[3.23X]The Arachnophobia Allstars|100% Chaos Guardian CI|The dirty Scorpion-tail|Herald of Agony 32M

Sataki wrote:
How do you get more armour? I'm really struggling cause my blocks dont give me enough es back. With #armour on belt and max level determination gem (20 not 21) I'm on 21000. It's no where near the 80k armour I see in POB.

The high armour is also depending on the granite- and basalt-flasks. An increased flask-suffix would help.

Overall high armour is only needed against physical singletarget damage dealers.

Before you get it you can use also wicked ward in combination with the ar+es mastery increased es-recharge for more recovery.
Vaal discipline will support a lot recovery too.

Or I recommend a frostshield triggered cast when stunned.
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i only play standard and try to minmax. i dont play leagues so getting crucible items was very tough after merge. now i have nice upgrades crafted and bought
(i am int stacking for more es)
i obv dont play spiders but have phantasms, carrion golem and herald of puritys. HoAG is lvl 36 atm but that aint the max.

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The guide keeps saying we're running Melding, but with so many uniques and so few places to get resistances, it's not possible. All the POB:s I've looked at, they're not reaching up to capping resistances at 90.

I've got the Melding and auras and belt + ring with 3x t1-t2 resists, resistance modifier, crafted boots on a t1 lightning res base. I'm over 150 resistance short. Went all over tree but cant reach anymore there.

I do not see melding of the flesh ever working out here, not with Triad grips.
Dude thank you for a awsem build guide i have had a blast leveling and playing templar for the first tiem , and i chose this build as my main boss farmer, but iam having omse real problems with it , my damage is terrible to say the least , please could you look at my pob and tell me where iam going wrong . Thank You in advance .

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put about 200 divines into this build and i got even get envy on (followed the pob to a T) had to take out 2 medium clusters to fit in herald reservation to even get this going) and im using stormburst to proc poison with chance to poison.. im so confused ive never had this much trouble before :(
Hello everyone, I see a lot of people struggling with this build, and I did too.
It took me the whole league but a the end, except those running MB I think I got one of the best compromise on POEninja.
I used it mainly running Deli 60% (good points for delirious map), as much harbi as possible (sextant,map device,scarab,all atlas points), beyond (sextant+good points) cassia(all points for pack size +scarab) + Niko for extra MS and Elemental Res + extra shrines and blue influ

This version has a HUGE hit pool :
-4300 ES
-23K Evasion
-50&75% Block chance
-83% Elemental res (86 with Niko atlas points)
-Ghost Dance
-Tons of regens on hit/block

Got Around 12M DPS which is far from the best with this build but we want to be tanky here.

Here is my POB:

I spent hours to understand this build, so It would be nice if I can share it with someone

+++++ [3.23] Afflictions arriving +++++

■■■ Herald of Agony: Quality now provides +0-5 to Maximum Virulence, instead of 0-20% increased Minion Movement Speed.

It`s a huge damagebuff! Arachnophilia! Around 5M. It makes our choice of clusters more flexible and we get the poisonchance of the divergent skill-quality easy on the tree, other slots or with the new transforming gems too

■■■ Ultimatum returns ... CI and aegis aurora will be one of the best choices again in this rippy mechanic.
Also our combination of blockings and evasion is imba in the extreme damagepeaks of ultimatums

■■■ Warlock of the Mists ... with the summoned dark phantasms of the "penance mark" the es on hit of watcher`s eye, es on block of aegis aurora, returning projectiles and HoA-virulences will be multiplied. Nice synergy! The former slower HoA-damage against some singletargets will be countered. The big uptime of vaal skills is like an immortal button with our high effective vaal discipline. Perhaps Wicked ward will be taken into this great set-up for another start of recharge.

■■■ or "affliction" with summoned phantasms linked to HoA or channelled absolution-sentinels etc. in combination Zealot`s oath will offer extreme high es-reg too.

■■■ New storm burst, storm brand, splitting steel, orb of storms, .... etc. look interesting for easier and more virulences
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