[3.13 Ritual] TXMANN Toxic Rain Pathfinder

[3.13 Ritual] Toxic Rain Pathfinder

The Kimchi version of Toxic Rain by ToxicMan (https://www.twitch.tv/wind2623)
(Translated by Torie_theYordle. I am a mere translator)

1/21 KST 16:00 Updated daily PoBs and comment section FAQ

His character name is TXMANN in Ritual League. You can search his character up in poe.ninja.

Original Korean post

1. Why pathfinder?
Alternatives are Deadeye, Raider but I believe it's not really verifyed yet (to be a safe starter) - but you can always respec using Orb of Regret.

Trickster has been nerfed while Pathfinder has been buffed

2. Pros of Toxic Rain Pathfinder
- Best movement speed out of all ascendancies
- Almost never run out of flask charges
- Ignore the 'Reflect' map mods
- The ascendancy has been reworked, you can now remove bleed by using any flasks

Numbers 3-5 are beginner tips, so if you are an advanced player, skip to number 6.
3. Beginners, before you start...
- When you are leveling through the 10 acts, forget about all the evasion rating, energy shield or armour and things and only care about gem slots.
- Always pick up new items, identify them and replace old gear
- Use filters because you will drop lots and lots and lots of items (beyond imagination)
- Skills get stronger through linking support gems
- Damage isn't everything; always think of resistances and life mods
- After killing Kitava in Act 10, look for cheap gear that are either 1 chaos or 1 alchemy to boost you in maps
- You can ctrl + click items to put them in stash. Press alt and hover over an item to see its mod tier.
- You have to purchase premium stash to be able to sell your items.

4. (Translator: Number 4 was originally some tips to run Act 1 through 10 quickly, but since I'm making a fast translation I will skip this part.)

5. What happens after Act 10
- When running your maps, make sure it is at least 'magic' (by using Orb of Transmutation)
- If you successfully finish a Tier 3 map, you unlock Zana who will sell you maps, including the ones you don't have yet. (Completing the bonus objective is the key to mapping)
- The Einhar, Jun, Alva missions are always worth it. Using Zana missions will refresh the pool of maps Zana sells. Use this to your advantage.
- Set some premium stash tab to public and sell things. I typically just set all the item prices to 1 chaos and if there is a surge of whispers I double check the prices on the auction.
- You can also sell orbs or random currencies. Use the 'Bulk item exchange' in the official trade website or poe.ninja.
- Upgrade your items, if you can afford it, right away to ensure you're mapping quickly and safely
- Life and resistance is key to safe mapping. Always cap your resistance at 75% and try to have as much life as possible. Here is a brief guideline: At level 70, 3000 hp. 80 - 4000 / 90 - 4500 / 95 - 5000 hp. These are just guidelines.
- If you are starting way after league start, it may be a good idea to purchase level 20 Toxic Rain around level 70. The gem is typically 5 chaos or so at that point.
- Press 'x' ingame to swap to a second set of weapons. Gems in this secondary set gain experience even if you are not using them currently, so feed experience to excess gems to either sell or use it yourself.

6. Final skill gem settings

6 link bow
Toxic rain - Vicious projectiles - Void Manipulation - Mirage Archer - Efficacy - Swift Affliction
(You can switch Mirage Archer or Efficacy to Empower support. But only use Empower gems when they are level 3 or higher)

Gloves, Boots, Helmets
Dash - Second Wind - Phase rush (Use with Enhance support later on)
(Or if you don't like Dash, use Flame Dash - Second Wind - Faster Casting - Phase Rush)

Spell Totem Support - Multiple Totems Support - Faster Casting - Wither
(Use this Wither totem against bosses or strong monsters)

Immortal Call (Level 3) - Cast when Damage Taken Support (Level 1) - Increased Duration support - Vaal Haste
(Vaal Haste is for bosses, and supported by increased duration to match the duration of Vaal Grace)

Other Gem Slots
For leftover gem slots use Blink Arrow - Faster Attacks Support to jump over ledges
And as I stated above, use Vaal Grace when killing bosses

- You can use Summon Lightning Golem or cast Despair yourself.
- If you know what you are doing and have enough strength, you can level up Immortal Call and CWDT to fit your needs.
- You may also use alternate quality gems (from Heist) if you can afford them.
(Phantasmal Toxic Rain, Anomalous Flesh and Stone, Anomalous Efficacy, Anomalous Cast when Damage Taken, Anomalous Mirage Archer, Anomalous Summon Lightning Golem, Anomalous Malevolence)
- However, alternate quality gem (other than the Phantasmal Toxic Rain) isn't really a big upgrade (Translator: The author wishes you watch his previous videos on this if you want more information, however the videos are in Korean.)

7. Gear


1. Either use 6 'The Porcupine' divination cards to create a 6-link Short Bow, or use 22 'Imperial Legacy' divination cars to create a 6-link Imperial Bow.

Then use Shrieking Essence of Dread (to get the +2 levels to socketed bow gems mod)
The Imperial Bow created with divination cards is item level 100, so you may use Harvest crafting to get the +2 levels to socketed bow gems mod. (Also you can use Jagged Fossil + Metallic fossil + Corroded fossil)

2. Later on, get a item 6-link level 82 (or higher) Imperial bow or Thicket bow, and get a (31–35)% to Damage over Time Multiplier mod on it with an Orb of Alteration.
- Then use regal orb to get one more 'Suffix' (if you get a Prefix, you have to Scour it and get the damage over time multiplier again)
- Use the crafting bench to give it a 'cannot roll attack modifiers', then slam an Exalted Orb. It is guaranteed to get the '+1 to socketed gem level' mods.
- If you have 4 exalts, get 'can have multiple crafted mods', '+2 socketed support gems', 'chaos damage multiplier' mods on your bow. Otherwise, use the 'chaos damage multiplier' mod only.

3. If you have more money, go get a bow with 'damage over time multiplier', 'attack speed', and an empty suffix to craft your bow with the multiple crafted mods mod from your bench.


1. Use items with life, resistances and attack speed. Use your crafting bench to fill in necessary mods.

2. Later on, get a quiver with a Hunter's influence to get the 'chaos damage over time multiplier' mod, or a Shaper influenced quiver with 'Bow attacks fire an additional arrow' mod.

3. If you are really rich, use the Awakener's orb to combine those two influenced items.

* You may use Maloney's Mechanism to use some skill gems (Frenzy - Caustic Arrow - Awakened Arrow Nova / Frenzy - Hextouch Support - Despair).

Body Armour

1. Use items with life, and resistances. Replace with Carcass Jack as soon as you can afford it.

*This build does not require you to have another 6-link, so you're okay with even a 4 link Carcass Jack.


1. Use items with life, resistances, and attack speed. Use your crafting bench to fill in necessary mods.

2. Later on, get a glove with a Hunter's influence to get the 'chaos damage over time multiplier' mod, or a Warlord influenced glove with 'Culling Strike' mod. Then use an Awakener's Orb to combine these two.


Use items with movement speed, resistances and life. Use your crafting bench to fill in necessary mods. Later on, use Two-toned Boots to get even more resistances.

1. Use items with life and resistances. Use your crafting bench to fill in necessary mods.

* Some uniques that you can use are Starkonja's Head, Devoto's Devotion and Asenath's Chant. (If you are using Asenath's, use Soulrend - Contagion - Essence Drain - Despair)

2. Later on get a 'Toxic Rain fires additional 1 arrow' helm enchant.


1. Use items with life and resistances. Use your crafting bench to fill in necessary mods.

2. If you can afford it, get a 'Non-Channelling Skills have -(9-8) to Total Mana Cost' mod to cut the mana cost of Toxic Rain.


1. Use jewels with life, resistances, attack speed, attack speed with a bow, chaos damage multiplier, area effect, projectiles, damage over time in general, or even attributes.

* The unique jewel 'Replica Conqueror's Efficiency' is great for managing your mana pool, but I am unsure it would be affordable in this league for everyone like Heist league.

** It is always helpful to get some strength and intelligence from here and there.

1. Use items with life and resistances. Use your crafting bench to fill in necessary mods.

2. If you can afford it, get a 'Non-Channelling Skills have -(9-8) to Total Mana Cost' mod to cut the mana cost of Toxic Rain.

3. Use an amulet with a hunter's influence to get the 'chaos damage over time multiplier' mod, or '+1 to level of all dexterity skill gems' or '+1 to level of all chaos skill gems' mod.

4. Anoint the amulet with Black, Black, Crimson oil to allocate Corruption.

Use Stygian Vise that has life and resistances.

Abyssal Jewel
Use jewel with '6-8% to get Onslaught on kill' mod.

If you have this abyss jewel, you can replace the onslaught flask with Witchfire Brew unique flask.

- Life (Staunching, which removes bleed, until you complete Uber labyrinth)
- Mana (Flask Effect is not removed at Full Mana + Immune to Curse or Freezing)
- Silver flask (Immune to either curse or freeze) -> Switch to Witchfire Brew if you can afford it
- Quartz Flask (Immune to either Curse or Freeze)
- Quicksilver flask (Movement speed)

Cluster Jewels
Adds '8' passive skills, added small passive skills grant 12% increased chaos damage

Misery Everlasting / Wicked Pall
Touch of Cruelty
Unholy Grace / Unspeakable Gifts

Use either Misery Everlasting or Wicked Pall (any of these two are fine)

* If you use two large cluster jewels, then use only one Touch of Cruelty
If you wish to use Unspeakable Gifts for explodies, use it on both cluster jewels (for higher probability)

Adds 4-5 passive skills, added small passive skills grant 4% chaos damage multiplier

Wicked pall (use this always) +
Eternal Suffering (more effect of Wither), Exposure therapy (damage over time multiplier), Brush with Death (recover life on kill), Flow of life (Life %), Student of Decay (Chaos resistance)

Get Wicked pall, and then choose a mod that you need depending on their option inside the bracket.

* We're using Pathfinder, so it is handy to have Unwaveringly Evil in either Large or Medium cluster jewel.

8. Important: Recommended Upgrade Routes
6 link bow
-> Witchfire Brew
-> Carcass Jack
-> Quiver, gloves, and amulet with 'chaos damage over time multiplier' mod
-> Cluster jewels -> 21 level Toxic Rain skill gem -> Other support gem quality
-> 'toxic rain fires additional 1 arrow' helm enchant -> Bow with 'damage over time multiplier' mod
-> Awakened support gems
-> Amulet with '+1 to level of gems' mod -> Bow with both 'damage over time multiplier' and 'attack speed' mod
-> Use awakener's orb to craft items with both influence
-> Use the Maven's orb to upgrade the influenced mod (Tier: 0) and combine those two items with the Awakener's orb (to get double Tier 0s)

9. Passives
Until level 72, follow the numbered arrows.

- After completing the steps in the first picture, we are going to switch up some nodes.
- Allocate nodes in area number 1.
- Then refund all nods in area number 2.
- Then, allocate all the nodes in area number 3 (there are three blobs of nodes)

- Later on in the game, you may use some nodes circled in green (Translator: duplicate number 3. It is in green).
- If you choose to use cluster jewels, use the nodes circled in white (number 6).
- If you have enough money for 'Thread of Hope' unique jewel dropped by Sirus, get the one with 'very large radius'. Allocate Harrier, Overcharged, Potency of Will and Profane Chemistry.
- Use nodes circled with number 5 if you want to use more jewels.
* It is always recommended to use Cluster jewels, because it is the best source of upgrade in damage.

10. Final reminders and how to run this build

Malevolence, Flesh and Stone, Aspect of the spider (for end game)

Relevant mods:
Damage over time, Damage over time multiplier, Chaos damage, Chaos damage multiplier, Projectile damage, Area damage, Damage, Fire additional arrow, Attack speed, Increased skill duration, Damage over time with bows, Attack speed with bows, Socketed / Chaos / Dexterity gem level +x

Defence mechanism:
- We are using evasion. Use evasion items to get more evasion ration
Use Jade flask + 100% increased evasion rating to get even more evasion. (Use Jade flask when Toxic Rain costs 0 mana)
- The Wind Dancer node makes us a bit safer against one-shot damage
- When we are mapping, Phase Acrobatics node + Quartz flask + No witnesses node gets us at about 75% chance to evade attacks / spells
- When facing bosses, Vaal Grace helps us sustain 75% chance to evade
Also in Harvest league, we could craft our items to have Tier 1 life mods and reach about 6300 health when fully geared. Now Harvest is in the core league mechanic. :)

- Use Wither totem to increased the Chaos damage taken by mobs
- Mods like 'curse with despair on hit' or Witchfire brew to decrease mobs' chaos resistance
- Toxic Rain damage stacks depending on the number of pods, so it's always helpful to shoot more arrows with faster attack speed. Also you can increase the duration of the poison so there are even more stacks.

Against bosses:
Use Wither totems twice (to get the maximum 3 totems on the field), then pop all the flasks. Use Vaal Grace and Vaal Haste then go to town.

11. Daily changes to the build & PoBs

Day 1 PoB : https://pastebin.com/wSC3fiXU

- Used one Large Cluster Jewel and one Medium Cluster Jewel.
- Used 'The Porcupine' divination 6-link bow, Carcass Jack and Witchfire Brew
- Level 21 Toxic Rain, anointed my amulet
- Almost done with flask settings

Day 2 PoB : https://pastebin.com/1G43pZfW

- Bought a bow, cluster jewel, quiver, culling strike gloves and Thread of Hope jewel
- Bought +x to dexterity / chaos gem level amulet
- Changed some support gems to awakened ones
- I couldn't complete all unveil to Jun crafting options so the bow isn't finished yet

Day 3 PoB : https://pastebin.com/Jkge9eKh

- Done with the bow. Also, I used Awakener's Orb on the gloves and quiver
- Currently using 1 Large Cluster Jewel and 2 Medium ones

Day 4 PoB : https://pastebin.com/BR6mcxZi

- Bought Unnatural Instinct jewel
- Bought Harvest crafting mod 'Augment Speed' and got the attack speed on my bow
- Changed the ascendancy to 'Master Alchemist'
- Also changed my flask setting according to the ascendancy change

Day 5 PoB : https://pastebin.com/rLJeDkFH

- Got a new amulet with both +1 to chaos skill gems and +1 to dexterity skill gems, and a chaos damage over time multiplier (Translator: it is around 12ex at the moment)
- One ring is 'curse with despair on hit' and the other is 'Gain onslaught for 4 seconds on hit'
- Because I got the despair ring, I replaced Witchfire Brew with Dying Sun
- Got a life% mod on my hunter influenced belt

12. Pantheon

Lunaris for the big one

Choose between Ryslatha, Shakari, Garukan, depending on your needs

13. Bandits
Kill all

14. Comment Section FAQ

1. Trickster or Pathfinder?
- Pathfinder.

2. I'm having a hard time with Sirus with this build.
- Normal bosses are okay but Sirus may be hard while building up your gear. It gets better after getting your damage over time 6-link Thicket Bow.

3. How about Toxic Rain Mine Pathfiner?
- I heard it's better early game, but honestly haven't tried yet.

4. Some Unique Bow recommendations?
- Quill Rain, Storm Cloud, Silverbough

5. How do you check your dps?
- Hover mouse over your Toxic Rain skill on your skill bar. Always refer to "Deals xxxxx chaos damage per second" option.

6. Flesh and Stone? Which stance?
- Sand stance for defence.

7. Which awakened gem should I get first?
- Swift Affliction, because you get 10% damage over time multiplier if you have +20% quality. Then either Void Manipulation or Vicious Projectiles. You don't need quality on Vicious Projectiles because it's physical damage.

8. Why do you bother with refunding your skill point rather than pathing like the second picture from the start?
- If you do that, you will have a hard time leveling through acts.
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Hey, thanks for the short and on the point guide. I currently have a tabula with +2 duration mod on it for my TR and a Quill Rain.

Should I get a cheap 6 link bow and a 5 link carcass? Or save for a 6 link carcass and keep my current quill rain.

The DPS in PoB doesnt seem to change much so not sure if it is accurate, thanks!
FnX_za wrote:
Hey, thanks for the short and on the point guide. I currently have a tabula with +2 duration mod on it for my TR and a Quill Rain.

Should I get a cheap 6 link bow and a 5 link carcass? Or save for a 6 link carcass and keep my current quill rain.

You don't need even a 5 link carcass jack, so get the cheapest one with decent rolls. 4 link is the maximum you need.

A 6-link bow should be your highest priority. The Porcupine divination card is 2 chaos at the moment - which means you can get a 6 link bow for 12 chaos only. If you have slightly more money and time to spare, get 22 Imperial Legacy divination cards for a ilvl 100 6-link Imperial Bow.

A tabby has no defense mod whatsoever, so switch to any armour with life or a Carcass Jack if you can afford it.
hey thx for the translation i tried to check for which bandit to kill using translation i saw kraityn in there, is that right ? or kill all
How SSF viable would you consider this build?
I have played Trickster TR version of very similar build in Harvest league. For map clear I've used caustic arrow in second weapon slot.

I'd say that with good gear this build is very effective, but gear can be very expensive,but now we have Harvest crafting so this can change things:

There once was an exile who found a map of infinite doctors.
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hey thx for the translation i tried to check for which bandit to kill using translation i saw kraityn in there, is that right ? or kill all

He killed all bandits, because we are a bit short on the skill points.
woogo wrote:
How SSF viable would you consider this build?

It is indeed SSF viable. The build requires to build a 6-link on your bow only, which is easier than getting two (the other in your body armour). But I haven't tried it yet, I will ask him on his stream today. He can't understand English.

But definitely not HC viable. It can get pretty squishy sometimes.
isn't it better to get master alchemist instead of master surgeon, to get immunity to ailments

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