[3.13]❄️44M DPS Ice Shot Barrage Deadeye|League starter|Full Content with Vids|Several variants


Thanks for the feedback.

The guide was made for 3.12. In 3.13 the ascendancy was reworked and I updated the PoB but not the written guide. I edited with your feedback.

I’m having some mana troubles mid-game. Any work around for that?
Eversoar wrote:
I’m having some mana troubles mid-game. Any work around for that?

I leaned on mana pots until I was able to take essence sap, and that pretty much resolved my mana issues in the midgame.
I would provide a jewel section somewhere on what to look for, or how to craft them in the case of the clusters. The clusters are extremely expensive early on in the league and not worth their price in my opinion so crafting cuts the price down by 50-66% on average.

My setup currently, only at 3.5k life but been enjoying it so far. Just have to be really cautious. I ended up buying a shaper ring then slamming a phys dmg essence on it and got the ass mark too
Also just got my lioneye's fall and thread of hope, though since its early league still and a pain to get decent rolls for clusters. I'm probably gonna push more nodes into basic life or survivibility till then
I hope someone can help me a bit, as this is my first bow build, and I am unsure how to progress.

I am currently about to go to yellow maps, and I have Tabula + Death Opus (not six linked). My Ice shot link is currently: Ice Bite + Barrage sup + Add cold dam + ele dam with attack + dam on full life.

I am now wondering when or what makes this build go from Ice Shot to Barrage? And what would the gem setup be for Barrage before getting Farruls Fur? I have tried to replace Ice shot with Barrage, but it does not seem to be very good.

I appreciate all the help!
Jensen89 wrote:

I appreciate all the help!

5L your chest for like 6chaos then run ice shot + chain + ele damage + ice bite + hypothermia/barrage support. I hate barrage support so I've been running hypothermia

In your 6L bow you should be running your single target (barrage + ele damage + damage on full life + cold pen + hypo + added cold/inspiration)

Grab a hyrri's demise for now and it'll help your damage as well as the strength requirements that are currently making you wear useless rings and amulet

Looking at flasks, you shouldn't need a mana flask for any reason now that you have the dual leech node and your attack speed is far too low to warrant essence sap. You can drop a health flask for a defensive/offensive flask, as well as picking up a taste of hate for maybe 20c

From there you can farm for lioneyes fall, thread of hope, or your mark of the elder+ shaper base ring

Also in the future, when you fate an item all the applicable rolls transition with it, so you could have just bought a better death's harp for nothing before fating it to opus

Gear has been upped a bit after getting the Thread of Hope and Lioneye's fall
Trying to get a remove cold from harvest for the quiver, then maybe a few aug attack modifiers from harvest too

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