I suggest a Normal Topaz Ring or a Magic Topaz Ring earlier on.

And these wands last pretty long so I would suggest getting one or two wands at level 12 using the Magic Topaz Ring. And then atleast once more when you are level 20+ using Rare Topaz Rings.

- General Rare Gear -
Gloves - Helmet - Belt - Rings - Body Armour - Amulet

For these items it is generally very much the same when you level new characters. You want modifiers such as:

+ to Maximum Life
+% to any RESISTS you need

- Boots -

Boots are very simple as well, same as other General Rare Gear items but we also want movement speed. We want modifiers such as:

+ to Maximum Life
+% to any RESISTS you need
% Increased Movement Speed (The higher the better)

- Shield for level 47 -

Shield is just as the other gear but we also want some damage if possible. We want modifiers such as:

+ to Maximum Life
+% to any RESISTS you need
% Increased Spell Damage
% Increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells
% Increased Cast Speed

Gem Skills for Leveling Act 1-10


- Level 1-12 (Act 1) -

Freezing Pulse - Spell Cascade

Frost Bomb - Onslaught - Spell Cascade

Holy Flame Totem - Added Fire (After Brutus)

Frostblink - Arcane Surge (Swap for Flame Dash - Arcane Surge after killing Brutus)

Clarity (After Brutus)

At level 12 use Wand Recipe and swap over to Arc instead of Freezing Pulse.

Arc - Added Lightning - Onslaught

- Level 12-22 (Act 2) -

Arc - Added Lightning - Onslaught - Elemental Focus (if 4link & after killing spider)

Herald of Thunder (after killing Fidelitas)

- Level 22-32 (Act 3) -

Divine Ire - Added Lightning - Elemental Focus - Infused Channeling (After Killing Gravecious at Level 28)

- Level 32-40 (Act 4) -

Holy Flame Totem - Added Fire - Multiple Totem Support (After level 38 + Killing Daresso/Kaom) - Added Lightning (If another 4-Link is available)

Herald of Thunder - Hextouch - Elemental Weakness (After level 38 + Killing Malachai)

- Level 60-64 (Act 9) -

When you pickup Ancestral Bond at level 60 you can start using Divine Ire Totems in a 4-Link minimum.

Divine Ire - Lightning Damage - Multiple Totems - Spell Totem

Another really good thing would be to get a hold of a minimum 4-Link or 5-Link Soul Mantle and 2x Kikazaru Rings to pair with the Soul Mantle and then use these links.

Divine Ire - Lightning Damage - Multiple Totems - Infused Channeling (If 4-Link)

Divine Ire - Lightning Damage - Multiple Totems - Infused Channeling - Elemental Focus (If 5-Link)

Most of these setups will be changed later for the End Game Skill Gem Setup. But these will do fine for now during the acts.

Skill Tree's for Act 1-10


Act 1 Level 1-12
Act 1

Act 2 Level 12-22
Act 2

For the Bandits Quest in Act 2 I suggest you Save Alira.
Alira gives us:

+20% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier (Which means Damage for our Build)
+15% to all Elemental Resistances (Which means we balance Resists much easier)
5 Mana Regenerated per second (Which is quite good for us)

If you want to you can also Kill all Bandits, BUT that makes it harder to build the character for endgame because we need more Resists on Gear.

Kill all Bandits gives us:
2 Extra Skill Points (We can use these in the skill tree for more life/damage)

Act 3 Level 22-32
Act 3

Act 4 Level 32-40
Act 4

I suggest doing your first Labyrinth at level 38 when you get "Multiple Totem Support" as a quest reward from Oyun. You get it after opening the way to the "Belly of the Beast" after you defeat Daresso and Kaom.

Look at the "Gem Skills" Section for Act 4 - Level 38 to see what Skill Setups you wanna use in order to take on the Labyrinth and "Izaro".

You want to choose "Conviction of Power" with your first Ascendancy Skill Points. It gives us Endurance Charges and Power Charges. Endurance Charges gives us Physical Damage Reduction and Elemental Resists per charge. So 4 Charges is quite good for leveling to balance your defences early on. And Power Charges gives us increased Critical Strike Chance per power charge, so this gives us a DPS boost.

If you do not know what the Labyrinth/Ascendancy system is I direct you to a quick video I made that explains the Labyrinth, Ascendancies and the Trials.


Act 5 Level 40-45
Act 5

Act 6 Level 45-50
Act 6

Pickup a Shield at level 47 and use that instead of your second wand. We will start getting Shield nodes in the skill tree and also want to boost our defences a bit for the future acts.

Also make sure that after you defeat Kitava at the end of Act 5 to keep track of your resistances. Kitava lowers your resistances by 30% once you defeat him. And there is a lot of heavy elemental damage coming up in Act 6 and further ahead.

Act 7 Level 50-55
Act 7

After finishing the quest "The Silver Locket" take the "Diamond Flask" as your reward from Weylam Roth. We will use this Flask in our Flask Setup as it gives us a huge damage boost.

Act 8 Level 55-60
Act 8

At the beginning of Act 8 I suggest that you go and do your second Labyrinth now. We will soon swap over to using "Ancestral Bond" and the ascendancy points "Pursuit of Faith" will come in very handy at that point.

Act 9 Level 60-64
Act 9

Act 10 Level 64-68
Act 10

I suggest doing your third Labyrinth at level 68 before you battle Kitava again. The third set of skill points in our ascendancy tree "Ritual of Awakening" will be really helpful for this battle. It provides us with a good damage boost and also nice mana and health regeneration.

Ascendancy Choices


Video of Labyrinth & Trials Explanation

1st / Normal Labyrinth: Conviction of Power
2nd / Cruel Labyrinth: Pursuit of Faith
3rd / Merciless Labyrinth: Ritual of Awakening
4th / Eternal Labyrinth: Divine Guidance

Pantheon Choices


The Pantheon is unlocked after Act 6 when you start defeating certain bosses in the Acts. It is a little mini "Skill Tree" where you can select 1 Major Skill and 1 Minor Skill. By clicking "Y" in game you can open your Pantheon and select which ones you want. I suggest these different Skills depending on your playstyle.

Major Pantheon:

I would suggest Soul of Lunaris for mapping. It provides extra defenses with % Physical Damage Reduction and also gives us % Movement Speed.

Minor Pantheon:

I would suggest Soul of Shakari because it provides us with some extra defences against Chaos Damage overall and Chaos Damage on Caustic Ground which can be quite hurtful for us.


Congratulations! You made it past Act 10 Kitava and are now ready for the Endgame in Path of Exile. Make sure to watch these videos below if you do not know how to prepare for the Endgame or where to start!


Here is a Video to help you Prepare for Mapping after Defeating Act 10 Kitava!

Skill Tree & Path of Building


Stage 1 Skill Tree ~ Level 85

Beginner & Budget PoB ~ Level 85: https://pastebin.com/9XEkApmR

Includes Leveling Skill Tree & Gear, Stage 2 Skill Tree & Gear and Stage 3 Skill Tree & Gear

Here is a video explaining how to use Path of Building

Gem Links


IMPORTANT - You always wanna try to keep your Gems atleast Level 20 with 20% Quality unless I specifically say something different. If the Gems in this Guide don't have 20/20 Gems it is because I don't have those myself and can therefor not link them in this Guide.


With the Soul Mantle Body Armour

Only use the Soul Mantle if you have your Kikazaru Rings. Otherwise you will not be Immune to the Curses that the Soul Mantle inflict us with.


With the Soul Mantle Body Armour

Only use the Soul Mantle if you have your Kikazaru Rings. Otherwise you will not be Immune to the Curses that the Soul Mantle inflict us with.


If used with Tabula Rasa or any Rare Body Armour


Arcanist Brand & Damage Support

You only need to cast Arcanist Brand on Bosses every (how long duration) seconds. Arcanist Brand is a skill that automaticly casts the spells we have linked to it. It therefor will cast "Assassin's Mark" & "Blade Blast" automaticly on the boss for extra damage support on our Divine Ire.

Defensive Setup

Put your Arcane Cloak on your left Click so it automaticly casts itself when you are moving. This is a nice trick to keep the Arcane Cloak buff up most of the time without having to think about pressing it yourself all the time. It will work as your normal "RUN" button but will just use Arcane Cloak whenever the cooldown is off.

Don't use the Grace Aura itself, we only use the Vaal Version when ever it is available to gain a defensive boost from the Dodge it provides us.

Movement Skills

Utility & Extra

Sigil of Power is a ground effect that you put down that increases your damage while inside the area if you spend mana in the area. It also decreases damage by enemies that are inside the area as well.

Use this as a DPS boost or as a defensive boost when fighting large packs of enemies or even bosses.

IMPORTANT - It is very important to keep "Cast When Damage Taken" at level 2. And "Tempest Shield" at level 8. Do not level these further than that. They have very specific synergy and Tempest Shield gives us a defensive boost by giving us more block when we take damage.

The Lightning Golem isn't extremely important, but try to keep him up as often as possible still. He provides a bit of extra Cast Speed.




Here we will go over what gear you want and above is a helpful video to show you how to trade for gear on the Path of Exile Trade Website.

- Wand -

CHEAP - Look for modifiers on Rare Wands such as:

% Increased Spell Damage
% Increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells
Adds x to x Lightning Damage to Spells
% Increased Cast Speed
% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier

These are all the main modifiers we want on our Wand. Having all the modifiers together can become expensive. So do your best to find a wand that has as many as possible with as high numbers as possible within your Budget.

Other good modififers that can also be used on our Wands are:
+ to Maximum Mana
+1 to Level of all Physical Gems or
+1 to Level of all Lightning Gems

- Shield -

CHEAP - Look for modifiers on Rare Shields such as:

+ to Maximum Life
% Increased Spell Damage
% Increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells
% Increased Cast Speed
+% to any RESISTS you need

- Body Armour -

CHEAP~MEDIUM Price A 5-Link Soul Mantle works great to begin with if you cannot afford or obtain a 6-Link Soul Mantle. This is our endgame Body Armour.

If you can not afford or accquire a Soul Mantle, I suggest a Tabula Rasa or a Rare Body Armour until you can.

CHEAP - Tabula Rasa or Rare Body Armour for 6-Link until we get the Soul Mantle & Kikazaru Rings.

- Helmet -

CHEAP - On your helmet you want modifiers such as:

+ to Maximum Life
+ to Maximum Mana
+% to any RESISTS you need


CHEAP - On your Amulet you want modifiers such as:

+ to Maximum Life
+% to any RESISTS you need
+ to Dexterity
+% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier.

ANNOINT - Command of Steel - (Amber Oil+Crimson Oil+Opalescent Oil)


- Rings -

CHEAP - 2x Kikazaru Ring's is very important to this Build when using the Soul Mantle Body Armour. They are the reason we are "Immune" to any Curses.

CHEAP - If using a Tabula Rasa or a 6-Linked Rare Body Armour, then instead of using Kikazaru's we use Rare Rings with modifiers such as:

+ to Maximum Life
+ to Maximum Mana
+% to Any RESISTS you need
% Increased Cast Speed
% Increased Mana Regeneration Rate

- Gloves -

CHEAP - You want Rare Gloves with modifiers such as:

+ to Maximum Life
+ to Maximum Mana
+% to any RESISTS you need

- Belt -

CHEAP~MEDIUM Price Look MAINLY for a Leather Belt, a Chain Belt, a Heavy Belt or a Stygian Vise. On our Rare Belt we want modifiers such as:

+ to Maximum Life
+ to Maximum Mana
+% to any RESISTS you need

The "Stygian Vise" belt is the most expensive, but also the best. Because it allows us to slot in a "Abyssal Jewel" into it's jewel socket. This can provide us with more overall defenses or more damage. Look in the *Jewel* section to see what "Abyssal Jewel" you want.

- Boots -

CHEAP - On Boots look for modifiers such as:

+ to Maximum Life
% Increased Movement Speed (preferably 25% or 30%)
+ to Maximum Mana
+% to any RESISTS you need

- Flasks -

CHEAP - I suggest an Anti Bleed Flask, an Anti Freeze Flask and then a Diamond Flask with Critical Strike Chance crafted. Then an Atziri's Promise for Damage and a Quartz Flask for "Phasing".

I have the "Increased Critical Strike Chance during Flask Effet" craft. Just ask me on Stream and I can craft it for you.

- Jewels -

CHEAP The Self-Flagellation Jewel is great for us when we use the Soul Mantle Body Armour since the Body Armour curses us with several curses when we respawn totems or when our totems die. But because we have Kikazaru Ring's and 20% Reduced Effect of Curses in our Skill Tree our Curse Effect reduces to 0% and Curses don't affect us. But with the Self-Flagellation Jewel we instead turn all those curses into MORE DAMAGE!

CHEAP~MEDIUM Price - For Jewels you have many options. Good modifiers on Jewels are:

% Increased Maximum Life
% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
% to Critical Strike Multiplier for Spells
% Increased Cast Speed
% Increased Cast Speed while holding a Shield

But the ones I have chosen for my character was mainly "% Increased Maximum Life" and "Global Critical Strike Multiplier".

I suggest mainly looking for "% Increased Maximum Life" and any form of Damage or RESISTS if you need it.

- Abyssal Jewel -

CHEAP Price - Abyssal Jewel to put in the Stygian Vise. We want modifiers such as:

+ to Maximum Life
+% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
% of Damage Taken recouped as Mana


It is time to upgrade our gear even more as Path of Exile is a lot about character progression and gear progression. We have gotten a bit further into the Endgame of PoE and now as the difficulty bar is raising, so do we have to raise our damage and defenses.

Main Item Upgrades


- Fingerless Silk Gloves -

MEDIUM Price - The Fingerless Silk Gloves are a perfect base for us because it gives us extra Spell Damage.

Focus once again on Modifiers such as:

+ to Maximum Life
+ to Maximum Mana
+% to any RESISTS you need

It is also very important to have the specific modifier "% of Physical Damage Converted to Lightning Damage" and get a minimum of 25% on that. This makes it so we convert all our Damage from Divine Ire to Lightning Damage. Since Divine Ire is has a base damage of 50% Physical and 50% Lightning. The rest of the 25% Conversion comes from the "Divine Wrath" skill node in our skill tree.

- Amulet Upgrade -

MEDIUM Price - I suggest going for an even stronger Amulet upgrade at this point, unless your current Amulet is very strong.

We will once again focus on the same modifiers but just more or higher this time:

+ to Maximum Life,
+% Any RESISTS you need
% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
% Increased Cast Speed

ANNOINT - Command of Steel - (Amber Oil+Crimson Oil+Opalescent Oil)


- Medium Cluster Jewel -

MEDIUM Price - Get a "Totem Damage" Cluster Jewel with "Sleepless Sentries" MAINLY and also if possible "Ancestral Reach OR Snaring Spirits"

Sleepless Sentries gives us Onslaught which is a 20% Movement, Cast and Attack Speed buff which is great for us and our Totems.

Here is a quick Video to explain how Cluster Jewels work and how to use them!

- Thread of Hope Jewel -

CHEAP Price~MEDIUM Price - You specifically want a Thread of Hope Jewel with "Only affects passives in MEDIUM RING" It's the Medium we want.

You put this in the Jewel Socket left of the skill tree and allocate only the Large Nodes that are shown in this Picture and unallocate the smaller nodes leading up to "Divine Wrath & Divine Fury"

- Reduced Curse Effect Rare Rings -

MEDIUM Price - This part is a little bit tricky. There is no issue with keeping your Kikazaru Ring's longer if that is prefered. But upgrading to Rare Rings until Stage 3 can be quite nice defensively.

The most important thing here is to get "Crusader Influenced" Rings with the modifier "35% Reduced Effect of Curses on you". IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT IT IS 35% minimum without having any Quality on it. When adding quality to the ring with the "Imbued Catalyst" it will increase from 35% to 40% Reduced Effect of Curses. So 2 of these rings will make up for the Kikazaru's. And since these are Rare Rings you can now pair these with other good modifiers such as Life, Resists, Cast Speed and so on.

If this is too hard to understand, here is a video where I explain this more in detail.


Skill Tree & Path of Building


Stage 2 Skill Tree ~ Level 90

PoB for Stage 2 ~ Level 90: https://pastebin.com/EFjYXUnh

Includes Leveling Skill Tree & Gear, Stage 1 Skill Tree & Gear and Stage 3 Skill Tree & Gear

Stage 2 Skill Tree ~ Level 95

PoB for Stage 2 ~ Level 95: https://pastebin.com/Xg08EnRS

Includes Leveling Skill Tree & Gear, Stage 1 Skill Tree & Gear and Stage 3 Skill Tree & Gear


In this Stage the build will start to get quite expensive, and some of the later items listed in this section will have the EXPENSIVE Price tag.

The reason some of this gear is expensive is due to how good they are. And because of how powerful certain items listed here are, it will increase our power and damage quite extensively as well!

IMPORTANT - Because of the massive GEAR OVERHAUL that we do in this section. Keep track of your overall resists to see if you also need to change any other pieces of gear, or need specific jewels added to your build in order to keep your resistances balanced.

Main Item Upgrades


- Viridi's Veil Praetor Crown-

CHEAP Price~MEDIUM Price - This is one of the key changes we will do for this Stage. We will swap out our Rare Helmet for this one instead. It is because it will grant us Hexproof with our Ring changes and also it is quite good defensively.

- Magic Ring -

CHEAP - We get a Magic Ring and put it in our "Right Ring Slot" due to our "Viridi's Veil" Helmet. It gives us hexproof when we have a Magic Ring in our Right Ring Slot.

It also gives us a good defensive boost because of the modifier "Damage of Enemies Hitting you is Unlucky while you have a Magic Ring equipped."

- Essence Worm, Unset Ring -

CHEAP - With the Essence Worm ring we can socket in "Wrath" and gain a large damage boost because of having that aura. While we have it in the Essence Worm ring. It doesn't reserve any of our mana so we still have our full mana pool for Mind over Matter and our defenses.

- Coward's Legacy Chain Belt -

MEDIUM Price - This belt is the main reason why we swapped out our Helmet & our Rings. This belt counts us as Low Life and we can therefor gain a massive damage boost by getting the "Pain Attunement" skill point.

But it also increases Curse Effects on us by 50% so our Rings don't give us Hexproof/Curse Immunity anymore. So therefor we swap out our Helmet and our ring to make up for this. Also we gain a good damage boost with our Essence Worm Ring socketed with "Wrath" because of this as well.

- Daresso's Courage, Baroque Round Shield -

CHEAP - The final change that we do is that we have the decision to keep our Rare Shield or drop it for the Daresso's Courage now that we count as Low Life.

By changing out our Rare Shield for the Daresso's Courage, we do lose some DPS but it is not a lot. We also lose a little bit of life but the reason I suggest Daresso's Courage is because of its extremely high Block. This paired with the "Glancing Blows" skill point gives us 75% Attack Block and 75% Spell Block at all times which is really good defensively.

- Awakened Gems -
Awakaned Elemental Focus & Awakened Lightning Penetration

Medium~Expensive Price:

- Watcher's Eye, Prismatic Jewel -

EXPENSIVE Price - We are looking for mainly a Watcher's Eye Jewel with the modifier "Damage Penetrates % Lightning Resistance while affected by Wrath"

This gives us quite a damage boost because we all we do is Lighting Damage. If you want something stronger then you can get multiple modifiers on this. But that will be quite expensive as well.

Other good modifiers on a Watcher's Eye are: "Gain % of Physical Damage as Extra Lightning Damage while affected by Wrath", "% Increased Lightning Damage while affected by Wrath", "% Increased Critical Strike Chance while affected by Wrath.

- Bottled Faith, Sulphur Flask -

EXPENSIVE Price - The Bottled Faith is one of the strongest flasks in the game for Critical Strike builds. It creates a ground effect called "Consecrated Ground" which increases Critical Strike Chance on enemies standing on the ground effect.

The Bottle Faith then increases that by adding a base % Critical Strike Chance as well, which is MASSIVE for our DPS. Enemies standing on Consectrated Ground also takes % Increased DAMAGE TAKEN which is also MASSIVE for our dps. And it also increases the radius of the Consectrated Ground so it has an easier time actually hitting enemies.

Skill Gem Changes


We swap out Tempest Shield 3 link for Trap Support - Wave of Conviction - ?Increased Duration?

And we throw Wave of Conviction trap on enemies to lower their resistances for more damage.

Skill Tree & Path of Building


Stage 3 Skill Tree ~ Level 95

PoB for Stage 3 ~ Level 95: https://pastebin.com/97Y7Eg3M

Includes Leveling Skill Tree & Gear, Stage 1 Skill Tree & Gear and Stage 2 Skill Tree & Gear


"Hey Bergerbrush, I don't wanna read all the beginner stuff as I am an experienced PoE player but I still wanna play this guide"

Skill Gem Setups & Gear can easily be found under the Beginner & Budget Version - Act 10 Kitava & Maps - Stage 1 section.

Then gear Upgrades as you go along can be found easily in the Gear Upgrades & Endgame Progression - Stage 2 section and in the Maxing out your Character & ??? - Stage 3 section.

Otherwise you can just pop open the PoB which contains all Skill Tree's, all Gear Setups and all Skill Gem Setups.

PoB for Stage 2 ~ Level 90: https://pastebin.com/EFjYXUnh

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Will make video in the next days
Hi! I'm thinking of making a totem build, and thinking of a spell to put on the totem. What are the pros and cons of each spell between:

Freezing pulse, Storm burst, divine ire, glacial cascade or ball lightning?

Which among these do you recommend and which do you not recommend? Are there other totem spells to recommend?
Gothic90 wrote:
Hi! I'm thinking of making a totem build, and thinking of a spell to put on the totem. What are the pros and cons of each spell between:

Freezing pulse, Storm burst, divine ire, glacial cascade or ball lightning?

Which among these do you recommend and which do you not recommend? Are there other totem spells to recommend?

From what I know, most people play Freezing Pulse totems because they scale pretty good lategame and have a nice defensive layer because they chill/freeze. And the reason I've seen a few Divine Ire builds and also my own is because Divine Ire has pretty good clear and decent single target and its just a really cool spell overall. I think Storm Burst is similar to Divine Ire but lacks either damage/clearing if I'm not misstaken. And I don't really know why but glacial cascade and ball lightning is often played on miners for some reason. (I don't really play miners alot or totem builds tbh)
Build Guide Videos are up! Will also make leveling guide video in the next few days and finish the leveling section completely!

Build Guide is nearly complete! :)

Build Guide Videos
Divine Ire Totem Hiero Build Guide Video

Short Build Guide Video
I like the divine ire visual, but the delay in kill mobs as it channels is a bit annoying. Checking out variants with storm burst and arc, and it seems GGG did a good job balancing the damage on these. Arc I think has lower ceiling but it's consistent, while divine ire and storm burst needs to build up.
Chubbypuppy wrote:
I like the divine ire visual, but the delay in kill mobs as it channels is a bit annoying. Checking out variants with storm burst and arc, and it seems GGG did a good job balancing the damage on these. Arc I think has lower ceiling but it's consistent, while divine ire and storm burst needs to build up.

Yeah the reason I chose Divine Ire is because I like Divine Ire as a Skill and when you get used to the playstyle the charge up isn't that bad.

But there is a reason why people play Freezing Pulse as well for totems, its very good clear and a bit more instant as well^^
Yeah, I really wish I like the freezing pulse animations, because the skill is superior in many ways: fast, freezes and chills more for safety, huge AOE. I like the glacial cascade look way more, but the weird triple pulse thing GGG did to it made it just inferior in terms of damage.

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