[3.13] 🔥Oro Cyclone Raider - capping Vaal MS🔥

This is my every-league Leaguestarter since the 3.1 Abyss League. I never felt the way to have it polished far enough to post it until now.
Don't expect anything too interesting. It's a brain-dead two button build.


+ simple League starter, budget friendly early on
+ easy leveling with frost blades
+ scaling to 1m DPS quickly
+ good T16 zoom zoom
+ elemental ailment immune
+ high phys red
+ somewhat capped Molten Shell


- no damage mitigation
- chaos res hard to max
- DPS scales bad beyond 1m (at least i have no clue how)
- Molten Shell is self cast
- expensive to min/max because no one is crafting the rares you need
- str stacking for more life


On the gloves, look for the added Fire dmg versus Burning Enemies roll and try to corrupt a +1 max Frenzy on it
Best for the Darkrays is to have +2 to Duration Gems corruption
The Amulet can be a decent Talisman as well that boosts Fire damage and Crits. Be sure to have the Frenetic allocation.
On the rares you either have a t1 int or str roll along with t1 life roll and decent resistances.

If you plan to replace the chest, craft yourself a +1curse and +1,5% base crit Triumphant Lamellar chest along with chaos res and as much life/defences as possible. Generally stick to Evasion instead of Armor, but hybrids are worth it.

Flasks and Jewels

Wise Oak gives decent Damage with the Diamond flask, you want to keep both always up.
The Jade Flask of Iron Skin gives you a f***ton of armor, easily being over 50% more due to the massive ammount of increased Evasion we have from Tree and Frenzys that is converted via Iron Reflexes.

Cremator Notable is a huge QoL to avoid Corpse Effects in Maps
The Lethal Pride gives you a HUGHE amount of life. The one linked has 3x 4% maximum Life on allocated Notables along with some nice stuff. It also really kicks in the Strength stacking to be worth

Skill gems

Main Skill

When you get your hands on a corrupted/doublecorrupted Oro with lvl 10 Fortify Support, you can add Immolate to the setup

Guard Skill

The Build is tanky as hell and can facetank most T16 bosses. Increased Duration is what matters by far the most. At some point your MS wont deplete unless GGG's shitty balancing kicks in. In some cases this is your main DMG setup

Auras and Buffs

Not much to say here. Damage, crit and hit

CwdT Curse

I really recommend this setup. With BV stacks you can zoom trough the map at the high speed you have and curse everything

Bandits - raid 'em all
Pantheon - Arakaali and Shakari

PoB - Passive Tree https://pastebin.com/L2VHWx8E

Map mods

- ele reflect

Be careful
- no life/mana/es regen: you'll have to allocate mana leech near Primeval Force
- less evasion/less armor: your MS is significantly weaker
- dodge/block: dont mix with those above
- Monsters have 400%+ crit chance: you most likely get some 1shots

I hope you enjoyed this guide. I appreciate any feedback.
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