3.13 Shotgunning CoC Deadeye | Experimental League starter | 6 mln shaper DPS for 300c budget


Here’s a cheap CoC creeping frost deadeye shotgunning build.
It’s an experimental approach, which I used as a leaguestarter (quite successful)

6 MLN shaper DPS with trash items. (boosted when getting some more offensive gear).
(8projectiles with divergent creeping frost x 6 casts per second (base on CoC) x 126k damage per projectile)
The overall showcase setup cost me around 200c (~300c with thread of hope)

Gameplay video and videoguide:

How it works?

The only spell that can still shotgun enemies is creeping frost (with its area damage).
CoC cycloning allows us to target all our projectiles at the same place.
We stack proj with beltimber blades, divergent creeping frost (for endgame) and deadeye ascendancy (projectiles also chain, which increases our clearspeed).

After the rework of the deadeye we are becoming a real CoC monster against cursed enemies with assassin’s mark (Focal point node).

The only drawback we have is trying to kill white or blue packs, if we haven’t gained power charges yet.
The only way I found to solve it is or to mark them selfcasting, or make a CWDT(1)-Assassin’s mark (lvl1;20quality) setup.

We are rather tanky, using a new belt Survivor's Guilt with imbalanced guard to have additional physical damage reduction.
We use CI.
Also 25% less elemental damage taken from incandescent heart (works as having ~82% of elemental resistances for free) 25% less damage taken from the ascendancy + fortify.

Playstyle requires stopping channeling for a moment once in 4 seconds to have our arcane surge buff from large cluster jewel and 4 additional projectiles from beltimbers.

Note: I would take some more AoE to have more satisfying cycloning through the map and gaining more chance to crit on packs.

1) Pros


*Good clear speed for the league starter
*Decent single target: 6 mln Shaper DPS without with trash gear
*Good amount of defensive buffs


2) Cons


*White and blue packs are much stronger than unique bosses for you in some cases:)
*Not godly movement speed


3) Levelling


Level with any attack skill or spell till level 68-70 with LIFE based version.
I used frost blades.
After you reach level to be able to respec to CI, get ES nodes instead of life.
Before you can achieve beltimbers (I got them for 8c each) use Taryn’s Shiver staff.


4) Ascendancy/Skill tree/Links/Pantheon


1) Focal point
2) Ricochet
3) Endless munitions
4) Gathering winds

Bandits: Alira or Kill all

Pantheon: Brine King and Gruthkul

Path of building (community fork): https://pastebin.com/m4e1vGQB

Gameplay video and videoguide: https://youtu.be/O5gj-2y7woA

Tree overview:

Simple tree – ES nodes + aura effect and mana reservation + power charges + cold damage + spell crit


5) Gear and gem setups


Core uniques:
2 beltimber blades with maxed AS (use Taryn’s shiver staff as a cheap alternative before you get the blades)
Gifts from above ring
Assassin’s mark on hit ring (or oskarm gloves as a cheap alternative)
Survivor’s guilt belt (as a physical defensive boost)
Incadescent heart (as elemental defensive boost)
All other gear is just ES based with resists. (get gloves and amulet with accuracy to achieve 100% hit chance)

Your damage depends on how much you want to invest in offensive modes (cold damage, crit multi, +to level of cold gems etc.)

We have 6MLN shaper DPS with trash gear.

Fore flasks: wise oak, atziri’s promise, quicksilver flask, granite flask with bleed immunity, quicksilver flask with freeze immunity.
Check PoB for further details.


6L: Cyclone + CoC + Creeping frost (divergent creeping frost for additional proj) + Hypotermia + Inspiration + Energy leech (or power charge on critical as an option).

Zealotry + Hatred + Discipline + enlighten (3) (level 4 if you are rich)
Precision level 7
Frost bomb
CWDT+Vaal molten shell
Ancestral protector (for AS boost on bosses)
Vaal righteous fire
CWDT(1)+ Assassin’s mark (lvl1;20quality)




Tread of hope with large ring
Jewels with energy shield + spell crit multi + AS
Large cluster jewel with Arcane adept node.
Medium cluster jewel with Master of fear for unnerve.
Medium cluster jewel with eye to eye node.
2 small cluster jewels with energy from naught (alteration spamming crafting as an alternative).


7) Alternative gear


All is up to you.
I would suggest only two alternatives for the very beginning: Taryn’s shiver staff and Oskarm gloves for marking enemies.

8) P.S.

This build can be pushed to mirror tier, but we are talking about a cheap version, which works.

If I haven't covered something, tell me, please, I'll add more information.

Thank you and good luck!

For more videos:
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Why do you say 6 min dps in numerous places? I can only guess you mean 6 mill, but you make the typo over and over.
Why do you say 6 min dps in numerous places? I can only guess you mean 6 mill, but you make the typo over and over.

It's lowercase letter "l"... but if it confuses your ear I can correct it for MLN :D
Naw man, it was a "n",I can tell the difference between n and l.....which is why I posted what I posted.
Last edited by DamageIncorporated on Feb 4, 2021, 3:48:02 AM
And you seem to have som issues understanding basic english. He did not write min dps he wrote mln. Pretty easy to spot the difference ;-)

For future reference you might wanna read something more than once before you post something about OP's grammar.

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