Content Update 3.13.0 -- Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

whoa what a letdown.
just kill aura stackers so you dont have to fumble around with 0.05% movementspeed bonuses on alternate gem quality LMAO
Anaraki wrote:
Actually, I don't see any excited things to build around. Maybe it's my fault that I misinterpreted announcement from Chris, but I thought that we will get much more options to play (both from asdencancies and skill gems changes). Anyway, looking forward to new expansion and league.

yup, I was expecting the same, especially after the ascendancy changes.

I guess that they will introduce more powercreep with the new maiven orbs and new uniques, but to me the meta isn't shifting at all from last league.

People who think that ED trickster isn't a thing anymore or that spectres are dead, are just delusional.
Nerfing alt quality auras to nerf aura stackers feels super backwards... shotgunning down any excitement/utility around them for the rest of players. Wish you had approached those nerfs differently. Now there's basically no reason to even bother with most. Still excited for the league though!
Winter Orb
Now has a base duration of 1.6 seconds (from 1.2)

Is this what you guys call a buff?

I see just a whole page of nerfs with like a few gem buffs that are actual buffs and the rest are like changing such an insignificant thing that its like.....

You might as well have done nothing lol
Fixed a bug which prevented cosmetic effects applied to a support gem (such as the Dragon Totem Skin) from appearing if the skill the support gem was supporting came from an item mod rather than a skill gem (such as Icestorm from The Whispering Ice).

Please tell me Whispering Ice + Spell Totem is fixed now and you just forgot to announce it, it's been 4 months.
Perception is reality.
So I can say goodbye to my Holy Relic Renewal cluster jewel build. :(
POG, excited for the new league
I cant find any summoner specific buffs to mitigate the ascendancy and skill gem nerfs.

Bex said there would be, so please point me to them.

Overall, the timing couldnt be worse for nerfs, in an pandemic you just dont do this in my books, its terrible PR for your company, its much smarter to give people something instead of taking it from them.

Chris if you see this post, send me a PM, I just want to understand your reasoning behind this.

Those that play, have fun and stay safe!
Why dont buff Iron Commander or implement a new Unique Item for Balistas, if you adress Balista-Skills ? The +maximum Totem isn't the solution. Pls :/

Its really frustrating these "buffs".
The Lord of Steel unique Jewels now grant 20 to 25% increased reflected damage from Call of Steel (from 40 to 50%). Existing versions can be updated to these new, much worse values, with a Divine Orb and a momentary lapse in judgement.


No nemesis is sad. Reduces my chances at finally SSF a Headhunter.

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