(3.14) League Starter Mirage Archer Toxic Rain Deadeye with 3 Mirages 37M DPS (Updated)

We achieve 37 million DoT Dps on a8 Sirus. Pretty good.

Update! NEW PASTEBIN. 37M Version (this version uses Dash with Secondwind and alot of cooldown recovery to keep you moving and triggering the Mirages a huge QoL saver in this version compared to previous now that i have experience with the mechanic.)

Look at this example as a simulation of what is possible with mirage archers since no one has valid info on how to calc the dps on all three currently since it just got introduced and its fresh/new. My experience so far is that the mirage archers stack insane amounts of damage like wowzers. alot dps here. It's like a free The Saviour but for Bow at 1st lab and of course like i said free and everyone can use it too. try my build. its fun ez fast and deep dps.

Updated with Frenzy charge on hit Elder Quiver so we keep the mod on a8 sirus for Frenzy Charges checked since we generate it now on hit. We also now have 50% AoE effect increase before it was only 35%.


*Build has been fixed (updated formula.) The new version also is BEEFIER since the Poachers Mark actually shows up now it didnt before since we didnt have curse limit of 3. Now that it does we got near immortal sustain (2.5k Life Sustain or 65% of our total life pool - which include leech, regen, on kill, and on hit all four types of sustain) dying only to one shots. like slams.

****The version posted has updated formula for calculating mirages, for temporal chains rather than say 40% multiplier its 40% increased duration which actually is more correct and adds more DPS to it too which is what i expected.

*****Budget options for Bow Weapon is to buy a cheap Quill Rain early on low level use that and then switch to a 5 link Silverbough. using the prophecy to get one.

******The version currently posted has 10 Million DoT DPS without the ring, you can take the ring off and have no modifiers from the Mirages like the Mirages don't exist in the setup but your only fooling yourself if you do that. j/k?

I use the community version of pob get it at github here.


The unset ring uses a custom modifier for the 3 mirage archers and the temporal chains on hit giving it a total of around 107% multiplier. Each mirage archer is like 35.6% damage multiplier and the temporal chains is like another 40% increased duration (which is a multiplier seems to be like 45% More Dmg on TR). The ring itself is just Mark of Submission unset unique ring.

This is my league starter and it's pretty tanky for a Deadeye we get ***Gale Force fortify*** like effect (that's new we beefy less damage taken per stack) and lots of Dodge and Evasion more than 70%.

We also have lots of sustain with Life gain on hit with poacher's mark and sharktooth quiver and since we're using Toxic Rain we get lots of hits lots ticks lots of life sustain.

We use a Ondar's Clasp mitts that shockingly increases dps by 2 Million with a single corrupt. Thats deep dps man for a cheap alchemy glove you can vaal spam til you get it. (that's cuz of scaling but still surprised to see 2 Million on Ondar's)

We also use Cluster notable Unspeakable Gifts for Chaos Explosions on kill.

Plus on top of that we get 100% chance to hit.

I haven't tested it yet, but in theory this would be a great Deep Delver if you spec out of life and add another cluster series. Definitely can boss kill due to High Damage DoT ticks. Tested version prior to 3.13 (I rolled a TR Trickster back when it was introduced and the league after when they nerfed quill rain to 40% less) using similar setup and very easy to gear and map with and take down bosses. Boss melts in seconds.

Tips: When looking for gear while leveling, look for Damage over time Multiplier and Chaos Damage over time Multiplier. Also look for Attack Speed next since atk spd is better than increase generic damage or chaos damage. Since TR is a duration stacking skill thats why atk spd is better than generic damage.

Note: The double damage on the bow is irrelevant since its a hybrid mod with attack speed. I use this mod for the attack speed increases. Minimal but every little push helps the visuals.

Note II: I only invested minimal into AoE with only 35% from gear and tree. Ranger isn't in a good spot for AoE Nodes unfortunately. And i dont want to use Carcass Jack. Need resist. Also the Chest isn't a 6link its only 5 link for a utility movement skill.

Note III: If you take the ring off you still have 10 Million dps. That's good but problem with taking the ring off is You dont have no Mirage Archer modifiers added to build which is the purpose of the build since Mirage Archer isnt calculated at all not even the first instance in PoB. So i have to do it myself and i used reddit for that.

Current a8 Sirus DPS is 2.5 Million with gear below and my passive tree right now. Cost me 2 EX so far for the gear. The build needs 7 ex more for multipliers with same mods i currently have which is 1.2 exalts each for amulet, quiver, and ring slots. i need awakened void manipulation and vicious projectiles too thats 1.2 ex each too. And i need a 6link custom made additional curse chest to use the witchfire brew in the stash i got, if spent more time i think i can get it to 15 million realistically over 1 month of play time. The last 7 million is the perfect bow that i dont got time to craft or buy too expensive. the 2.5 million that i left it as, is 3 days of play time. (No longer playing on pc so no longer updating build.)

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Nice! you pob version ?
i get error 301

yes pob is Version, i tested it before posting works for me.
''League starter''

1) Double corrupted perfect bow.
2) Double corrupted perfect helmet.
3) Double corrupted perfect chest.
4) Double corrupted perfect amulet.
5) Damage on full life.
6) Inflated Mirage archer dps, assuming all 3 are not nearby and hitting constantly so the 147% multiplier is bogus.
7) Triple Mirage archer from ring would be additive not multiplier of 147%.
8) Always on full life? No.

Realistic dps of 7.1m DOT DPS without the ring slot +/- also you have 1 mirage archer already in the dip so another 2 will be a maximum of 66% increase, not multiplied.
Without Full life: DPS of 4.2m DOT DPS. 4.2k hp,
POB warrior.
ign : GameOfChromes
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I'm not really sure how to calculate Mirage Archers. I went with 35.6% based on reddit post and used that. If that post is wrong, what should it be then? I'll update it. If you know how the %.
also Mirage archer the first instance isnt even counted / calculated in PoB or Community yet or if ever. And i do believe it is increased since its 40% of your atk spd of one instance of you clone so its not 100% clone so its not a multiplier true that but im not sure about the numbers or yours. It's 40% of the 100%, not sure how that works, im not so good with math like these formulas. Since there too many variables plus placement delay between placement.
cheelos wrote:
POB warrior.
Check config. Enemy = Sirus. Have you killed recently = yes. Wut? Sirus has no adds.

Also full frenzy charges. How. Only thing I see is poacher's mark and it again requires to kill stuff to get a frenzy. Oh, there's also chance on kill on bow. Same story.

Flasks are ticked. On a deadeye.

Some gear is completely not what you should be aiming for, for example 6% chance to deal double damage... doesn't work. Reason why TR mines can't use hi-impact and have to use blastchain. Double damage does not work on dots.

Accuracy is also kinda whatever.

The neglect of any defensives makes me cry. 121% life and only 1 point in acro, rest just pump dps...

Also you do realize you can thread of hope - very large from below scion to pick potency of will, harrier and few other decent nodes instead of travelling in a circle. Profane chemistry, berserking, overcharged can all be picked from there. Traveling from point blank area to scion is also faster than through reflexes / perfect agony path.

No idea why trying to go for max dps but bottom cluster has only 2 passives and no unholy grace on it. With harvest crafting back it's a very easy suffix to add onto a cluster (it has many eligible tags).

Also I don't know why is temp chains in this build when you have already despair and poacher's mark and only +1 curse from boots. Especially since TR is not poison so temp chains is not a damage buff for it. Having better despair uptime than just a flask would help more.

Except 1 aoe modifier from neck the build uses none, not even carcass jack or anything similarly easy, yet overlap is set to 5 pods.

You also seem to put a +3 bow but not 21 level of TR gem and worst, the amulet completely disregads important stats for the build. For comparison's sake, this is already an upgrade for the build with no corrupts and 3 slots open:

I get everyone's hyped for TR Deadeye triple mirage archer, but it's a disservice to the community to create a guide which is inflated, has unobtainable gear, and is plagued with questionable decision making.

With small tweaks I already pushed that pob from 12mil to 16mil but it doesn't matter because half of it is fake.

If you want a build showcase - play that character, make a video, show us. If you want a guide - be realistic and create something people can follow and easily copy. If you want to be pure theorycraft, I don't know what purpose does it serve.

Also wiki says: Equipping Mirage Archer translates to 27.6% more damage.

So I dunno how +3 mirages translate into "147% chaos dot multiplier".

Lastly, with a whopping 15 mana regen/s, no mana leech (not that it would help), 43 mana per cast and 5,5 aps how do you plan to sustain mana? Just poacher's mark again? Would maybe work for bosses but outside of that I don't think you will always have it up? You're looking at ~235 mana per second expenditure under these circumstances.

It's 40% of the 100%, not sure how that works, im not so good with math like these formulas.
It's not only less attack speed, it's also 31% less damage. Anyway you have formula in that wiki post, reddit w/e it said was either old pre-mirage nerf, or plain wrong.
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'Viktranka' you tried to provide feedback but you dont understand the build then? and the other guy didn't provide accurate mirage archer numbers until i have accurate numbers the current version is correct unfortunately. Some of you suggestions are not optimal subpar compared to what i have but you still tried to disprove it but, the build is a good representation on whats possible with Mirages and the purpose of the build is to push dps and the defences are awesome idk what you are talking about it can probably deep delve. just spec out of life from tree and gear.
So tired of these perfect gear POB warrior "builds". You LITERALLY put League Starter in the title and every gear slot is perfect rolls with perfect corrupts, gtfo.

Realistic damage as a LEAGUE STARTER is 1/5-1/6 of this.
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Take that ring off, try it its still 9 Million dps without the ring. So its a good representation.

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