My 27.5k DPS Ele-Cleave Marauder (Video)

Ok, so here's my elemental cleave marauder. Pretty simple stuff:



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Audience wants a lvl 74 map with 3k hp ele cleave. I wanna see that glasscannon die :D Still fun thou ;)
IGN: Seze
If i had one i would. as soon as i get ahold of one i will make another vid :) Done 75 maps, (not solo tho) without dying
that is insane offense.
But with only 2900 life, arent you at risk of dying all of the time?

I'm a lvl 73 lightning (cleave) marauder, but im actually using lightning strike at the moment, because my cleave does not do much damage.

When I switch to my double wield cleave, I only do a little over 2k dps. Can you tell me what gives you the biggest boost in your offense?
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Poorica_Wander Lvl 89 HC
The boots give him a massive damage upgrade as do his 30% ring and Belt, you should be able to reach much higher dps. My level 48 Marauder has like 1.5k dps on a 4l cleave Cleave/Blood Magic/WepElemental Damage/Life steal
Dmg is awesome but 3k hp and no armor nodes, would like to see at least 68/69 map.
IGN: Kebehsenuf
Got 9k armour and maxed 80% res, + some chaos res aswell as 170hpreg and 7%lifeleech. That's how i stay alive, the life leech. It's all about keeping a high tempo so you can life leech and kill mobs before they nuke u. and 68-69 maps? I farm them alot, i have more issues in 72-73 maps with relfect or some insane Rare-map combo.
This is funny , my ex ele cleave wich was best on server 2 weeks ago :

26k dps with resolute technique bro.

11 k armor w/o determination

5.4k hp w/o kaoms.

85 to all res. Ye you will die alot/ALOT.
ing: RRiipp (playing on onslaught)
Nice man^ That's probably something i would wanna aim for :) Probably better than what i'll ever be but still, i want to get to like 5-6k hp even if i will lose like a few thousand dps. My survival is too weak, but it's fun to play nonetheless :)
So do you swing around and get RT -> BM -> then head to the duelist side and finish off up top?

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